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Villainous Fashion: Dr. Hare in Designer 🕶🥕

Poptropica’s been in quite the dry spell these past few months, but every so often, the Pop Creators still throw us a few crumbs of entertainment.

A new meme on Twitter showcases how to mimic Dr. Hare’s style IRL with a collection of refined items, from a hot pink Valentino jumpsuit to… Walmart bunny ears. 🐰 Thanks, Poptropica Fashion Week!

Leave it to Poptropica to dress Dr. Hare in designer…

It’s been a while, but this week Pop finally popped back into the Instagram game with a host of story highlights. Enjoy!

And no, unfortunately so far this little spike in activity hasn’t translated to the game or the official blog, which hasn’t offered any updates in a hot month. Yes, we’re here in the middle of March, still waiting to hear about January’s costume contest winner and the Baron’s disappearance, with the airship last seen in December. All the fancy styles on social media can’t make us forget the missing substance of the game…


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On the 9th day of Christmas…

Poptropica gave to me, two coloured elves and one island ‘First Steps’ sneak peek.
(Ain’t we all just good singers!)

Red Elf

Walmart Ad
Today Poptropica brought out another ad with two elves, a green and red one. Looks like Codien was right 😛 .
If you talk to the elves they will give you a ‘Walmart Wish List”. Christmas Holiday Wishlist CardSimilar to the Wall-E one.

The traveling ad with elves can be found on all islands.

The only question is: Will they make a Santa?

First Steps
On the Poptropica Creators Blog, they have posted another ‘Sneak Peek’.
This time it’s about how they design a new island.
Maybe Poptropica are also giving us a sneak peek of an island they may be working on. By the looks of the image it might be a “French Theme’.
But it might be just a prototype.

Blog Post Title: First Steps
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Image Name: francais_ile.jpg

Down For Maintenance?
Earlier today, something strange had happened – when people tried to play Poptropica, they saw a Down For Maintenance sign as soon as they’d enter and couldn’t access anything, although the Creators’ Blog was still working. Here’s what it looked like:


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Nabooti Cameras, Wal-Mart Ads, and Release Dates Galore!

Lots of news today to inform you all on! First of all, another sneak peek of Nabooti Island has surfaced on the Creators’ Blog. It seems that we need to take pictures of animals as part of our adventure on Nabooti Island. Maybe, when we start Nabooti Island, they give us a camera of sorts to take pictures of different things? Nevertheless, it’s very interesting. 😀 Blog picture directly below these words:


Blog Post Title: Get your camera ready!
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Image Name: safari.jpg

UPDATE: I was partly right! Well, kind of. =P Anyways, with the release of Nabooti Island, we now know that you receive the camera by buying it from a guy on Nabooti Island. Also, you do have to use the camera to complete Nabooti Island, but you can’t use the camera anywhere else. I think.

Speaking of Nabooti Island, they have changed the Nabooti Island sign-thingy (on the Poptropica website) to say “COMING VERY SOON”. Hopefully it might be released this or next week. 😉 They have also changed the Big Nate Island sign to say “COMING EARLY 2009”. At least now we are given more specific release dates! Sign-thingies below:



The final piece of news is that on different islands you can find next to any Main Street a Wal-Mart wishlist making thing. It redirects you to another site when you click. See it below:


Also, we have gotten a new winter-themed header! Pretty spiffy! Thanks Codien! 😀

Sorry for this uber long post, but just one more thing: we reached 140,000 hits and we’re nearing 150,000 hits! Yay! *obligatory handing out of delicious cookies initiate* We appreciate every one of you! Thanks so much guys and gals! Smockers signing out!