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On the 9th day of Christmas…

Poptropica gave to me, two coloured elves and one island ‘First Steps’ sneak peek.
(Ain’t we all just good singers!)

Red Elf

Walmart Ad
Today Poptropica brought out another ad with two elves, a green and red one. Looks like Codien was right 😛 .
If you talk to the elves they will give you a ‘Walmart Wish List”. Christmas Holiday Wishlist CardSimilar to the Wall-E one.

The traveling ad with elves can be found on all islands.

The only question is: Will they make a Santa?

First Steps
On the Poptropica Creators Blog, they have posted another ‘Sneak Peek’.
This time it’s about how they design a new island.
Maybe Poptropica are also giving us a sneak peek of an island they may be working on. By the looks of the image it might be a “French Theme’.
But it might be just a prototype.

Blog Post Title: First Steps
Description: N/A
Image URL:
Image Name: francais_ile.jpg

Down For Maintenance?
Earlier today, something strange had happened – when people tried to play Poptropica, they saw a Down For Maintenance sign as soon as they’d enter and couldn’t access anything, although the Creators’ Blog was still working. Here’s what it looked like:


This seems to be fixed now. 😀

In other news.
For anyone that doesn’t know, Nabooti Island will be coming out in two days on the 11th of December, Thursday. For more information scroll down to the next post.

Also Codien is uncovering more information about the mysterious ‘Item Leak’ . All we can say is apparently the items were never from ‘Monster Carnival Island’, but actually a new island/event involving you creating your own monster. More on this will be posted later.

Just to let you know the header at the top has been changed because of the latest elves.

Oh, and you might see some snow fall while reading this blog! 😉

That’s everything today.
Poptropica Help Blog

43 thoughts on “On the 9th day of Christmas…”

  1. Yay, more elves! 😆
    That ‘First Steps’ sneak peek sure looks cool. :mrgreen:
    I got the Down For Maintenance thing, too – I wonder what that’s all about. I’m glad it’s fixed now! ❓

  2. yes! and when i wake up on wensday and i’ll tell my friends about
    nabooti island will come the second day and the second day i’ll play it now! and cheer for nabooti island because we got more days left!

  3. whats maintenance?? ❓

    Scary Tomato: In this case, it’s when the website is temporarily down so that the website owners can update and improve their site. 😉

  4. COOL!!! I’m so exited for Christmas! Does your poptropica person get a present?

    Scary Tomato: Not that we know of (yet), but we can hope that we’ll get some presents on Poptropica! 😉

  5. DETENTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    POST on the creators blog
    P.S. I am the same person as mat888

  6. ugh i so badly want to know all of the islands that they are thinking up. Do you remember when they took the poll of what island we would like best? I really wanted the underwater one or the olympics one!!!!!!!!!

    btw: the snow is so sweet!

  7. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! finally Nabooti Island is coming out when big nate come out? o.o??

    Scary Tomato: It’s coming out in early 2009 but we don’t have an exact date. 😉

  8. Friendly Lion — We don’t know when Big Nate Island comes out. 😉 You can sign up to receive an E-mail telling you when it comes out here:

    Oh, how I wish there really was a Poptropican island based in France. That would be pretty cool. I hope it wasn’t just an example, and they are actually planning to do it. There are also a lot of opportunities to teach kids a lot about France, too, so I think it would be a perfect candidate for a new island. =)

    1. I think these island drawings were a rough sketch for Counterfeit(which is somewhat a French island). Ps: Francais(fran-swah) is the word for French.
      I am taking French this whole year in school. (I am in 9th grade)
      J’adore le francais. (I adore french)

  9. I love the snow!!! But it doesn’t suit where I live!!!

    Scary Tomato: If you can’t enjoy snow where you live, then you can enjoy it here! 😀

  10. I wish they’d stop with the stupid ‘for a limited time only’ junk. Did anyone notice there’s nothing permanent on Poptropica that shows how old your character is? It’s all just lame copyable items that can be lost in one false move. I for one am sick of the stupid ads if we don’t even get to keep the items. 👿

    Scary Tomato: Yeah, I agree, I wish you’d get to keep the items. The ads are okay though, especially if there is a mini game included. 😐

  11. did you make the snow fall on your blog or did wordpress make it like that?

    Scary Tomato: It was an option made by WordPress that you could choose whether to use the snowfall or not. 😉

  12. Do you know when another item leak will come? I missed it and thats because I’m eight with a lot of homework!

    Codien: Lol. Your 8 with alot of homework. Wow. School must be getting harder.
    Im sorry issy but i don’t know when there might be another leak.
    We will have to wait and see.

  13. I saw you Scary Tomato! If you want to see me, Zany Thunder, I have dirty blonde hair, the black dress, the black vest, etc.
    (I got that ect thing from you.)
    (Im Isabella)

    Scary Tomato: Cool! :mrgreen:

  14. YAY NABOOTI ISALND IS FINALLY HERE YAY!! is the Disney’s Tinker Treehouse come again?

    Scary Tomato: The Disney’s Tinkerbell advertisement may or may not come back to Poptropica. We don’t know for sure. 😉

  15. “VladTheViking”, i really doubt that its THE vladtheviking from the creators blog

    Scary Tomato: VladtheViking only appears in the Creators’ Blog and YouTube, but he/other Creators may be reading the blog. Some say that one of the Vikings on Time Tangled is named Vlad, but no one knows for sure. 😉

    1. Yeah, I doubt it too, but why does it say his website is Poptropica?

      ST: Well, anyone (including the Creators, if they put comments here) can type any website link into the URL box. Some really do own the site they claim to have; others are lying. 😉

  16. I’ve herd it’s true you can keep you’re limited time items by not goin gon for a while and then when you log back on you cna still have your items even if the building is gone! i think that’s because the Poptropica Creators will remove it from you if you go on. But then you’ll have too many items…

  17. WOW!!!I Love this page (and the snow),and the only thing i want to know is how to finish Spy island.Can you plz give me a clue or tell me where to find out the secret words?

    why where most of the phone codes canceled?

  18. How come in the post it says codien but its posted by him ❓ I dont think he would say his own name in his post.
    P.S. I have no idea. ^up 3 comments^

    Scary Tomato: In the comment, he put “Codien” to show that “Codien” is talking. In this comment, you see “Scary Tomato” at the front because “Scary Tomato” is talking. 😉

  19. hey isabella, i saw scary tomatoe too!!
    if scary tomatoe wants to see me my name is loud crush, and im wearing a blue strapless
    nabooti island top with a black skirt and dark brown hair pulled back ib a pony tail.

    Scary Tomato: Hope to see you in Poptropica. 😉

  20. when was poptropica first made what day?, year?, month?
    if u find out plese reply!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Scary Tomato: I don’t know what day exactly, but it was first created on September 2007. 😉

  21. Ok, here’s what my character is wearing:
    An agent suit from spy, Dr. spyglasses hair style, a B.A.D. gun, and a pair of glasses, that have round lens. All of these parts were from Spy Island. Hope that you like my character’s look. 😉

    Scary Tomato: Cool. 😀

  22. OMG, it is all coming to me now, after the other sneak peaks with the bike rest stop, it is going to be a race in France! 😆

  23. uuum…
    Is there going to be a France island or something like that?
    Because i don’t understand why you people keep talking about France! 🙂

    ST: Something like that, but we don’t know much about it. The Poptropica Creators haven’t mentioned it in a long time.

  24. The one picture in the very left corner for the islands looks Japanish. Maybe the creators were thinking about making a Japan Island(now known as RED Dragon island). WOW!!!!!!! It took me this long 2 notice it. 😎

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