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Pop Pinterest: Island Aesthetics 🏝🖼

Poptropica islands each carry their own unique visual vibes — and some creative Poptropicans have found a way to express that beauty through curated collections on Pinterest, the image bookmarking site! 💫

We’ll be sharing a sampling of these artful assemblages below, from fan designers g_eese, tinyprologue, haunteddisco, and gallifreyanfairytale. (Thanks to Jumpy Knight for sharing these links.) Enjoy, and be inspired!

Let’s start with a classic for both old and new players alike: 24 Carrot. 🥕 From the island’s rustic fall colors, we’re loving these interpretations filled with fuzzy creatures, simple diners, and of course, sketchy corners. (Protip: Click for full size, and click the artists’ names for the full board!)

Next up is another familiar one: Mythology! ⚡️ While the current remastered version is missing some classic sights, at least we can recall their memories with these visions of starfish and ancient architecture.

For an island with a wide spectrum of colors, from bright playgrounds to dark woods, try Monster Carnival! 🎡 This lost island rumored to return offers sparkles of light amid something sinister…

Going further into the archives, let’s revisit the lost island of Skullduggery! 🏴‍☠️ With its bounty of sailor’s maps, treasure chests, and ship struggles, we’re in for a wild adventure at sea.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! You can view tons more Poptropica inspired Pinterest boards by clicking on the artists’ names above, including throwbacks to many more classic islands.

Enjoyed this post? Check out our post on Poptropica mood boards inspired by NPCs and OCs! Or take a stroll through our Pop Places IRL series, where we pair island locations with their real-life roots. So much to see — soak it all in and find the ones you vibe with!



The Christmas Story

Ah, yes… the Christmas story. You may have heard it before: the nativity, the birth of Christ, the “reason for the season.”

Well, with all due respect no matter what your beliefs may be, perhaps you’ll enjoy this retelling of a traditional Christmas tale portrayed alongside some Poptropica imagery…

The Christmas Story: Poptropica Style

So there’s this young couple, Mary and Joseph, and they’re traveling to Bethlehem*, where they’re going to register for the census ordered by the government. *totally not Vampire’s Curse Island, by the way. Despite being a virgin, Mary’s expecting a child at any moment (the son of God, no less!), but there’s no room for them anywhere, and poor Joseph is trying his best to pull himself together… yeah, life hasn’t been easy for them.


Finally, they find a spot, and Mary gives birth to her son, Jesus. She wraps him in cloths and places him in a manger – quite a humble beginning for the king of kings!

scene2 birth

Out in the fields nearby, there are shepherds watching over their flocks by night. An angel of the Lord appears to them and brings them the good news of the Savior’s birth.

scene3 shepherds angel

The fluffy-haired shepherd boys decide to go check this out for themselves, and they are duly amazed, so they go out and praise God for all that they’ve heard and seen.

scene4 shepmanger

It’s said that some wise men (or “Magi”) followed a star and visited Jesus too, bringing gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh (fancy rich things!). This would’ve been some time after his birth, but we can’t forget them, now can we? So there we have it.

Merry Christmas, everyone. 🙂

scene5 wisemen

Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord.

Luke 2:11


Shark Boy = Nate Greenwall???

I’m sure all of you remember the post about Nate Greenwall right? Well I think Nate is actually Shark Boy! Take a look at this new post from the PCB:


And I found this image on another one of Nate’s blogs:


And yes, that is Nate Greenwall himself. Notice that both offices are the same. Even though some obects were moved, taken away, or added, it is still the same office.

Now that raises another question, who is Comic Kid? The comments on this post contained some possible answers to this question:

Rachel said:
I think that Comic kid = Jeff Kinney, because you know how Jeff Kinney wrote “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”? Well its very cartoony, which makes me think of comics. It’s just a guess, but who knows?

Grey Flame said:
Also, it’s kind of funny that Jeff Kinney’s (Comic Kid?)series is ‘Diary of a Wimpy KID’ and his (maybe) name is Comic KID.
I found that cool 😀

Update! We also have evidence that the Poptropica Creators view this site! Thanks for finding this, Cheerful Claw! A post titled “Poptropica” on Nate’s blog says:

As some of you know or have found out I, along with a lot of other awesome people, work for Poptropica; however, I am NOT the one to email or ask questions about Poptropica. I am like crazy busy – I hardly have time to even look at my blog or even post.

If you do have Poptropica questions here are some good sites to check out:
Official Poptropica FAQs
Family Education Contact Page
The Poptropica Help Blog

Wow, that’s awesome – if you click on the words “The Poptropica Help Blog”, it links to the PHB! Hi, Poptropica Creators! 😀

Interesting! Any more ideas and investigations? Comment below and tell us!