Shark Boy = Nate Greenwall???

I’m sure all of you remember the post about Nate Greenwall right? Well I think Nate is actually Shark Boy! Take a look at this new post from the PCB:


And I found this image on another one of Nate’s blogs:


And yes, that is Nate Greenwall himself. Notice that both offices are the same. Even though some obects were moved, taken away, or added, it is still the same office.

Now that raises another question, who is Comic Kid? The comments on this post contained some possible answers to this question:

Rachel said:
I think that Comic kid = Jeff Kinney, because you know how Jeff Kinney wrote “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”? Well its very cartoony, which makes me think of comics. It’s just a guess, but who knows?

Grey Flame said:
Also, it’s kind of funny that Jeff Kinney’s (Comic Kid?)series is ‘Diary of a Wimpy KID’ and his (maybe) name is Comic KID.
I found that cool 😀

Update! We also have evidence that the Poptropica Creators view this site! Thanks for finding this, Cheerful Claw! A post titled “Poptropica” on Nate’s blog says:

As some of you know or have found out I, along with a lot of other awesome people, work for Poptropica; however, I am NOT the one to email or ask questions about Poptropica. I am like crazy busy – I hardly have time to even look at my blog or even post.

If you do have Poptropica questions here are some good sites to check out:
Official Poptropica FAQs
Family Education Contact Page
The Poptropica Help Blog

Wow, that’s awesome – if you click on the words “The Poptropica Help Blog”, it links to the PHB! Hi, Poptropica Creators! 😀

Interesting! Any more ideas and investigations? Comment below and tell us!

131 thoughts on “Shark Boy = Nate Greenwall???”

    1. BTW new post binary message Liftoff. Now Leaving Poptropcia

      Now reaching cruising altitude over Poptropica. Please keep your seat belt securely fastened during the flight. In the event of an emergency you will be given further instructions…Maybe.

      1. Cheerful Claw – I think Shaggy Tornado thought the title was supposed to be “liftoff”, but the Creators called it “Now Leaving Poptropica”.

        Shaggy Tornado – If what I thought you meant was right, then you probably made a little mistake. “Liftoff” is the description of the blog post, not the title.

        Incredible Fish – It is NOT a race to say “new post”, but that’s how you seem to be treating it (note the “I said that” attitude). As I’ve already stated, the PHB team can check the Creators’ Blog themselves, thank you very much. No offense meant to anyone!

      2. What i meant by the mistake is the one that the Creators made in the title. They put “Now leaving POPTROPCIA” like Incredible Fish said above instead of “Now leaving POPTROPICA” They’ve fixed it on the blog now. 😉

        Scary Tomato: The end part of the link to that blog post is still, “…poptropcia.html”! 😛

  1. I think that Comic kid = Jeff Kinney, because you know how Jeff Kinney wrote “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”? Well its very cartoony, which makes me think of comics. It’s just a guess, but who knows?

    1. Wow, that is so true!
      Also, it’s kind of funny that Jeff Kinney’s (Comic Kid?)series is ‘Diary of a Wimpy KID’ and his (maybe) name is Comic KID.
      I found that cool 😀

      1. You know what, I think you’re right. That seems like a perfect fit to me.

    2. Really? Cool 😛

      Anyways, he could be Director D., because the main character, Greg, is a self centered demon, and he is as BAD as Director D muhahaha 👿 :mrgreen:

      Plus, that is AK island castle I guess, it’s crashed window. 😉

      Scary Tomato: Greg’s not that bad… he’s funny, anyway. 😀

      1. Scary Tomato’s right; he’s not bad. He’s just self-centered. And yes, he is funny. Anyway, Comic Kid could be a perfect fit for Jeff Kinney. Nice thinking, Rachel! 😉

      2. Greg Heffley is the main character of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series made by Jeff Kinney.

      3. Thank you Cheerful Claw. 😀

        And Grey Flame, your right. I think that’s him! It makes sense. 😛

        If we find out more creators, then we can eventually piece this together. If the creators are reading this, maybe they’ll give us a clue!

    3. I actually think Jeff Kinney is Vlad The Viking because I once heard a rumor that Jeff is the main Poptropica Creator.

      1. First of all, that was only a rumor. There’s no way of knowing if that’s true. And second of all, how do you know Vlad the Viking is the main Poptropica creator?

      2. I would think that Director D would be the main Creator, if there IS a main one. I personally think that each Creator has an equal role in creating Poptropica :mrgreen:

      3. No one is the main creator (I think). Everyone’s job is equally important (again, I think). Everyone separately doesn’t make Poptropica; everyone TOGETHER as a team makes the game we all know and love.

      4. i asked jordan leary who he is? and i am waiting for a answer

        Scary Tomato: He’s a Poptropica Creator. For more information, click here.

      1. nah i think comic kid is jeff kiney.jeff kiney does comics so yeah

  2. AWESOME! One down…how many creators are there again? Oh, whatever. The important thing right now is to try to find out the identities of the other creators.

    1. The actual number of Creators seems unknown. You have to remember that Thirsty Whale hasn’t posted for a REALLY long time! Maybe he changed his name/ avatar and became Hazmat Hermit or Binary Bard.

    2. Vald the Viking
      Hazmat the Hermit
      Thirsty Whale
      Shark Boy
      Comic Kid
      Dr. Hare
      and that is all i could find

      1. I wish I could be a poptropican creator because I could see all of the islands before they come out and know how to complete them.

  3. That’s way better than snapshot sagas! You can see a real good sneak peek of astro-knights island! It looks like a castle in the shark boy one!

  4. Yeah, it is the same guy. He’s even wearing the hat that was just on that lamp on the left.

  5. If you look closely at his computer on the picture Grumpy Wolf found on Nate’s blog, it looks very Poptropicany. (Is that a word??)

    The thing on his computer looks like some sort of cave, which oddly gives me a flashback…

    I have no idea where I remembered it from 😦

    Well anyways, I think that it’s a part of Astro-knights Island, or maybe Reality TV even 🙂

    1. There’s a cave on time tangled island

      Scary Tomato: But that’s not the cave being shown on Nate’s computer screen. 😉

    2. Grey Flame, I remember that from somewhere too! It looks like some sort of tunnels in a cave… I can’t really tell!
      Oops, I meant tunnels in an ocean!

      1. I know, it DOES look like an ocean ❓ no idea what it is!

        Somehow it reminds me of that Pink Crystals post… maybe it’s just the cave… ❓

    3. I looked through some archives on PCB, and I’m not positive but I’ve found a sneak peek that shows a scene similar to the one on Nate Greenwall’s screen. It was posted by Comic Kid on Feb. 16 2009. Could it possibly be?

      1. Hmm… i think ur right. it does look oldly familier…… does any1 else get the feeling they hav seen those tunnel/caves before?

    1. Lol me too!! I beg you sooo much poptropica creators if you’re reading this! RELEASE ASTROKNIGHTS ISLAND!

  6. It’s true! Fearless Paw confirmed it!
    On post 817 on Poptropica Talk:
    “Oh, and, I googled ‘Nate Greenwall’s Poptropica Character’, and guess what? It showed Shark Boy! What do you think about that?”

  7. OH MY GOSH! On one of Nate Greenwall’s blogs, I saw that he made a link to this site!!!! That means that they DO know us!!! And they were referring to us when you guys did the April Fool’s joke!

    1. yes,THEY DO KNOW US!on the poptropica creators blog they posted on the april fools day -rest in peace help blog

  8. Whats on his laptop?
    it kinda looks like the sode breaker on Spy Island, will we get it on AstroKnights?

    1. It looks more like a gear or wheel to me…

      Maybe it’s part of the Customizable Rocket on AstroKnights Island ❗

      1. Star Wars? Anyways, I wonder what’s actually on that screen. It’s so small. Sigh. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

      2. I know. I tried to enlarge it, but by the time it was big enough it was to blurry to see anything.

  9. We still have Director D, Dr. Hare, Vlad the Viking, Binary Bard, Hazmat Hermit, Thirsty Whale, Comic Kid, and… did I forget one?

    1. NO and there isn’t any Thirsty Whale for a creator

      Scary Tomato: There is; he just hasn’t posted in a long while. 😉

      1. There is… but we haven’t heard from him for a LONG time…

        His last post was a Big Nate comic about Spitsy, back before Big Nate came out 😮

      2. scary. O.o
        Thristy Whale is like Neat WHALE, my poptropica name, so seriously, ehn WILL he post again???

    2. Weird…I never knew there was a Thirsty Whale (because the last time he posted was September 30, 2008 and I started Poptropica near Halloween that year). Anyways, I wonder why he isn’t posting anymore. 😕

  10. I’ve only just noticed, but it says maybe other creators will show their working spaces. Maybe we’ll find out about other creators and if Jeff Kinney really is comic kid! 😀

      1. Comic *kid* and Wimpy *Kid* they both have kid in their name
        🙂 😆

    1. Or not: They would think that we would expect it and they want to hide their identities! That’s just a theory, though.

  11. i know about the cave, i went on nate’s blog ages ago wen he had lots of Poptropica posts, that is an aquarium they were going 2 hav in Monster Carnival Island, nate deleted all the poptropica posts bcus 2 many ppl asked him poptropica questions 🙂

  12. Wait! After more researching, I’m pretty darn sure that Jeff Kinney = Comic Kid. When I went to thh next page, it showed images of Comic Kid, and none of Vlad The Viking. Interesting, huh?

      1. Yeah, i think now it is almost certain that Jeff Kinney is Comic Kid, because it all makes sense when you think about it. By the way, Shiny Leaf you have a cool avatar

      2. He dosen’t decide the avatar, it’s automatic. But I suppose he lucked out.

  13. I haven’t been on Poptropica in a week. I finished all the islands and there are no people with high battle rankings that want to play Soupwords with me. But that is really cool! They visited us! WOW!!! I had the feeling in my gut!

    1. I’ll play soupwords with you! My battle ranking is just about 4 stars, and not one poptropican will actually stay in the game with me, because I’m so good!

  14. Ok, while I was looking at Jorden Leary’s blog, a name came up alot when you could reply to his blog posts along with Nate Greenwall, Tyson Burnham! He is a graphic designer and a 3D artist. He says right now he is working as a graphic designer for broadcast television right now, but he said about two years ago he was working at LetterPress with software programs for the web that were created with mostly Flash. Could this be Thirsty Whale? Do you think he might have been at Poptropica for a while? I don’t really know if Poptropica worked with LetterPress but I just wanted to let you all know about him!
    Here is his website: http://www.tysonburnham.com/ 😀

      1. My advice, Fearless Paw: write that in the newest post. Poptropica Talk is REALLY hard to coordinate (because of all of the comments) and people check the newest post first, so…

    1. Rough Panda – Interesting. If anyone can find more information about this, everyone at Poptropica Help Blog may be able to help track down another Creator! Just send any news you have to [email protected]. 😀

      Fearless Paw – Of course we care! Please don’t think nobody cares; I’m sure many people have found your comments interesting, just that not every reader of the PHB comments there. 😉

  15. He (in the ACTUAL PERSON picture) is playing a Dora game where you have to save an animal. My little sister plays it.

    I copied on to Microsoft Word 2007 and made it large so I got a good picture.

  16. OMG i think jeff kinney is the CREATOR of poptropica.u know why ok so ive got the diary of a wimpy kid book right so i turn to the about the author section for no reason and guess what i find? take a look

    “jeff kinney is the creator of poptropica.com.he spent his childhood in washington,D.C.,area and moved to new england
    in 1995.jeff lives in southern massachusetts with his wife,julia,and thier two sons ,will and grant”

    i included the hole thing so u wouldnt think i made it up to get u all excite witch i didnt.oh and its says “THE creator” not “A creator” so ha!

    ok check on the authors note in diary of a wimpy kid it says jeff kinney is the creator of poptropica

    Scary Tomato: You can read more about that here. Jeff Kinney DID create Poptropica.com, but he probably hired other people (such as Nate Greenwall) to help out and ‘create’ [islands] with him. 😉

    1. x aka moodyscull – Yes, we knew that already. PLEASE check all comments before saying something that has already been said. We actually consider this spam, and if someone continues to break rules in this way (see commenting rules on the About page), you could be banned from commenting at Poptropica Help Blog. Same goes for everybody.

      Neat Whale – Thanks.

      Incredible Fish – And Neat Whale has said that you said that already. If you don’t want someone to repeat your comment, why are you repeating someone else’s comment yourself?

  17. OMG! After more google imaging, i think that Jordan Leary = Vlad The Viking, becuz it showed a whole bunch of images of Vlad.

    Scary Tomato: …Such as? Remember, we need definite proof, not just assumptions.

  18. I cant believei it, but i think this is the creator’s list I’ve seen:

    Nate Greenwall = Shark Boy.
    Jeff Kinney = Comic Kid.
    Jordan Leary = Vlad Viking.

    1. Shiny Leaf – Please provide evidence before making assumptions. How would you know Jordan Leary is Vlad the Viking? Were there any websites you found that showed this (if so, what?)? “Google” does not count because Google does not actually give Poptropica information; it only helps lead you to other sites that do.

      We’re only 99% sure that Nate is Shark Boy (see above), since the Creators themselves have not told us for sure (they only gave a hint). Based on our readers’ knowledge, we are also only about 50% sure that Jeff is Comic Kid. And of course, we still have no clue about the others. 😛

  19. Heres the big problem. We don’t know all the creators names
    Yet. We do know Tyson Burnham, Jeff Kinney , Jordan Leary, Nate Greenwall[…]

    Did I miss anyone? 😛

    Scary Tomato: We have no proof that Tyson Burnham is a Poptropica Creator, and but we do have some evidence for Jess Brallier.

  20. scary tomato do you think astro nights is sequel to nabooti? Think about it the space ship on the most recent pcb post shows the space ship leaving earth and when the totem pole leaves earth the earth has mountains and different things like that but both earths look the same nad remember how the totem pole was from alien life form? Maybe we have to search for alien things

    1. Blooberry95 – Yep, but we already knew that Jeff Kinney is a Poptropica Creator. (Actually, he founded Poptropica.com!) You can find out more information here. I didn’t know his full name was Jeffrey Patrick Kinney, though. 😯

  21. “As some of you know or have found out I, along with a lot of other awesome people, work for Poptropica; however, I am NOT the one to email or ask questions about Poptropica. I am like crazy busy – I hardly have time to even look at my blog or even post.

    If you do have Poptropica questions here are some good sites to check out:
    Official Poptropica FAQs
    Family Education Contact Page
    The Poptropica Help Blog ”

    Wow! We must have bugged the hell out of him by emailing so much stuff about POP!!!

  22. I just noticed that the post name says: “Shark Boy = Nate GREEwall?” Not GREENwall.(no offense)
    Plus the PHB is a really hard-working blog 2 find 4 example THIS type of info!! Keep it up!!

    Scary Tomato: Thanks, we’ve changed it now. 🙂

  23. on the top pic, he’s on astro-knights, and on the bottom it’s an aquarium. i saw the aquarium on google.

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