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What makes a Poptropica island?

This is a guest post by Bony Bones, who’s examining just what exactly makes a Poptropica adventure count as an “island.” The following is his opinion only. Enjoy!

Hello Poptropicans, this is Bony Bones. I’ve frequented this blog, reading, commenting, and occasionally guest posting, so you might’ve seen me around.

Today I’m popping in to discuss exactly what makes an island, an island. There has been some debate over whether certain quests should be granted full-island status or just be labeled as mini-quests. 

The islands/quests that I believe are up for debate are: Legendary Swords, Snagglemast, Realms, Monkey Wrench, Haunted House, Home, the Blimp Adventure, and each individual episode of the episodic adventures. Here are my reasons for why I believe an island is, or is not, an island:

1) It’s on the map

One of the most recognizable traits that a quest is an island is that it is accessible from the Poptropica island map. Being able to travel somewhere with your blimp, and not via store card, menu button, etc., certainly classifies an island as a full adventure. All of the aforementioned islands have been on the map at one point, besides Blimp Adventure.

2) You earn a medallion

As reminded by Jim Probably of Reality TV: Wild Safari, earning a medallion is “a Poptropica thing.” It’s the cherry on top of the island cake. This knocks off Snagglemast, Haunted House, and the Home Island as full islands, and it would have knocked off Legendary Swords if a medallion hadn’t been added recently.

3) It has a complete and recognizable story

Though every good story leaves loose-ends untied for good reason, it still must be a complete adventure to be considered a full island. I mainly included this attribute to recognize that, while you may get a medallion after each episode in an episodic adventure, each episode is a part of a greater whole.

4) The Creators recognize it as an island

For quite some time, until recently, there was a list of Poptropica islands on the home page. This was a good place to determine what was an island, which included everything from Early Poptropica to Monkey Wrench.

5) It’s less game, more plot

Even if an island does have a recognizable story, as I mentioned earlier, it must be more story-oriented than game-oriented. In the case of Legendary Swords, because the quest originated as an “action-quest” (basically a fancy way to say it was a little bit more than just a mini-quest), and therefore it does not have an island-style story.

The “game” aspects, with the health bar, the choice of weapons, and the waves of bad guys to fight, stand out more than the plot.

6) It must be located on the planet of Poptropica

Though there are some islands, such as Astro Knights and Lunar Colony, that take place on other planets (or moons) โ€” and others, such as Super Villain and Time Tangled, that take place within Poptropica, but within dreams or another time period, the beginning of every island’s story must begin on Poptropica itself. As we saw from islands like Lunar Colony, Poptropica is a planet made up of various islands.

Therefore, with these attributes in mind, there are 47 fully-fledged islands, from Early Poptropica to Reality TV: Wild Safari, including Monkey Wrench but not including any of the others mentioned at the beginning of this post.

I hope this helped clear up any confusion about what really counts as an island. Feel free to comment any attributes that you think should be added to this list or any quests that you feel are up for debate.

Thanks for letting me pop in (I really need to learn some new pop puns). See you guys around!

โ€”Bony Bones

Hope you enjoyed this Pop Petition guest post by Bony Bones! If you did, be sure to check out his other PHB guest post, “Pop It, Lock It”!

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8 thoughts on “What makes a Poptropica island?”

  1. Fair point, though this doesn’t stop me from considering Legendary Swords as an island, because technically speaking, it is. Good post

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