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Thoughts with Bony Bones: Pop it, Lock it

(Hey Poptropicans! This is a guest post by Bony Bones, a Poptropican who wanted to share some of his ideas for Poptropica including: locking islands until previous storylines are played, more Lego, and mini-missions. Remember, they’re just ideas, not reality. Enjoy! โ€“Slanted Fish ๐Ÿ )

thoughtspop bonybones

Hello fellow Poptropicans! This is Bony Bones here with some things that I wanted to share about Poptropica. (Btw, if you haven’t played Super Villain or Shrink Ray Island yet, be wary of spoilers.)

If you read my MPIP, then you know a little about me already, but for those who don’t know me, I decided to join the circus as a Mexican cyborg-pirate in a pink bunny suitย ย I have completed every island (so far…) and have been on Poptropica since 2007.

Anyway, *takes deep breath*, here I go.

1) Pop it, lock it

First of all, I think that Poptropica should organize islands into a timeline, locking certain islands until you reach a certain point in your Poptropica progression. This would be even better if there is an overarching storyline that progresses as you move from island to island. That means you’d have to beat certain islands in order to “unlock” other ones.

Like, it wouldn’t make sense for you to play Super Villain and then Mythology and Shrink Ray, because your first encounter with Zeus is on Mythology, not Super Villain, and Mr. Silva isn’t small until the end of Shrink Ray, but he’s already small in Super Villain.

2) Leggo forย Lego

Second, remember Dr. Hare’s Lego campaign? Poptropica should try for a Legoย set again, as Lego Poptropica would be totally brick-iful (wow, that was horrible… ๐Ÿ˜› ). It would actually be even better if Poptropica joined in Lego Dimensions (the video game) because a Lego Poptropica world would be very cool.

For the Lego toy packs, they could do Dr. Hare and his Rabbot, or a pilot or other Poptropican with the blimp, or Binary Bard and his mech, etc. I just think that Lego Poptropica was too much of a pop-tastic (wow, I should just stop :D) idea to let it go* all together, even though it was out of Poptropica’s hands (the Lego CUUSOO team had sadly turned down the idea).

*I’ll give everyone just a moment if they need to suddenly break out into song.

All good, Elsa? Okay.

3) Mini missions

Finally, it would be great if Poptropica added mini-missions on different islands to give players something to do while waiting for the next island to come out. They could be about the length of the members only bonus quests on some islands, and one could come out every week or month or whatever Poptropica decides.

For example, you’ve beaten all the islands and are flying around the map to decide what to do now (and yes, I know that there are things to do like Realms and Mini-Quests and replaying islands, but just bear with me here). You see an exclamation mark near, say, 24 Carrot Island. You go and investigate, and find that whatever-her-name-is has lost her cat, Whiskers, again (so I remember her cat’s name but not hers…). You find Whiskers and the girl (oh, her name’s Charlie) gives you an exclusive outfit/item as a reward! Well, Feats of Speed on Home Island is something, at least โ€“ but it would be cool to play more Poptropica-story-like quests!

Well, that about wraps this post up, so until I pop in again, farewell!

โ€“Bony Bones


Hope you enjoyed this guest post by a PHB reader! The PHB welcomes guest posting from anyone in our community if you have something to share, whether it be random thoughts like these, Popspiracy theories, sneak peeks, My Place in Poptropica stories, or any other ideas you might have. We would like them to be well written withย at least 550 words. We also encourage sharing on our subredditย and PHC.

If you have an idea for a guest post, send it in to [email protected]! ๐Ÿ˜€ Stay popping!


32 thoughts on “Thoughts with Bony Bones: Pop it, Lock it”

    1. I disagree. You say it won’t happen because of New Pop, but if UiPE’s post from a few weeks ago says “The Creators are reaching out to the PHB and they want to hear your feedback” (or something along the lines of it), then it is possible it may happen.

  1. The mini-mission idea is pretty entertaining,but the Lego one was disapproved for some reason by the officials,as far as I can tell.

    Your first point interests me,though. I’ve got to thinking,what if to get access to some islands (like the members-only ones),you would have to have a certain number of medals to proceed?

    1. Yeah that would be cool! They could either show some number of medallions you need to unlock the island or the specific island medallions that would make sense to have before going to that island.

  2. I really like your idea about finishing some islands before you finish others. I was in the middle of Shrink Ray when I started Super Villain Island, and you would NOT believe how confused I was. I was smaller back then, and I had no idea that glitches existed, so I totally freaked out lol.

  3. The first idea is absolutely wonderful!! People would either like it or hate it, but I for one, would love it! It’d get me playing more, in sights of discovering more. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. The pop it-lock it idea would probably make sense but it would be lame if they do it for all the islands. But I think what they need is more hidden items like they did for the viking outfit (in Time Tangled Island) and the skull mask (in Legendary Swords). ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I agree! It would be nice if some islands were locked, but there was still a couple opened so you will not be stuck on one islands. For quests, that seems like a great idea. Keeps people interested.

    Other idea for creators:
    โ€ขA choose your own adventure island, not like Nabooti Island though. There will be different outcomes depending on actions you take and you can restart the island to reach another outcome. Maybe prizes will be different too depending on outcomes.

    โ€ขIsland-to-Island quests. Since there is a overarching theme for all the islands, there can be multiple transportation to get form one island to the next, like blimp, boat, etc. There will be a mini game/quest we complete to get to another island instead of just clicking from a map.

  6. I think there should also be more challenges (on one of the islands) or quests with your blimp like they did for the blimp mini game where you save Poptropica from that cloud/thunder guy.

  7. These are all great ideas!! I definitely agree with the lego one. it was before my time. Well, i was on, i just wasn’t on on. This doesn’t make sense. Never mind. But definitely a good post! Maybe i should do one…

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