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Poptropica 2.0: When Pigs Fly!

Hey Poptropicans and Pigtropicans! 🐷

So, you may have heard that Poptropica is currently in a rebranding process, and due to launch a New Poptropica later this year. This article about StoryArc Media (Poptropica’s new parent company) that was recently published offers some more insight into what we might expect – including flying pigs!


Check out this snippet from the article:

For Poptropica, later this year we’ll be adding some really great customization features that allow kids to feel even more they are at the center of the stories. We’re asking ourselves, how do we empower kids to make meaningful decisions and create experiences that feel unique? So you’ll see us adding features that allow kids to customize their avatars in much more detail than they can today, create an individual home experience and tweak the story experiences they have so it’s not like their friends’.

We know from Poptropica’s blog post that new customization features include shoes, among other things we don’t know about yet. But this article tells us we’ll also finally have the oft-requested feature of homes, and the story experiences (probably the Islands) will vary from player to player depending on how we modify them! Could this be like a series of choose-your-own-adventure scenarios? What exactly it means remains to be seen, but it sure sounds interesting.

Also, wondering what’s up with the pig in the picture above? It was tweeted by StoryArc Media, and the graphic style is a lot like Poptropica’s. Here’s what the article had to say:

We have another app launching later this spring, Adventure Pig, that’s designed to give more short burst play. On Poptropica most of the play sessions are a half-hour or longer, but kids may not always have a half-hour. This is our first foray into shorter experiences. It’s a single story broken into many chapters and levels that can be completed in less than a minute though the overall story is much longer.

Hmm. It’s not clear whether Adventure Pig will be part of the Poptropica story, or whether it’s its own franchise from StoryArc, but the art style does suggest some relation (though not exactly, as the eyes feel quite different from Poptropica eyes). Either way, it’s interesting that they’re trying something with shorter gameplay while still weaving together an overarching storyline – here’s to hoping StoryArc doesn’t disappoint! It’s supposed to come out this spring, so we may get to play it soon!

(Guess where else you can find flying pigs? The Orb Legend main menu!)

Anyway, that’s all I can ham-mer out for this piggy post! What do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments below, and of course, stay popping, Poptropicans! 😀

–SlantedFish 🐠🐠

68 thoughts on “Poptropica 2.0: When Pigs Fly!”

  1. Did i get first comment, or is my page glitching? HOLY FUDGE I THINK I GOT FIRST!!!
    Anyways! Pigs. Why not. WHEN PIGS… no wait, that joke was made. *looks up more pig jokes*
    well, i better stop squealing about my first post. 😉

  2. ha! both of these posts from poptropica are kinda based on stuff i asked them about! Changing gameplay yourself and shorter islands like in the early poptropica days…

    1. Cool! They do take fan comments into consideration, even if they don’t always decide to follow them, so your feedback may have had an impact. 🙂

  3. I remember seeing that article a couple days ago (saw it on Twitter)…anyways, this all looks really interesting, and hopefully we get even more news soon!

  4. I wonder if they’re going to make all the islands SUI-like because I hate them, mostly on your store items and the lack of convenes on getting to friends or the pop store. Though if the change is good, they better not forget the mini islands/challenges like Legendary Swords, Haunted House, Dr. Hare’s secret lab, etc.

    1. I know a bunch of insider info! To get a little idea of what the new Poptropica’s story will be like, it explores an idea where all of the characters once knew each other and the villains were once good people. That’s all I’m going to say 😉

  5. Does that mean they’re going to make islands in episodes that are one minute long, or did I just read it wrong?

    (Heh. That rhymed.)

      1. Thank goodness. Minute long episodes would be boring.

        I wonder if we’ll get full islands again?

    1. They meant minute long levels in Adventure Pig, an application coming out this Spring – no relation to a change in Poptropica’s island lengths 😛 .

  6. If Poptropica is going to be more kid-friendly like the classic islands, then I’ll be really happy! 😃

    Unless they make the avatars creepy, like that pig. *shudder*

  7. If you have any questions about the new Pop’s story, I’m the person to ask since I came up with it.

    1. Will the islands be more educational and kid friendly? What will the new avatars and customisation look like?

      1. The one island I know of will be awesome! It’s REALLY long and complex- and not educational at ALL. I know almost nothing about customization and avatars, but the characters have more realistic outfits. And we’ll be getting eyeliner on the top eyelids. If you want to know what characters to expect in this long island, think Gretchen, BW, Copy Cat, Betty Jetty- even the random Poptropican who helps you in Mocktropica will have a name and a story. Pretty much every notable Poptropica character will be involved in some way.

      2. Really? But I don’t want eyeliner. Is it optional? 😦

        I can’t wait to see the villains again! *cough* MORDRED. *cough* Hopefully they don’t change them.

      3. It is optional. EVERYONE will be involved in this island, and it will bring you to a new understanding of them as not just black-and-white personalities, but real people with compassion, relationships, and friends. As editor Victoria Holmes says, “Every character is a shade of gray,” This island will make that evident.

      1. In one island it will be explained, but you can just remember it in different islands.

      2. I can’t tell you, since that would give away the whole story. But I can tell you that the characters who had other names that weren’t their real names will have real names. For example, Black Widow was Lucy Dunn and Betty Jetty was Charlotte Waters. The random Poptropican who helps you on Mocktropica was named Sarah Henderson, and Dr. Lange’s first name was Scarlet. The cost-cutter lady from Mocktropica is Scarlet’s mother. If you could convince someone to add all of this to the wiki, it would be great.

      3. No TC, you didn’t fail. Only I knew what BW’s real name was before today. You think of her as Charlotte, I think of her as Lucy. And Lucky Wing, none of the things you love about Pop will go away. This new story will just help you to understand why the characters did these things- and they did these things that many of us will be able to relate to…
        But for now, I’m saying nothing else about the new story.

    2. Thanks for all the interesting insights, Striped Lizard! If I may ask, how are you getting this information? Was it shared with you during the MotM book launch you attended, and are you still in contact with the Creators about it?

      I think it’s interesting that every character will have a name and story – may be hard to keep up, but that’s what documenting is for! Personally, though, it feels a little odd that they have “ordinary” names (“Lucy Dunn”, “Charlotte Waters”) as opposed to Poptropica names (“Striped Lizard”, “Tall Cactus”).

      1. I came up with the whole thing, and I shared it with Jessica and Jeff Kinney at the MotM book launch. They LOVED the idea and agreed that those should be their names! I shared the story I came up with and they said it should be an island. Jessica immediately shared it with the other Creators and I think they’re working on it now. Also, characters have had ordinary names before in Poptropica.

      2. wowsa. Yeah, i’m very used to the Pop names. I’ve been using them as a sort of Middle name. Like, Nice Coyote’s (from my stories) real name will probibly be Clara Nice Coyote Lastname. (Still working on it)

      3. That’s cool! Yes, some characters have had ordinary names (such as Harold Mews from Cryptids Island), but I hope they can give an explanation for how Poptropica names co-exist with ordinary names in the Poptropica world. Maybe they’re only for players, or “explorers”, as Tall Cactus mentioned.

      4. Anyone can edit the wiki – including you! 🙂 However, I’d wait until all these details become official in the New Poptropica.

  8. know hes loose in poptropica again not 3 time in this island hope to see more villains cough* dr.hare* cough*

  9. Hey- I discovered a little glitch that might be a little hint for what’s next for Poptropica. After you click “Play Now!”, click rapidly while the login screen is loading. If you look in the lower left corner you’ll see a Poptropician jumping. Pretty weird, eh?

      1. Hey, I found something else. I was playing on Cryptids Island, and I logged out of my account, and then clicked the Play Now! button rapidly to see the jumping person, which had a grey afro, buck teeth, and a lightning bolt shirt. So, I decided I wanted to keep play Poptropica, so I pressed the click to go back a page button on my computer. Then, I was on Cryptids island, had BUCK TEETH, A GREY AFRO, AND A LIGHTNING BOLT SHIRT. I clicked the friends button, and it said, Start Poptropica to Start Making Friends! This is… odd.

      2. oh yeah! i found something weird too! Sometimes, when i get on Poptropica, on the friends part, it says Poptropican instead of the person’s name! And the person is an Afro Girl! Funnily enough, it happened to YOU (Marshmallow) when i first saw it. LOL!

  10. …hopefully this doesn’t mean we’ll get poptropica 2.0 when pigs fly xD

    Anyway, that chicken looks neat. 😀

  11. I like the idea of dividing the islands into chapters. Sometimes if a kid decides to start a new island while in the middle of another, when they return to the original island, it can get pretty confusing. (ex. Um, why am I in prison!?)

    1. Well, the chapters part was referring to the upcoming game Adventure Pig, and we’re not sure yet whether it’s part of Poptropica.

      But dividing islands into chapters is an interesting concept – it’s been tried with the episodic islands, but not everyone liked that. (But that could be because they took so long to make a new episode – maybe it’d be different if they divided pre-existing islands.) 😛

  12. Haha, when I pulled up the Orb Legend sneak peek video, one of the recommendations was “How Inside Out Should Have Ended” by the How It Should Have Ended crew.

  13. Yay! More information. Like the idea of personalized story.

    Fishy, when the new Poptropica comes out, are you going to add it to this blog, make a new one, or change this one for the new Pop, (or something else)?

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