Keen in green – the final Feats of Speed race!

Hey guys, my name is Brave Tomato, and I’m here to tell you guys about what’s happening!

Once again, another sneaker color had gone out of trend – blue is old news, and now, we have what the Creators say will be the final Feats of Speed race: a race for…wait for it… green sneakers!

Although sneakers for our Poptropican have grown to be routine at this point, it was interesting to say the least. Once again, Speedy Sam is waiting for you over on Home Island, and is ready to challenge you to the final race: this time at the Galactic Hot Dogs Ghost Ship!

Spooks and creeps are about in this maze as a test of concentration is bestowed upon you. Don’t pay any mind to any of the terrors that the ghost ship would jump out at you with. Instead, focus on the race. If you manage to make it to the space zombie pirate captain in under 30 seconds, you’ll earn yourself a pair of green shoes! (For a video of this event, click here for a video by Pinku Randomness!)

As it was before with the previous week’s sneaks, the sky blue shoes are now available on the mobile app to those who can scale Mocktropica’s Mount Funshine faster than the world record!


Either way, these green shoes signify the end for the Feats of Speed event here on Poptropica. What will come for us in the future, then? Will it be more information about the New Poptropica? Will it be some other event to keep us occupied? Tune in here to find out, and we’ll let you know when we hear more!

BT out!


71 thoughts on “Keen in green – the final Feats of Speed race!

  1. Marshmallow says:

    I wasn’t a fan of Galactic Hot Dogs Island. It wasn’t as creative as some of the other islands. Anyway, Speedy Sam, you have got to get a grip! I know you didn’t trip! Just accept it! I AM FASTER THAN YOU.

    • magicpanda2 says:

      It glitched for me, Sam fell and it stayed as a loading sign for about 5 minutes until I thought I should just exit. 😐

    • greedyshadow says:

      You do know they could only use SUI islands for the races….
      WAIT!! Four weeks and the shoes are still not on non SUIs?!?! Why? 😦

      • Yujo_Jacy_the_Jumpy_Coyote says:

        Maybe Running Shoes are a SUI only item set and there are no plans to make them non-SUI? I sure hope that is not the case, but we’ll have to wait and see.

  2. greedyshadow says:

    I wonder why no one else beaten Sam’s record, they’re so easy! Though the red and green shoes could be in a lighter color to match the electric power card, they look so cool! You should check out how the blue ones go (in the lightning knight costume is even better)! 😀
    Plus, if you want more coolness, you should have the lightning knight costume+blue shoes+electric power card+the phantom power card!! 😀

    P.S. I don’t know how to put in images to show you guys. 😦

    • greedyshadow says:

      Here it is! 😀 (I tried to copy and past but it wouldn’t past so I could only give the address)

      The lightning knight in electric power card and blue shoes:

      The SUPER lightning knight in electric power card, blue shoes and phantom power card:

      I hope you guys like them because they’re so cool! 😀

      • Yujo_Jacy_the_Jumpy_Coyote says:

        Wow, those are actually really cool screenshots 🙂 . Those vikings better watch out because the Lightning Knight has arrived 😛 .

    • greedyshadow says:

      Actually I chose that spot because he’ll look better in a raining background. But I’m glad you appreciate it. 🙂

    • SlantedFish says:

      Probably not that soon. They said “later this year”, and besides, they wanted to have some community feedback before officially releasing it, which wouldn’t be possible this early as we don’t have a whole lot of information yet.

  3. Some Guy says:

    I’m kinda disappointed that we didn’t get the brown sneakers. Those would go well with my current outfit.

    But I do see a lot of people making fun of the race because it’s GHI. Honestly,despite my negative opinion of the island itself,the ghost ship is probably the best part of it (at least in terms of atmosphere),and choosing it as a location for Feats of Speed is actually pretty clever.

    Though I wonder what will happen now? Hm…maybe from now on it will loop continuously (from purple to red to blue to green) every week. That would be neat.

  4. Yujo_Jacy_the_Jumpy_Coyote says:

    I hope they resume the Monkey Madness event from where they left off after the Feats of Speed races into Poptropica history, but at this point that is just wishful thinking :/ .

  5. ѕιlly pelιcαɴ ♪♫ says:

    I really like the color of the shoes, somehow! 😀 But seriously, GHD…..ewwwie! ono

    • greedyshadow says:

      I how many sequels does kung fu panda need. It’s like cars two, why a sequel? I tried to zombify the Po follower and he ended up with no legs but with one foot.

  6. short feather says:

    I found a way to get red or any shoe color electricity turn on electricity and phantom power and select shoe you now have it

    • greedyshadow says:

      Dude, that was my idea, witch you replied to. Just go up to see my previous comments to see how awesome it is! There’s a link to a screen shot I made in the Lightning knight costume.

  7. short feather says:

    worlds funniest glitch go to lunar colony wait for a person to hold up the camerea click on menu use the freeze ray in the meu nby pressing space bar andwhen it melts they are dancing

  8. greedyshadow says:

    Do you think it’s funny that they had the Mocktropica mountain race on mobile when they haven’t released Mocktropica Island for mobile. Weird right.

    • Yujo_Jacy_the_Jumpy_Coyote says:

      Wait, really? That is strange xD ! I guess that would be a sneak peek of Mocktropica island to those Poptropica App players that have never tried the original PC version of the game.

  9. short feather says:

    if you want a epic look do phantom power plus pink electrify pus red shoes plus shrink ray and if you want red robes out of garfield10189 closet on zeus also credit to greedyshadow

  10. greedyshadow says:

    There needs to be a red electric power to go with the shoes. The Green Hawk costume would’ve look cool with the shoes and green electric power. Also I think I mentioned earlier that the red shoes would look cool in a Flash costume and the blue ones for a Sonic the hedgehog costume.

  11. greedyshadow says:

    The fact that the shoes are still not on non SUIs, I would really like to see them in Legendary Swords and others…. I’m not going to ask. 😦

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