My Place in Poptropica: Fierce Hippo

This is the My Place in Poptropica story of Fierce Hippo, who represents herself through her Poptropican and aims to finish all the islands. See below for details on sending in your own MPIP!


Hello fellow Poptropicans! My name is Fierce Hippo, or geekgreek512 (please don’t judge – I made that username in second grade XD ). This is my Poptropica story.

How It Began… and Faded

It all started when I was in second grade. There was a big thing that everyone would always be talking about: Poptropica. Curious, I asked myself, “What is this strange thing they’re talking about?” So I went on my humongous computer at home and typed in “Poptropica”, and sure enough, the website popped up. I made a username and password – the username I remember was “greekgeek” (I was OBSESSED with Percy Jackson books).

Sadly, after completing few islands throughout the span of one year, I didn’t come back for a long time.  After that, I made approximately three accounts and abandoned them whenever I forgot the usernames.  Around fifth grade, I stopped playing for the longest time.

How I Came Back

I came back to playing Poptropica just recently, at 14 years old, in high school already. I was bored on the weekends and didn’t have much friends to text to, so I decided, “Why not go to Poptropica!?” This time around, I didn’t have to go on my humongous computer – I could just go on my laptop.

I completely forgot my old usernames, and the greekgeek one didn’t have my regular password, so I made up a new username: this time, a play-on of my old username – geekgreek512 (and this is the one I use all the time now).

My Character’s Clothing

My character, Fierce Hippo, is always changing her clothing, but only certain parts. The headphones and shirt combo I got from Lunar Colony, one of my favorite islands. The beanie is from the Fall Fashion Outfit in the Store, and the emo bangs (as I like to call them XD) I customized from Slanted Fish (her username is slantedfish).  I bought the “Electrify” power from the Store, which I usually have on purple, my favorite color. The wings I got from the Demon outfit, and the guitar is from the Rock Star outfit, both also in the Store.

The reason you really can’t tell the gender of my Poptropican until I mentioned “she” is because in real life I am a female demiboy – a girl who sometimes feels partially boy. My Poptropican reflects who I am, but not in a completely realistic way. My hair isn’t short in a beanie, but that is the way I want to get it cut. I don’t play the guitar, but I really want to. Also, I am emo in real life, so the headphones represent that I’m always listening to music, which is definitely true. XD Sometimes, I’ll remove or add a new part, but usually, this is my go-to outfit.

What I Love Most About Poptropica

I love the seemingly endless islands and the different ways to combine clothing!  My favorite islands have to be Mythology (did I mention I was obsessed with Percy Jackson? 😉 ), Spy, Escape from Pelican Rock, Time Tangled, Lunar Colony, Virus Hunter, Shrink Ray, and Cryptids.

The hardest (longest, and most time-consuming) island to complete was Skullduggery Island because of the 1 million gold coins! But the other hardest one, that I have not completed yet, is Astro-Knights.  I love the concept and I am obsessed with space so that is probably one of my favorites as well.  I just can’t get past certain defenses in that game!


Obviously, to finish all the islands (at least that are available without membership)! However, perhaps unlike some Poptropicans, I am in no rush to complete all of them in one shot, or to do it quickly. I’m in a really tough high school and get lots of homework, so I’m not always free. When I am free, I like to go on Instagram or Goodreads (@marmalade4evs; you must’ve caught on by now that I love books) or my book blog. XD

But when I am free on the weekends, or after school, I go on here.  So I am far from reaching my goal to complete every island –besides, it’s the journey that matters the most; not the destination.

-Fierce Hippo

Hope you enjoyed this “My Place in Poptropica” story! Feel free to send in your own (please include a minimum of 550 words, type with good spelling and grammar, divide it into labeled sections, and include your username). Look out for more community MPIPs in the future!

~the PHB.


25 thoughts on “My Place in Poptropica: Fierce Hippo

  1. Yujo_Jacy_the_Jumpy_Coyote says:

    Good luck with your goal! It takes awhile, and I text from experience – I started playing Poptropica in 2008 and only completed all currently available islands this year in 2016 :{ . Great My Place in Poptropica, by the way 😀 .

  2. short feather says:

    oh fact of the day the longest animal in the world is not a whale it is a jelly fish with 113 foot long tentacles

      • Some Guy says:

        Blood of Olympus killed my interest in my series. It’s the only book in the series which I haven’t reread ever since it came out. I’ve tried to reread the others again,but I got bored fast.

        Magnus Chase was okay,though.

      • Lucky Wing says:

        I haven’t read the new one (Magnus Chase, haven’t managed to get a hold of it yet), but some people quit the series because of book 4, so i was wondering.

      • Lucky Wing says:

        yeah, i liked that one, but most didn’t like the Cupid part. I don’t like it myslef, but i didn’t quit. (My Fav is probably the Lost Hero)

      • Some Guy says:

        Yeah,I didn’t like it either,but truth be told,that was a very small part of the book,so I can forgive it for that. But I can’t forgive BoO for the pretty big mistakes it made.

        And Lost Hero…it’s okay,(though it drags on far too long) but most people dislike it (it’s actually my 2nd least favourite HoO book,and even then,it’s actually somewhat good).

  3. marmalade4evs says:

    This is my character and I’m just reading this over now- it’s so bad AGHH!!
    I would like to apologize for my story being bad- I barely even wrote about Poptropica and just what my character looks like! XD

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