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Robots, balloons, and a visit to Time Tangled

I am a robot.

Well, Mr./Ms. Robot, maybe you need something to go with that accent! Try on these brand-new suits, now available for 75 credits each at the Poptropica Store (Thanks, Incredible Fish):

In order from left to right, here are the names of each outfit:

Top Row

  • Xenon Trooper
  • Retro Robot
  • Sky Hawk Warrior
  • Space Sentry

Bottom Row

  • Karate Master (Girls only; comes in violet, blue, or red)
  • Karate Master (Boys only; comes in red, black, or blue)
  • Cheerleader (Girls only; comes in red, blue, or violet)

Also, we seem to have found Binary Bard’s Poptropica account! (Thanks to many of you who helped to point this out.) Using Motionman95‘s Poptropica Image Generator, we’ve found that Binary Bard (a Poptropica Creator who posts on the PCB) has his own personal account on Poptropica (which he probably used to spread the mechanical flu), and his login username is “binarybard”!

You can tell that this account belongs to a Creator because of the Poptropican name – “Binary Bard”. This would not be possible for a regular player. Other notes for this account: it’s wearing the Binary Bard’s jester clothing from Astro-Knights Island, along with the half-metal face, red cyborg eye, and huge grin. He’s also holding the nunchuk handheld item, which can be found on the ninja costume (purchasable at the Poptropica Store).

To spice things up a little, the Poptropica Creators will soon be adding balloons to the Poptropica Store, which you’ll be able to create! Thanks for the news report, Agdogr1997 (Super Grape). Take a look at the video below for a cool idea of what they’re like:

As you can see, there will be several options for these balloons, including a pink heart, yellow smiley face, and a red-and-black ladybug! Also, Deathstalker found something very interesting:

These cute floating shapes are going to be called “Emotaloons”! (Probably from the words emote and balloon) There will be a “Create” button on its item card so that you can edit your Emotaloon. The description for this item is, “Express yourself with your own Emotaloon!” You can also see that they will be a Poptropica Store item because of the starry background on the item card.

Planning on taking a little holiday soon? Tours at Time Tangled Island seem to be all the rage these days! VladtheViking has generously provided all of us with an absolutely awesome video showing a trailer of this twisted island, complete with twinkling music! (Thanks, Obiwan2324) Check it out:

Astro-Knights Island seems quite popular too, according to the current poll at the Poptropica Creators’ Blog. Here are the approximate results (may vary later because the poll isn’t over yet):

Option | Number of Votes | Percentage
Early Poptropica | 83 | 1%
Shark Tooth | 87 | 1%
Time Tangled | 170 | 3%
24 Carrot | 96 | 1%
Super Power | 264 | 5%
Spy | 467 | 9%
Nabooti | 125 | 2%
Astro-Knights | 3483 | 70%

If you would like your name acknowledged in our blog posts for telling us about new news, you can help out by posting a topic about a new update in the “Poptropica Updates” section of our Poptropica Help Forum. To do this, you’ll want to register for an account there. Happy posting, and we hope you’ll be able to join us there! 🙂


54 thoughts on “Robots, balloons, and a visit to Time Tangled”

      1. Yeah… well, that was how it used to be before the Poptropica Store came out. But I kind of like the fact that people can’t customize my whole outfit!

      2. i also love it how you cant customize the whole outfit. i was so sick and tired of people copying me and then FOLLOWING me around. much better now. except for phantom people

  1. One of my favorites is Xenon Trooper because he send cosmic waves.
    I am getting these on my new poptropican account.

  2. I’m thinking the creators like star wars. I’m not getting anymore outfits, waiting for stuff.

    1. On one of my accounts, I saved 250 credits for the Party Room (if it comes out). I would like to buy some more outfits, but I like the way my Poptropican looks now anyway. I would not understand if the balloon cost 250 credits. Its just a darn balloon!

      1. I think the party room will either be free which would fair or 500 credits.

      2. 500 CREDITS!!! OMG! 😮 You think so? Nothing so far in the Poptropica store has been 500 credits (except for the Early access pass to AK) but 500 for a party room? I agree with you that it should be free. I also think it would be cool if you had a “Friends” feature so you could have a list of people you know in real life who have Poptropica accounts so you can invite them to a party. I think they had that before, but it never worked for me, and they got rid of it.

      3. i think you’re right about the balloon thing. i mean why would a balloon be 250 credits. it’s not like there’s anything special about it. all you can do with a stupid balloon on poptropica is walk around with it and change what it looks like. i mean it’s not like you can walk around a multi-player room wacking people straight across there head with it {but that would be really awesome if you could do that on poptropica}. if there going to charge 250 credits for a balloon, they should definitly make some really cool things you could do with it.

      4. Golden Eagle- They did have a Friends button. But then it wasnt released and was replaced with the Costumizer. But it would b cool 2 have a Friends Button!

        Cool Wing- I dont think the Party Room(aka Multiverse- check the PHF) would b free. Nothing is free in the Poptropica Store. And 500 credits would be a little expensive…

        elisa- Poptropica wouldnt like violence so I dont think they would allow u to bop ppl across the head with an Emotaloon. And the balloons purpose is 2 show how ur feeling.

  3. I wonder how you get the balloons as shown on the video with a poptropican holding a balloon… those costumes look great! 🙂 But sadly, i dont have enough credits 😦

  4. I think ill wait. I only have 325 credits so I can only afford 1 more item from cool stuff and 1 4 a costume. But of course, I could wait 4 Reality TV or buy it on 1 of my other accounts!! 😛

  5. I have 500 credits so I should be able to afford a balloon. How ever I don’t think that they are really cool enough for me to buy. LOL

  6. I can’t wait for the Emotaloons! =D

    At the very least, I’m hoping that they will have one with the “xD” face on it. 😉

  7. I think they should let you create your own, because it would be more fun. Maybe we will…

      1. That would be awesome, but unfortunately, it doesn’t seem likely. People would write inappropriate things. =(

        I’m assuming you are talking about the Emotaloons. You are, right?

      2. i do agree about the choose colors part but i don’t think we should be drawing or writing on the balloon without a sensor

  8. hey!!!! I think i want to vacation on a less deadly island than time tangled so i’ll pass on the vacation idea. I was also hoping for a more tropical one, yet not it to be shark tooth. man i think the next one, reallity tv would be safer for me. I think it would really work for me.

    1. Yeah! It’s not working for me. The screen is white and says co&cc or something like that.

      1. I know why. Motionman is doing some updates for how fast the page loads. For then PLAY POPTROPICA! it’s like 10-40 minutes he said.

  9. I already have the Karate Master (girl) and the Cheerleader outfit! I’m not sure if I should the Gothic Cheerleader or the new Phantom in the Cool Stuff…..besides, I will waste my 275 credits!

    1. Yeah, the Gothic Cheerleader’s action is that she has that angry emoticon (not the one where your head turns red & flys in midair!) I also compared and contrasted the 2 cheerleader outfits:

      hairstyle: pigtails
      outfit appearance (excluding design)

      Gothic has the following:
      skull earrings
      front hairpiece
      “bags” in her eyes
      purple lips (obviously NOT smiling)
      skull design on outfit
      purple pom-pom
      comes in 1 color

      Original has the following:
      blush on her face
      pink lips (smiling)
      the letter P (for Poptropica) for the outfit design
      yellow pom-pom
      comes in 3 colors=red, blue and purple

    1. This could be proving the item cards (SWF or what they’re called) we’ve been seeing are true.

      1. I’ve also noticed that the face on the Medusa item changed, instead of your Poptropican’s regular face it shows your Poptropica character doing a sort of emoticon.

      2. There is also a FrootLoops sidebar ad for the younger people. Found out on my other account!

      3. Oh! And there is a Gothic Girl outfit in the Poptropica Store!

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