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Robots, balloons, and a visit to Time Tangled

I am a robot.

Well, Mr./Ms. Robot, maybe you need something to go with that accent! Try on these brand-new suits, now available for 75 credits each at the Poptropica Store (Thanks, Incredible Fish):

In order from left to right, here are the names of each outfit:

Top Row

  • Xenon Trooper
  • Retro Robot
  • Sky Hawk Warrior
  • Space Sentry

Bottom Row

  • Karate Master (Girls only; comes in violet, blue, or red)
  • Karate Master (Boys only; comes in red, black, or blue)
  • Cheerleader (Girls only; comes in red, blue, or violet)

Also, we seem to have found Binary Bard’s Poptropica account! (Thanks to many of you who helped to point this out.) Using Motionman95‘s Poptropica Image Generator, we’ve found that Binary Bard (a Poptropica Creator who posts on the PCB) has his own personal account on Poptropica (which he probably used to spread the mechanical flu), and his login username is “binarybard”!

You can tell that this account belongs to a Creator because of the Poptropican name – “Binary Bard”. This would not be possible for a regular player. Other notes for this account: it’s wearing the Binary Bard’s jester clothing from Astro-Knights Island, along with the half-metal face, red cyborg eye, and huge grin. He’s also holding the nunchuk handheld item, which can be found on the ninja costume (purchasable at the Poptropica Store).

To spice things up a little, the Poptropica Creators will soon be adding balloons to the Poptropica Store, which you’ll be able to create! Thanks for the news report, Agdogr1997 (Super Grape). Take a look at the video below for a cool idea of what they’re like:

As you can see, there will be several options for these balloons, including a pink heart, yellow smiley face, and a red-and-black ladybug! Also, Deathstalker found something very interesting:

These cute floating shapes are going to be called “Emotaloons”! (Probably from the words emote and balloon) There will be a “Create” button on its item card so that you can edit your Emotaloon. The description for this item is, “Express yourself with your own Emotaloon!” You can also see that they will be a Poptropica Store item because of the starry background on the item card.

Planning on taking a little holiday soon? Tours at Time Tangled Island seem to be all the rage these days! VladtheViking has generously provided all of us with an absolutely awesome video showing a trailer of this twisted island, complete with twinkling music! (Thanks, Obiwan2324) Check it out:

Astro-Knights Island seems quite popular too, according to the current poll at the Poptropica Creators’ Blog. Here are the approximate results (may vary later because the poll isn’t over yet):

Option | Number of Votes | Percentage
Early Poptropica | 83 | 1%
Shark Tooth | 87 | 1%
Time Tangled | 170 | 3%
24 Carrot | 96 | 1%
Super Power | 264 | 5%
Spy | 467 | 9%
Nabooti | 125 | 2%
Astro-Knights | 3483 | 70%

If you would like your name acknowledged in our blog posts for telling us about new news, you can help out by posting a topic about a new update in the “Poptropica Updates” section of our Poptropica Help Forum. To do this, you’ll want to register for an account there. Happy posting, and we hope you’ll be able to join us there! 🙂

Astro-Knights Island, Sneak Peeks

Poptropica is… a planet?!

~Poptropica Help Blog Investigation~
Is Poptropica a planet?

The Poptropica map simply shows a bunch of islands laid out together, making Poptropica seem flat. But whether it really is flat or not is another question.

For those of you who have completed the Nabooti quest, you’ve probably learned that the secret of the Nabooti tribe’s totem is… space travel! At the time of Nabooti Island’s release, it seemed pretty strange to most of us why the Creators would include space travel into an island that didn’t use much technology – other than a few computers and such here and there. But with Astro-Knights to look forward to, I’ve been wondering whether Nabooti’s space travel may be relevant to the upcoming AK Island, seeing as that includes space travelling too. Grumpy Tomato, one of PHB’s readers, thinks that Astro-Knight’s plot might be a sequel to Nabooti’s! He shares:

Think about it – the space ship on the most recent PCB post shows the space ship leaving earth, and when the totem pole leaves earth, the earth has mountains and different things like that. But both earths look the same. Remember how the totem pole was from alien life form? Maybe we have to search for alien things.

After you place the final jewel onto the totem at Nabooti Museum, the following scene appears:

Who would've guessed?
Who would've guessed?

 At the top-right corner, you’ll see that the totem has green sparks coming out of it. The shape of these sparks look very much like the blue sparks seen in some of the AK Island sneak peeks showing the custom rockets! That’s another relation between the two island plots! Maybe Poptropica’s flying vehicles are powered with these mysterious substances?

Now, is Poptropica just flat or… round? Referring back to the picture shown above, you’ll notice that the totem had been shooting out of a round planet. We know that the totem had lifted off from Nabooti Museum, which is in Main Street of Nabooti Island, Poptropica. Therefore… could that round planet (which resembles our Earth!) be Poptropica?! That’s our first glimpse of Poptropica as a planet.

On April 22, 2009, the Poptropica Creators designed a very special poster in honor of Earth Day, encouraging us to protect the planet. The planet in the picture looked very similar to the one shown in the Nabooti quest cutscene at the end, except in this poster, the Astro-Knights custom rocket was flying past. This was what it looked like; our second glimpse of Poptropica as a planet:

And now we have the third glimpse of Poptropica as a planet. This was today’s sneak peek, courtesy of Binary Bard:

Blog Post Title: Now Leaving Poptropica
Description: 01001100011010010110011001110100011011110110011001100110
Now reaching cruising altitude over Poptropica. Please keep your seat belt securely fastened during the flight. In the event of an emergency you will be given further instructions…Maybe.
Image URL:
Image Name: liftoff.bmp

The binary code (the o’s and 1’s) in the description read “Liftoff”. Thanks, Incredible Fish! The UFO in this sneak peek might possibly be Excalibur, as shown in a previous Astro-Knights sneak peek. Again, this picture is added proof that Poptropica is indeed a planet!

Speaking of this sneak peek, Astro’s release, which is due in spring 2009, must be getting close! Spring is coming to an end on June 20nd, with summer beginning officially on June 21st (at least, for those living in the northern hemisphere!). (Unless they delay it again like they did with Nabooti and Big Nate, but let’s hope not.) Also, the title of this sneak peek (Now Leaving Poptropica) and its description sort of hint that Astro-Knights Island might be coming vveeerrrryyyyy soon. 🙂

And remember that Disney’s Space Buddies advertisement building? There was a nice little mission to go along with it. Thanks to a reminder from Purple Sword, we just remembered to show you guys out fourth glimpse of Poptropica as a planet! Check out this YouTube video made by Blooberry95, displaying a tutorial of the ad’s mission:

Starting from the time 0:14 (14 seconds into the video), to 0:33, you get to see the Disney space shuttle leaving the Poptropica planet, which indicates that the islands of Poptropica are indeed placed together on the same planet.

Also, thanks to Rough Eye (who actually has a pretty keen eye) and Incredible Fish, we’ve also remembered that there are two more glimpses (we’re now up to the 5th and 6th!) of a planet available in Poptropica! In the room ‘B.A.D. Satellite’ on Spy Island, where you fight the minibots and Director D, there are two round windows on each side with a half of a planet showing in each of them. This is what the view of the left window looks like:

I spy with my little eye...
I spy with my little eye...

Oddly enough, this planet looks a little less cartoon-ish than the others. And since this is on a satellite hanging in space, we’re able to see Poptropica’s planet that way.

There is also the theory that Poptropica is part of the real planet we live on, Earth. One example of why this could be true is that on Nabooti Island, you are actually traveling through Africa, a real continent in our Earth. The question we have now is, would Poptropica be part of our Earth or does it exist as its own individual planet?

As we can already tell from the Astro-Knights official description image, there’s going to be a Planetarium on Main Street with a big telescope sticking out. Who knows, but maybe then we’ll be able to do a little astronomical investigation of the stars and… PLANETS!

What do you think? Comment below and tell us your thoughts and if possible, furthur investigations!