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Disneys’ Lucky Socks

Poptropica have released some more secret Disneys advertisements that even i didn’t know they were made, and Vlad the Viking has met up with another poptropican in Snapshot sagas.

Snapshot Sagas: Lucky Socks

On Monday, Vlad the Viking posted another saga on travelling the islands and meeting with poptropicans. This time he had a strange voyage to a new island, where he met with Lucky Socks in Party Time Tower, on Time Tangled Island. Lucky Socks sure was ‘Lucky‘. This is his story:

After a wonderful breakfast of crispy bacon and fluffy pancakes in early poptropica, I set sail in an 8-bit schooner that left harbor early that morning.

The sea was calm, and the sky was clear. This trip was turning out very differently from the perilous voyage I took from Shark Tooth Island on my makeshift raft.

The weather soon changed, however, while I was relaxing in a hammock tied between the masts. A bright light flashed across the sky, nearly blinding me. As the spots in my vision faded I beheld a grand vortex of swirling color where the clouds had once been. I felt myself being pulled up to the vortex.

Crazy visions swirled past me as I flew through the void. I could see far off places like the Great Wall of China, the earthen structures from the Mali Empire, and even a band of my viking brothers stranded on a deserted island in a stormy sea! Many windows into different lands and times all flowed past me as I approached another bright light. I thought I had reached my end.

There was a flash of light, and I found myself in the middle of a street. I sat up, rubbing my bruised beard and checked my camera. Luckily it still worked! I jumped up and looked around to see where I was. A nearby building towered over my head. It was the Party Time Tower! I was sure I would find some Poptropicans to photograph inside, and I was right! Lucky Socks was having fun running around and playing games.

Keep your eyes peeled for me when you travel through Poptropica! You never know where I will end up next! (And for that matter, neither do I!)

Disney Advertisement
Poptropica have released its second Disney Advertisement. This time featuring Phineas and Ferb, and Wizards of Waverly Place.
You can find the advertisement on Early Poptropica, Shark Tooth, Time Tangled, and Nabooti Island. On all the other islands you can still find ‘Disney Space Buddies‘.


Inside the building there is 2 Quiz games based on the two shows. There is also 2 costumes, Phineas from ‘Phineas and Ferb’, and Alex Russo from ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’. I know what you’re thinking. “What about Ferb?” Hopefully they make a costume for him because he’s really cool. 😛
If they do release him please inform us via comment.

Also poptropica has made many new items as informed by Katie. These items include new vests,  new shirts and also new pants for the ladies! There is also a new pink tie.
I havn’t seen any of the new clothing from Poptropica but it seems like they are good.

If you found your name hasn’t been credited today, thats because you did not listen to Scary Tomato. Everyone please look at the previous comments to make sure no one has said it. It gets really annoying for us and for you when you have a pile of comments saying “Oh, Oh, THE NEW POPTROPICA THING ON THE CREATORS BLOGY IS OUTS!!!! PLZ CreDIt MEZ!”
Please stop it!

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Vlad’s Sleepy Friend and Poptropica Links is Open!

Who’s that drinking their soda? It looks like… Vlad the Viking and Sleepy Whale!

Congratulations to Sleepy Whale on being featured for Snapshot Sagas! Thanks for this news, Mousyblack. It looks like Vlad has another big tale, too:

Soaring among the clouds was amazing! The friendly pilot from Nabooti was kind enough to aid me in my search for more Poptropicans to photograph, and we took to the skies. The noisy contraption, called an “airplane”, took us swiftly through the air, and for the first time I was silent with awe. My bliss did not last long, however, as the pilot shouted for me to put on a pack containing a “parachute”. I didn’t hesitate to don this parachute once the flying machine started making sickly sputtering noises while it sped toward the earth. I jumped and pulled the parachute’s rope.

Landing on the clouds, I came across a purple giant with a golden egg. I found my way to the ground by following directions given to me by the giant, and was overcome with a terrible thirst!

“The Soda Pop Shop is the best place on Early Poptropica to find a soda!” A friendly Poptropican informed me.

I was soon sipping a soda and chatting with a talkative fellow named Sleepy Whale. We spoke of the weather and of all things ice cream. It came time for me to go, but before I left I took a photo of my new friend! Thanks Sleepy Whale!

Remember to keep your eyes peeled, you may be the next one featured on Snapshot Sagas!

Poptropica Help Blog™  presents…

Poptropica Links!

With Poptropica Links, you can advertise your Poptropica webpage, and it’s completely free! Just send us a comment on the Poptropica Links website with the following information:

  • Website Name
  • Website URL (link)
  • What you want your website to be known as
  • Your nickname
  • Nicknames of other authors on your site, if you have any

It doesn’t matter how good your Poptropica site is, just feel free to share it with the rest of the world! 😀

Here’s the link:

Good luck and happy Poptropica exploring!

P.S. Have you heard? There’s a strange rumor going on that Poptropica will be charging for premium services sometime in early 2009… read more about it now!

Snapshot Series

Vlad Survives a Storm

Snapshot Sagas: Giant Brain

Today Poptropica Creator Vlad the Viking has met up with yet another Poptropican. This time it was Giant Brain who ecountered the strange viking on Nabooti Island. Thanks Neat Whale for this information. Vlad promises to visit Poptropica and take pictures of some players and feature them on the Creators’ Blog – and he calls it ‘Snapshot Sagas’. This is his story:

The storm hit when I was about 5 hours at sea, sailing from Shark Tooth Island. I thought I was done for, and worse, I was sad that my camera’s battery ran out when I attempted to take a photo of the huge wave that almost swallowed my small coconut tree raft! After the storm, I drifted for what seemed like ages until I finally fell asleep from exhaustion. When I awoke, I found myself on the shore of a strange and wonderful land.

Venturing around, I soon found myself in the Village of Nabooti, where I was able to charge up my camera (luckily it still works) and search for another unique and friendly Poptropican to feature in Snapshot Sagas! In Fly By Night Airlines I ran into Giant Brain. He was a fairly sociable lad, and was kind enough to let me take a photo of him before he hopped off to chat with his other Poptropican friends. Thanks Giant Brain!

Congratulations Giant Brain on being featured on the Poptropica Creators’ Blog!
And to everyone else out there – watch out for Vlad’s camera, who knows when you may meet him on Poptropica!

Codiens Opinion on Crediting:
I believe that crediting is great. Everyone is helping us get the latest knowledge. But i don’t think we should have to say thanks to the first person who says it. Because not only is it that person who helped out but theres lots of people that are continuously trying to be the first to say theres a new post. I love it that you  guys really want to help us but, is not that hard for us to just check for ourselves.
That’s just my opinion.

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Vlad’s New Camera!

Poptropica Creator Vlad the Viking mysteriously gained a nice new camera to hang around proudly on his neck! Thanks to Cheerful Claw for the quick update. Vlad promises to visit Poptropica and take pictures of some players and feature them on the Creators’ Blog – and he calls it ‘Snapshot Sagas’. Today he met Shy Speck, and here’s what he had to say:

I, Vlad, having acquired a shiny new camera, will venture across Poptropica in search of fun and unique Poptropicans to feature on this blog. Today I went to the Coconut Cafe on Shark Tooth Island, and was happy to meet Shy Speck!

Keep your eyes open, you may be featured next time on Snapshot Sagas!

Congratulations on being the first featured Poptropican in Snapshot Sagas, Shy Speck! And to everyone else out there – watch out for Vlad’s camera, who knows when you may meet him on Poptropica!

A new guide has been added to Poptropica Help Blog! Tips and tricks for the game Star Link!

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