Snapshot Series

Vlad Survives a Storm

Snapshot Sagas: Giant Brain

Today Poptropica Creator Vlad the Viking has met up with yet another Poptropican. This time it was Giant Brain who ecountered the strange viking on Nabooti Island. Thanks Neat Whale for this information. Vlad promises to visit Poptropica and take pictures of some players and feature them on the Creators’ Blog – and he calls it ‘Snapshot Sagas’. This is his story:

The storm hit when I was about 5 hours at sea, sailing from Shark Tooth Island. I thought I was done for, and worse, I was sad that my camera’s battery ran out when I attempted to take a photo of the huge wave that almost swallowed my small coconut tree raft! After the storm, I drifted for what seemed like ages until I finally fell asleep from exhaustion. When I awoke, I found myself on the shore of a strange and wonderful land.

Venturing around, I soon found myself in the Village of Nabooti, where I was able to charge up my camera (luckily it still works) and search for another unique and friendly Poptropican to feature in Snapshot Sagas! In Fly By Night Airlines I ran into Giant Brain. He was a fairly sociable lad, and was kind enough to let me take a photo of him before he hopped off to chat with his other Poptropican friends. Thanks Giant Brain!

Congratulations Giant Brain on being featured on the Poptropica Creators’ Blog!
And to everyone else out there – watch out for Vlad’s camera, who knows when you may meet him on Poptropica!

Codiens Opinion on Crediting:
I believe that crediting is great. Everyone is helping us get the latest knowledge. But i don’t think we should have to say thanks to the first person who says it. Because not only is it that person who helped out but theres lots of people that are continuously trying to be the first to say theres a new post. I love it that you  guys really want to help us but, is not that hard for us to just check for ourselves.
That’s just my opinion.

25 thoughts on “Vlad Survives a Storm”

  1. Hmm… Vlad’s story is quite interesting. :O

    Also, Giant Brain (LOL, funny username) is dressed up like a gangsta. =P

    I hope I get featured. =DDD

  2. Hey there’s an Open Season ad room with the bear hat that was mentioned and other stuff.

    Scary Tomato: Yes, it’s in the post below. 😉

  3. lol, smokers is funny. 😆 If there is something I like it’s a good laugh. HAHAHAHA…….

    Scary Tomato: Yep, Smockers is really awesome with that. 😀

  4. I wonder if Vlad the Viking is visiting the island multiplayer rooms randomly , or in a pattern. I love the blog BTW. 😀

  5. 15, acutully it’s a referee’s hat and you could have got it 3 ways. 1: You costimized from the referee in the Apple Jacks™ ad. 2: You costimized the referee in the Lego Racers™ ad. 3: You costimized someone with the hat. 😉

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