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Treasures laid for the Baron’s Crusade 🗺☠️

Ahoy, Poptropicans! The Baron’s side quest is here as promised, and it’s available to all players. Read on for a spoiler-full walkthrough!

To get started, meet the Baron in her quarters, a new room you’ll find aboard her big airship. Head inside the Cabin of Curiosities and open the hatch below the Baron’s throne. Under the shop, you’ll find the Baron poring over maps. She’ll ask you to join her in digging up treasure on a secret island that’s not on your map. Accept, and off we go!

You’ll land on the shore of a quiet island that feels kinda like the final scene of Skullduggery Island, where OG Poptropicans would have beaten Captain Crawfish to a hidden treasure. Curiously, the Baron later mentions that the treasure we’re now looking for belonged to the captain! (Is he still alive…?) Anyway, head up the hill and enter the cave.

(Sighting secrets: In the water, there’s a purple alien orb reminiscent of Mission Atlantis, while in the distance, we can see the skull-shaped rock of the Pirate Outpost from Skullduggery. Thanks to Ammonite for the tips!)

Inside the cave, the Baron follows you. Head right, skipping over all the gaps until you reach some greenish stone. From here, head downwards, watching out for the poison darts that will knock you back. When you touch water, swim left until you come across a lever. Click on it to lower the water level, which allows you to swim right to the next lever by the barred hole. Click that and the water level goes down some more, allowing you to swim all the way left, where you’ll find the next puzzle.

You’ll come face-to-face with a giant stone wheel with mysterious markings on it (is that a % sign?). But don’t worry about that — the Baron’s got it under control. While she’s the brains of this operation, you’re the brawn. With the Baron’s trusty wrench, you’re all set to whack any “guards” of the treasure… and here they come now!

A mini-game will start, and it’s basically whack-a-mole with skeletons popping up from any of the nine large holes under the treasure wheel. You’ll have to move your view back and forth as you can’t see all the holes at once. The skeletons don’t go away easily either: they have to climb out quite a bit first before smacking them has the desired effect, but you can’t wait too long, or you’ll have to start the mini-game over.

Once you successfully hold off the skeletons long enough, the Baron will unlock the wheel, revealing a treasure vault full of gold, gemstones, and Captain Crawfish’s hat and sword. For your part, she’ll share 500 credits and a pirate costume with you. Congrats and enjoy!

Back at the Baron’s, you can learn more about this daredevil sky pirate through conversation as well as exploring her home, just like in Amelia’s side quest. Speaking of Amelia, there’s tea to be uncovered…

Over in the top right corner of the Baron’s quarters, there’s an abandoned little box with a unicorn plushie and frame jutting out. Click on it and you’ll see an old news clipping behind smashed glass, with a photo of Amelia and the Baron together like best buds. The headline from the Poptropica Times reads, “Local Adventurers Save the Island.”

What fractured their friendship? For now, the Baron reveals only that she had a crew once, and that “trust is hard to come by.”

There’s more to discover around the Baron’s quarters. What surprises have you found? Read on for more trivia and theories!

Baby Ack plushie, golden Rumpelstiltskin, and more treasures await…

To the left of the Baron, you’ll find her fearsome portrait with first mate Ack the monkey, and a familiar green skull that activates the whack-a-mole mini-game from earlier (just for practice!). Playing the Baron’s Bucket of Bones earns you 50 credits per completion, much like “Clear the Skies,” the plane mini-game on the airship deck.

Head down to the lower floor and you’ll see a map on the wall that shows the Baron’s been looking for a “golden city.” Could this be a hint for the upcoming Secret of the Jade Scarab Island, which involves archeological digs for treasure? At any rate, the map bears some interesting port names (potential relations in parentheses): Yoller or Holler (a loud shout), Mustang (sports car), Rhe or Rye (grain), Sanders (Bernie or Colonel?), Omamora (close to omamori, Japanese luck amulets), Lagos (Nigeria’s largest city).

You can also scan through titles of books on her shelf: Lost Cities of Poptropica, Grappling with Grapple-Pap, Into the Maw of Glowbhax: In Search of the Island Devourer (perhaps a reference to Haxe, which did kind of devour many islands). The Baron sure likes her myths legends.

Also in this corner nook, you’ll find a framed photo of the Baron and Ack inside a bank, throwing money down to people on the street. Robbery with a Robin Hood twist? Anyway, there’s another pic of this adventuresome duo beside where Ack sleeps, and it’s adorbs.

Thanks for joining us in exploring the Baron’s Crusade and cabin! What did you think of this side quest of skullduggery? Do you have theories about the Baron’s history with Amelia, or any other aspects of her life? Share with us in the comments. Happy sailing!

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PHB Sneak Peaks: Zoo Mascots

February 22nd, 2009 #5


-Poptropica Help Blog Sneak Peaks-

Welcome to another wonderful week of ‘Poptropica Help Blog Sneak Peaks’. These posts are posted every week on Sundays. In every new post there will be stories that only we have. And only we post them. These stories are classified and are very secret.
This week’s story is ”Zoo Mascots”, its a follow up of the last story ‘Monkey Madness’, about the mysterious animals around Poptropica.

-Monkeying Around-
Give me a ‘Z’, give me an ‘O’, give me another ‘O’. What does that spell?

Wind was rushing past his face, chilling his spine and making his hairs stand on end. Codien was still flying in the stolen aeroplane that once belonged to the, now quite angry, Pilot of Nabooti.

Over the past hour Codien had flown past different landscapes, each flowing into the next. Large coal hills glinting with diamonds, large enough to be mountains. Gloomy trees surrounding an abandoned village. A spectacular waterfall creating a beautiful rainbow from the falling droplets of water. Codien finally decided to land his aircraft when he saw a familiar sign of a Safari Park.

He wasn’t going to land when he remembered he had seen enough animals, in one spot, to last a lifetime, and he was still trying to get the brown stains off his shirt. But he decided against it when he saw a strange man running around in circles shouting. Curious, Codien touched down the planes wheels and jumped out off his seat to see what the problem was.

When Codien got closer he relised it was Big Zeke, the guy from the brochure who owned the Safari, who was in a frenzy. Codien ran up to him and asked what on earth the problem was. Big Zeke told him about the strange animals he saw out in the wild, and when he went to take a picture he relised he left his camera behind. He had searched high and low and had not found it.

This was Codiens one chance to help this awesome Poptropican, Codien remembered he once got a camera from him. Out of his bag Codien produced a sleak digital camera. Offering to Big Zeke, he held it in awe and his eyes lit up. He span around and jumped into his truck. Codien quickly followed him and clambered into the back just in time before he sped off into the distance. Racing through the safari the passing trees were blurs. After a short trip, Zeke skidded to a halt behind some trees. In the distance Codien could here faint music. Zeke and Codien creeped closer, making there way closer to the noise. Closer, and closer they found themselves hidden behind an opening. The music was being played in the opening.

Peeping his head over Codien saw the strangest site. 4 animals were dancing, singing, crowing, and roaring to a stereo being played. Well at least codien thought they were animals. He noticed that two of them were just Poptropicans in costumes. Memorised by the groups routine, he worked out that they were rehearsing a dance piece. Before Codien could step out into the opening a tiny whisper from Zeke motioned him to come back to the truck.


When Codien entered the truck he found Big Zeke disappointed. Asking why he looked so down even though he got the picture, he told him that the mysterious animals were just a traveling group rehearsing for their show. He reached down below his chair and pulled out a poster showing the group advertising their show. Disappointed the two drove back to the plane and Codien found himself flying in the air again.

This is a sneak peak of either some new costumes fo a new island (I don’t know what one), or an advertisement. Its most likely these are from a new island coming out because Poptropica showed us the Lion outfit, and they don’t usually show advertisement costumes. But what island?
So these are the animals i promised. You can see the Lion from the Poptropica Creators Blog sneak peak. But their is also the rooster and a sheep, plus the monkey. Silly monkey. My favourite is the lion. Also the rooster outfit reminds me of Kelloggs character rooster.
Which one is your favourite?

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So that’s my Sneak Peaks this week. Next week I’ll try to have more sneak peaks on the upcoming island Astro-Knights.
See you next week.



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PHB Sneak Peaks: Monkeying Around

February 15th, 2009 #4


-Poptropica Help Blog Sneak Peaks-

Welcome to another wonderful week of ‘Poptropica Help Blog Sneak Peaks’. These posts are posted every week on Sundays. In every new post there will be stories that only we have. And only we post them. These stories are classified and are very secret.
This week’s story is “Monkeying Around”, i’m sorry im not posting an astro-knights sneak peak this week, i thought you might like this more.

-Monkeying Around-
When i say you’re acting like a monkey i mean you are a monkey.

After an exciting adventure with his good pal Big Nate. Codien decided to have a relaxing holiday on the sun backed land of Nabooti. After a quick flight Codien landed on the red hot sand in front of a historic museum. He picked up a map, took a quick tour of the African Tribes, and was ready for a ride around the island. The first destination on Codien’s list was the safari ride, but soon Codien was going to find out he didn’t have to go anywhere to see the wildlife. The wildlife was going to come to him.

those damn monkeys

Finding lots of banana skins lying around the tree house was the first thing he found strange coming out of the museum. Looking up Codien got the shock of his life. Above him, and around him were many monkeys. Jumping and shouting, eating bananas. Hanging by there tails. It was mayhem.
I don’t know if you have ever been around monkeys before but, monkeys tend to like to throw their own ‘poop’ around the place.  Codien did not know of this disgusting habit and copped a face full of monkey feces. It was not a pretty sight.
Getting out of there as quick as possible, Codien raced down the tree, dodging poo and bananas along the way, ran up to the aeroplane. Grabbed the pilots helmet and flew out of there leaving behind the crazy monkeys (and an angry pilot).
It didn’t look like Codien would be returning any time soon.

He will always love Monkeys, even if they did chuck their own filth at him. But do you love Monkeys?

Ah, you’ve got to love monkeys. And you should because Poptropica will be bringing out a new advertisement (I think) filled with monkeys and other secret animals that i will show you next week. Iv’e never been this excited about Monkeys since i saw them at the zoo yesterday. 😛

Also, if any of you have spotted this out, i was wrong about the new diving game with the gold scuba suit. It was for the new island “Big Nate”. DOH! You can view that post here.
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So that’s my Sneak Peaks this week. Next week I’ll have more sneak peaks on the upcoming island Astro-Knights.
See you next week.



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