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“The Villain Saga” – Episode 5, Part 1

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We open on a wide shot displaying Erewhon Prison. It’s a rare non-stormy day, where bits of sunlight can actually be seen through the fog. The island is in perpetual shadow, but you can just barely tell it’s afternoon.

CUT TO inside the prison, on the first floor near the doors. Only a couple guards are stationed there, one sleeping and the other playing a game of solitaire on a work computer.

The camera heads to the elevator, then speeds up the building. We at last arrive at Floor 13, where a guard is leading DR. HARE into the medical and testing side. The doors to JUPITER’S strange machinery remain closed and locked.

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Fanfic: The Witch’s Heart, Part 4/6 🧙‍♀️

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by HeartOfEnder. Enjoy!

Heart is back, and it’s been a while! Originally I wanted to finish writing part 4 of my fanfiction, The Witch’s Heart, before school started again, but then I kinda procrastinated with other projects, especially a certain video game about squids… and here we are. 

Now where did we leave off? Oh right, the cliffhanger of what is happening in the castle! All we know is that it’s bad and “he” is behind it all. Well, let’s not leave ourselves hanging and find out the answer! 

Inside the castle, mysterious royal GUARDS with purple eyes walk around aimlessly, carrying barrels of strange liquids, spears, and paper clips. ALOUETTE watches from the balcony. The GIANT DRAGON also flies up to the castle to take a look. 


Wow, this island can’t get a break. First some guy steals happy endings, now we have this. 

A WHITE DRAGON resembling an older version of Pearl is forced into to a different room by royal GUARDS carrying spears.


This doesn’t look good. Why are they enslaving dragons? Is this why you came to the castle, so you could warn us about this?



Guess I’m back on the job again — ’cause I don’t think anyone would believe me if I said the entire castle’s guards were being mind controlled.

ALOUETTE casts an illusion spell that makes her look like the mind-controlled royal guards, before hopping down from the balcony and following the enslaved WHITE DRAGON. 

The GUARDS take the enslaved dragon to a room with multiple chambers filled with purple goop. One of the guards forcibly removes the dragon’s scales and throws them inside a machine, which starts producing purple goop. 


This will be enough to mind-control the entire village!


Wow! How much is needed to mind-control this entire island?

ALOUETTE starts putting the pieces together: White dragons are enslaved for their scales, which are used to make purple goop, which is used to mind control Poptropicans. She snaps her fingers, removing the illusion spell around her. 


Hey, you guys can’t be doing evil without me! 

The mind-controlled GUARDS turn around, but they’re attacked by a series of fireballs and are knocked unconscious. 


First lesson to saving the world, do it in style! 

ALOUETTE removes the chains around the WHITE DRAGON, who seems relieved that they are no longer enslaved. 


Great, now I continue along my way!

ALOUETTE travels through the castle, along the way fighting guards, freeing dragons, and turning off machines, before finally reaching the very familiar throne room.


This was where that Rumpel guy decided to leave without being defeated. Would be funny if he just showed up right now.

As if on cue, the room fills with purple smoke, which scares Pearl, who hides in Alouette’s bag. When the smoke clears, a very familiar tall figure is standing on the king’s throne.


So we meet again, witchlet. 

Ohohoho, Rumpel is here, that can’t be good. Guess we’ll have to wait to see what he’s planning this time…

I apologize for the slight delay in chapters, because school is now a thing again! Hooray! Besides that, I’ve been eyeing lots of games coming out soon, so it may be a while before my next writing update.

The Witch’s Heart is a short story from the universe of Storm’s Calamity, which is available to read on Tumblr and Quotev. You definitely want to check it out, because things are about to get serious over there. (If you thought chapter 5 was crazy, you aren’t ready for what’s next!)

Heart out!

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by HeartofEnder. If you did, you might also enjoy her Pop Worlds house tour and intro of her Popsonas.

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“The Villain Saga” – Episode 4, Part 3

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CUT TO BARD standing alone in an elevator. A quick look at a camera shows he somehow bent it away from the corner he’s in.

As the elevator descends, time appears to slow a bit. BARD’S face turns more serious and contemplative, as he flexes his robotic hand a couple of times, studying how the joints move and react to his nerve signals. He’s gotten used to seeing it constantly for years, but sometimes he still has to notice the difference from what used to be there.

A plastic cup is spilled on the floor next to him, with soda and ice cubes leaking out. He picks up an ice cube in his left hand, his human hand, and holds it for a moment, feeling the cold. He switches it to his right, and keeps it pinched between his fingers with no discomfort.


(under his breath)

There are some things I’ve yet to learn to replicate.

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The Villain Saga – Episode 4, Part 2

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CUT TO HARE at the door of the lunchroom. The guards take off his handcuffs, release him, and quickly slam the door. HARE starts walking across cautiously, but quickly takes on his unbothered facade.


Morning El Mustachio. I see they haven’t got you to shave that off yet.


Morning Gretchen. You seem as pleasant as ever, mind if I take that?

(He snatches one of GRETCHEN’S carrots before she can even start yelling)

Ugh, everything tastes like hand sanitizer here.

The door opens again, and in comes RINGMASTER RAVEN. He hides near the wall, ignoring the gazes of the other prisoners.

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Fanfic: The Witch’s Heart, Part 3/6 🧙‍♀️

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by HeartOfEnder. Enjoy!

Heart is back once again, and we’re halfway through my fanfic! Not long to go before we arrive at the conclusion to Alouette’s tale. It’s been wild in Poptropica recently with the Baron missing, potentially kidnapped by Rumpel. Things are starting to heat up here in The Witch’s Heart, too…

We last left off at the possibility of Fairytale Island being in danger, again. So is it? Time to find out! 

CITIZENS of Fairytale Island are gathering around the king’s castle, where the huge dragon has decided to land. The SEVEN DWARVES are all panicking at the thought of the dragon eating all of Snow White’s animals. Some are speculating that the king is behind this, and overall no one is having a good time.

SABRINA arrives in the middle of the chaos and casts a magic shield around the citizens, protecting them from any incoming dragon attacks. ALOUETTE watches her mother from a distance. 


Mighty dragon of the unknown lands, we show no harm to you, and we will return your child with no hesitation. 

The giant dragon does not seem to be listening to SABRINA at all. Instead it yawns and continues staring at the citizens. ALOUETTE holds up PEARL so the giant dragon can see it.


Hey look! Unharmed! I’m handing Pearl back to you! 

ALOUETTE walks towards the dragon and is about to hand PEARL back when the GIANT DRAGON suddenly roars, scaring the SEVEN DWARVES and the THREE LITTLE PIGS. Even PEARL seems scared and immediately curls up into a ball. 


Weird, if I was a mom, I would do anything to get my children back. Not scare them away. 

Realizing the peacefulness of the dragon, SABRINA lowers the magic shield she put around the citizens, before turning to face them.


The dragon shows no interest in harming us! We are safe. You may now leave while I figure out why this dragon is even here in the first place. 

Hearing this reassuring news, the CITIZENS leave, knowing that their days could continue along in peace. (Or will they?) SABRINA turns to face the giant dragon again.


If your child is not what you want, then I have no idea what you want!

ALOUETTE watches the GIANT DRAGON look disappointed, yet also looking at the castle with interest.


Is something happening in the castle? Like you know, a certain goblin kidnapping happy endings again? 

The GIANT DRAGON nods, although still looking disappointed. 


Only one way to find out. 

Climbing up the stairs to the castle, ALOUETTE uses a levitation spell to lift herself up to the balcony. The castle seems quiet, too quiet. ALOUETTE casts another spell, which summons a crystal ball that reveals what is going on in the castle. 


Oh no…

The scene cuts to the gardens outside the castle. 

ALOUETTE: (off screen, shouting)

It better not be him again!!

Birds fly away from the garden and Sabrina looks up at the castle, confused as to what’s going on.


Yeah, this island can’t seem to catch a break. First happy endings are stolen, and now something bad is happening in the castle? And who is the one behind this? Find out when part 4 is out! See you guys later!

The Witch’s Heart is a short story from the universe of Storm’s Calamity, which is available to read on Tumblr and Quotev.

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by HeartofEnder. If you did, you might also enjoy her Pop Worlds house tour and intro of her Popsonas.

The Poptropica Help Blog welcomes interesting Poptropica insights from anyone in the Poptropica community with thoughts to share. Interested in writing for the PHB? We’d love to hear from you!