Have questions about Poptropica? You’ve come to the right place.

If you’re a longtime player returning after years away, you might be wondering, “What happened to Poptropica?!” And if you’re new, you might be curious about all the “old islands” often mentioned but hardly seen. So let’s get into it!

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๐Ÿค” What happened to Poptropica? ๐Ÿ

Where did all the old islands go?

Simply put, the end of Adobe Flash meant the end of many of Poptropica’s classic islands, which ran on this now outdated technology that was laid to rest in 2020. This wiped out about 30 islands made from 2007โ€“2015.

Are the old islands ever officially coming back? When?

Poptropica has expressed plans to bring old islands back, but progress is slow, and the return of the oldest of old islands remains uncertain. They’ve been working on bringing back newer old islands, including episodic ones, and also released a Steam bundle containing many of these newer classics.

How can I play the old islands again?

The hottest solution for accessing the classic islands is through Flashpoint, the fan-run post-Flash preservation project. Learn more in our Old Islands Guide!

Currently, getting a membership will NOT give you access to the old islands. You can however access a selection of newer old islands with Poptropica’s paid Steam bundle.

If you miss old Pop, you can bop to our music video about it, Backspace โ€” a Taylor Swift parody of “Blank Space.

What happened to Mythology Island?

Veteran players may remember a longer Mythology Island than the one currently in the game. When the island was re-released for Haxe in 2020, many parts were removed for an easier experience. However, you can still play the original Mythology Island with Poptropica on Steam.

What happened to the Costumizer?

With the Haxe platform in 2021, Poptropica removed the Costumizer, the feature that allowed players to copy clothes off of other players and NPCs. They claimed it was because of player complaints that hard-earned costumes were being copied, an explanation which players have criticized.

The Costumizer is still accessible only on PoptropiCon Island, where it is part of the quest, and in the Steam version of the game.

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๐Ÿ–ฅ Technical Talk ๐ŸŽฎ

I forgot my username/password, is there any way to get it back?

If you forget your username, probably not, so make sure you keep your details somewhere safe in case you need them.

However, if you’ve forgotten your password but know your username, you can contact Poptropica support for help in retrieving your account.

Is a Poptropica membership worth it?

That’s something only you can decide based on your finances, desires, and what’s currently available with membership these days. Check out our Membership Tour page for a deeper dive into this question.

Mint Condition: Coinage is the currency of the realm.

I’m stuck! There’s something wrong with my Poptropica account!

Try playing on a different web browser or device, or restarting the island in question via the map. If all else fails, contact Poptropica support for tech help.

Who made Poptropica and when?

Poptropica was founded by Jeff Kinney, the author of the bestselling Diary of a Wimpy Kid book series. It launched September 2007 and was hosted by Family Education Network, a division of Pearson Education, Inc. Poptropica was sold to Sandbox Networks in 2015 and became part of StoryArc Media in 2016.

๐Ÿ’™ Fandom FAQ โœจ

Can I write for the Poptropica Help Blog?

Yes, we welcome guest writers for our Poptropica fan blog on all sorts of topics, from Clubhouse Tours to Pop 5s! Find out more on our Write for the PHB page.

write for phb

Are you Poptropica Creators?

No, though we wish we were! We’re just regular players like you with a passion for Pop. This fansite, the PHB, is made and maintained by fans of Poptropica.

Check out our Pop Creators Database for more about the team behind the game. To get in touch with Poptropica, visit the contact link on their homepage.

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Got more questions? Send us a message or comment below! โœ๏ธ


825 thoughts on “FAQ”

  1. Whenever I go to Poptropica website it takes me to the island tour page, not the login page. I’ve tried everything and it still won’t take me to the login page!! So if you could help I’d appreciate it.

    1. maybe it is a glitch. unfortunately i am not sure what to do. have you tried reloading? maybe turn the device on then off again?sorry i could not be much help

  2. I need help someone answer this as soon as possible.everytime I long on to poptropica and I go on to an island it keeps going ont to the main menu so I have to make a new account.i can tell u theres nothing wrong with my computer because same happens at school and cousins and there must be something wrong please help.

    1. this may be a bit late but this happened to me too at school. have you tried checking the internet or maybe the game is just slightly faulty. hope i could help! if not i am terribly sorry

  3. Hey everyone!!!!! I am Sunshiney44. You can friend me at Supersingerstar1. If you have any questions, please reply here to ask me. I am also a champion for Early Poptropica, Shark Tooth, Mystery Train and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Islands. Thank you and God bless!!

  4. i made a new charecter because i lost my username and password and i clicked enter poptropica and clicked on mocktropica and it load for a few seconds then took my back to the title screen saying are you a newplayer or a returning player!!

  5. My players eyes r closed and wont open.it looks really ugly. how do i open her eyes?

    Slanted Fish: You can press Ctrl+Shift+R to randomize your character, but it’ll change the whole look (including eyes).

  6. I can’t access my photos anymore. I think it may be because I saved a photo of the Return to Oz ad items. Is there a way to fix this problem? I am Phiell1.

    1. Well as far as I know, there shouldn’t be… I know it sounds like a cliche, but have you logged out and logged back in yet? If you have, you might try using another browser (again, a cliche d: ) ie: if you use Chrome, try Opera / Internet Explorer (I’d say Firefox, but that never works on Pop for me).

      Hope it helps, but I’ll reply again if I find anything else that might help c;

  7. Why do my comments say “Your comment is awaiting moderation?” ~Tikal

    Slanted Fish: It means the comment must be approved before it shows up on this site.

  8. Fishy, May I please use this for my website. I promise I will credit you.

    Slanted Fish: Be sure to give credit to the Poptropica Help Blog with a hyperlink at the top. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Help! I’ve completed Survival Island Episode 2: Hook, Line and Sinker already, and I went to return to the island to remove the fishing rod from my Poptropican, but I cannot leave the island to get back to other islands on the map! Please help.

    1. On SUIs (sound-updated islands, such as Survival), you can travel to other islands by clicking on the Menu button in the top right corner and clicking on the yellow blimp to be brought to the map with all the islands. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Hey there Slanted Fish can i become a PHB staff?

    Slanted Fish: Please refer to the first Q&A on this page.

  11. Hey! I’ve seen that u reply like inside the comment with bold letters, how do you do that without adding another comment? I have a blog and I want to do that too, it would be super helpful! Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Slanted Fish: Refer to the PHB’s Typing Tricks page, and also, edit a comment to add to it.

  12. i dont know why but my poptropican is shorter than average people and i dont know what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. My backpack won’t load in any of the islands! I can’t get any of my items in order to complete an island or my costumes. Please help!

    1. Are you in a sound-updated island {otherwise known as an SUI}? Sometimes in those the backpack says ‘Under Construction’. One time with mine, even after I left the SUI, it still wouldn’t load. If that’s the case, be sure to refresh your page, log out and log back in, or exit out of the page completely. I hope this helps! :mrgreen:

  14. I changed my character’s costume using an npc (non-player character) standing in the room. Now, I want to change my costume back to my casual clothes, but it’s not working. Help!

  15. When I move to another spot it takes me back to the home page like is this a glitch?!!
    I have been looking all over for the answer but I couldn’t find one.

  16. In the Early Poptropica common room, a ring of stars appeared around my character and then not too soon after, sparkles appeared on my character. Any ideas why? >_> My Poptropica name is Kenyotah.

    Slanted Fish: It’s just a glitch – it usually disappears when you leave a room. ๐Ÿ˜›

  17. how do you remove ads in poptropica

    Slanted Fish: You can’t – besides, some ads award prizes or have games. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Can someone help me every time I try to log in with my already created account the screen goes black and then takes em back to the same home page It is so so so fruterating

  19. I was just about to battle Zeus in Mythology Island. So my page is loading. But it won’t stop loading. I tried refreshing the page and relogging. It brings be back to the same place. I can’t play any other islands as well.

  20. because i could not comment anywhere else,i have here so,i started a Poptropican band but i did not decide a name so call us the pop-band meet us every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday even thouh sometimes not here on fridays, keep your eyes peeled!! ๐Ÿ™‚ if you can ( RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ) you can come and see me my band is not here ๐Ÿ˜ฆ but im just practising luckly;):) so come ( in the shark tooth common room ) now

  21. Everytime I click to go to an Island or room or store or anything, it takes FOREVER to load. I have to keep relogging in. but still loads for forever. HELP? I’ve been a dedicated potropican since I was around 9 or 10 I am now 15 xD

  22. This happened with my old account too, whenever i try to go to another island the loading screen is just there forever, i’ve tried clearing my browser history and i’ve created a new account but it still keeps doing it!

  23. i am having trouble with the transition between two scenes. the poptropica loading thing just keeps loading. iv tried restarting the page but nothing seems to work. help?

  24. I logged in my account and clicked in the Mystery of the Map Island, however the poptropica icon just freezes in the middle of the window. I’ve pressed the reload button but then I have to enter my username and password again. However, it doesn’t work at all. So, I’ve tried to press the ‘previous page’ button, the window reloads again, but I do not have to sign in again. Still, the icon just freeze in the middle, again. I was trying to use a new player, which I could successfully get in the island. But I want to use my own account because I don’t want to lose any records. I was using chrome and I’ve tried to use other browsers as well. But it just. won’t. work. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I’ve played the demo of this game before, I like the idea of this island, but now I was a bit disappointed of the loading problem. Can anyone help?

  25. When dose poptropicon 3 come out to people who are not members of poptropica

    slantedfish: It’s already out for everyone.

  26. i am one wimpyboard walk and i cant beat himalayan hurl i tried like a thousand times bu i still cant get it right help me

    slantedfish: You need Rowley’s lucky rabbit’s foot โ€“ see our Wimpy Boardwalk Guide for more details. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  27. What in the world am i suppose to do.Yesterday i went on poptropica it worked now today July 8,2015 it says cant load plugin and i dont know what to do i have a windows 8 plz help me.

    slantedfish: Make sure your Adobe Flash is updated, and keep trying – or contact Poptropica support!

  28. I recenetly got the vanish thing for my outfit (its pretty cool) but when I go into my game, it doesn’t show up and it was 250! I don’t want to have wasted my coins on something that doesn’t work! It says I have it on and when I go into my friends list, it shows I do too. But in game, I don’t. Help?

    1. @Grace It might be a glitch, I have the phantom power too and it works properly. Why not reload the page or log our from poptropica and log in again or use a different browser. But if that doesn’t work either I guess you need to contact poptropica about this.

  29. how do you restart your adventure? I play on computer. Can anyone help me?

    slantedfish: Go to your map (or settings for colored islands) and click “restart island”.

  30. Hey, just wondering, but is there a specific way that this blog sorts the comments? Hope you can answer soon.

  31. Can I create an account on the phone app so I can play with the same character and achievements on the computer so I can play on more islands? Or do I have to make a completely different character to play on the computer?

    slantedfish: You can import your look from the computer to the app, but other than that, everything is separate.

  32. How do you post a picture in the comments box?

    slantedfish: Post the url of the picture on a separate line in your comment (without other words on the same line).

  33. How do u log in to your old account in the app?i downloaded the app,when i opened it it only says “new player”

    slantedfish: You can’t connect your online account to the app, but you can import your look. ๐Ÿ˜›

  34. I’m on Escape From Pelican Rock and there is a dog that has latched itself onto my butt. I can’t get it if off. Help.

  35. Can I PLEASSEEE be able to transfer my account to another

    slantedfish: Sorry, that’s currently not possible.

  36. I’m on Escape from Pelican Rock and the artist prisoner (Van something..) is not giving me back my silver pasta thing.

  37. I need help; I’m on the island Mocktropica and I set it to nighttime and received my counterfeit coins and gave the “pop-coins” to the innovator guy who keeps coming up with ideas, and for some reason, it takes quite a while to load and I feel as though it won’t load at all. Usually, the loading in Poptropica takes like 3-5 seconds but this loading to get out of the main street takes minutes… and even longer. How can I fix this? And how can I make it so it won’t load that long? Thanks!

  38. i was wondering if anyone had the winged skull shirt from the goth guy that used to be at reality tv?

  39. Help! I was looking up promo codes and when I logged back into Poptropica, I had WHITE STARS (that look like they had something to do with the Galactic Hot hot dog costume that I got dog) circling me! I tried customizing, reloading the game, nothing worked! I nearly had a heart attack when I saw them! Please help soon, I play this game a lot and REALLY don’t want to have to restart the game! My username is sienaq. PLEASE HELP!

    -Fierce Panda

  40. Im in the spy level. I was talking to Dr. Spyglass, and i got the code. He went to the upstairs room, and i cant get there. WHAT DO I DO!!!!

  41. I make an account on poptropica on mobile app. I look for the save button and its not there. What do I do?

    slantedfish: It should save automatically.

  42. every time I exit a room or go to the side it spawns me at the the main entre like on astro knights when I go to the top of the windmill it spawns me at the bottem

  43. hello i would just like to say thank you to the PHB because i couldn’t of achieved the 28 islands i have completed without your help! thank you! you guys are so cool and i would be sooooo happy if i were to be accepted into the PHB! also if you guys want to friend me my username is sophiamaebh and can you please tell me yours so we can be friends! #lovePHB

    o o

    cool coyote, out!

  44. if you guys need any help i am a champion at :

    poptropolis games(completed 4 times)

    reality tv(7 times)

    and timetangled (i time on each account i have)

  45. Help!! When I enter a room and then exit, it always spawns me at the beginning/ start point. Also, if the room I exit has an upstairs, and I try going upstairs after I’ve been to the downstairs, it spawns me at the downstairs. how do I stop this glitch?

  46. I’m playing poptropica through the app & when I try to build the fire on survival island, it does not give me the option to “blow on the fire” how can i fix this?

    1. step. 1 use the mitten and clear off snow step. 2 place the nest step. 3 use the flint and striker and make the fire step. 4 blow on the fire step. 5 dry kindling Final step step. 6 logs see how it’s done now this named myron van buren he spots on you meaning your not alone

  47. Since Poptropica has been updated a lot, the older islands still have the “save” button at the bottom of the screen. But the newer islands don’t. How do I save on the newer islands?

  48. I get stuck on the loading screen all the time now and I was trying to play last night but I couldn’t because I couldn’t get off the loading screen! I disconnected and connected my wifi again and I must’ve logged back in about 4 times and I managed to play this morning but after I completed PoptropiCon Island it took me to the loading screen and I was stuck again. I’m stuck again now after logging back in, please help lol

    slantedfish: Try contacting Poptropica support for technical help!

  49. So, I’ve been trying to complete monster carnival island for about two weeks know but every time I try to go to main street it won’t load but everything else will load very quickly. I’ve already restarted the island and plan to do it again. I’ve checked my internet, my adobe flas, and I’ve already have used a different browser.

  50. I made a new character since none of my old logins work and i’m currently at SkullDuggery island and everytime I go for the money the lady threw away it keeps putting me back at the blimp. what do I do?

  51. Im stuck on spy island. Im at the eyeglass shop (and passed the test) but whenever I go in through the ladder door … IT PUTS ME ON THE BOTTOM SHOP PART! I tried logging out and back in, redoing the island … multiple times! what do I dooooo?! D:

    Oh also on atlantis … I’m at the last part of the game and EVERY TIME I RELOGIN OR WHATEVER … IT CRASHES!! Somebody please help me … I dont wanna redo the whole island again … it crashed so many times on this one …

  52. Hi! Im trying to play the older Poptropica, but it wont work for me! I create my new character and all that, and when I go in the blimp to play, it just takes me back to the Poptropica site? It wont let me play the older Poptropica! I’ve tried playing it on Google crhome and Firefox, and trnothing has worked! Some one please respond soon!

  53. I’m playing steamworks island and right now i’m on the part where you have to go into Zach’s room, walk across the rope, and get the mech crank. But every time I click exit to go onto the ledge my character spawns at a completely different location in the same section of the map.

    slantedfish: Sorry to hear about this glitch. Contact Poptropica support for help.

  54. On spy island I passed the eye exam and Dr. Spyglass tells me to meet him upstairs, every time I go it spawns me to downstairs where the eye exam was taken. PLEASE HELP it keeps spawning me to different locations on different islands.

    1. Most of our graphics come from Poptropica, sometimes mixing and matching different graphic elements of theirs and adding text and other imagery with programs like Photoshop. Our site background was made by Poptropica, and I posted some hue variants of it here. The current version isn’t on there, but that was grabbed from a book promo page Poptropica had some time ago that’s not around anymore.

  55. I keep getting this error message while I’m playing the game that says something like, “Hey there! There is no such login & pass_hash. Login = ‘[insert username]'” Then it has an OK button and when I click the OK button it takes me back to the login screen. Help!

  56. every time i log in it say “oops! an error occurred while you were trying to connect please try again later

  57. so pretty much I haven’t been on this game for 4+ years and so much has changed. in the clothing store place there is only like 10 outfits? I remember there used to be like hundred of items. Is this just me??

  58. I donโ€™t know if itโ€™s just a bug for me, or for EVERYONE. But on Time Tangled Island. When you go to a time period, it doesnโ€™t have the white blast if you know what I mean. Also on Mount Everest on Time tangled island, the ice spikes that fall near the top of the mountain are invisible. Please fix this as soon as possible!

  59. Is it possible to redo Rumpel’s Quest, like the other islands? Because it was really fun, but everything I try doesn’t work, is there something in particular I have to do? Or is it just not available to redo?
    Thank you!

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