Have questions about Poptropica? You’ve come to the right place.

If you’re a longtime player returning after years away, you might be wondering, “What happened to Poptropica?!” And if you’re new, you might be curious about all the “old islands” often mentioned but hardly seen. So let’s get into it!

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๐Ÿค” What happened to Poptropica? ๐Ÿ

Where did all the old islands go?

Simply put, the end of Adobe Flash meant the end of many of Poptropica’s classic islands, which ran on this now outdated technology that was laid to rest in 2020. This wiped out about 30 islands made from 2007โ€“2015.

Are the old islands ever officially coming back? When?

Poptropica has expressed plans to bring old islands back, but progress is slow, and the return of the oldest of old islands remains uncertain. They’ve been working on bringing back newer old islands, including episodic ones, and also released a Steam bundle containing many of these newer classics.

How can I play the old islands again?

The hottest solution for accessing the classic islands is through Flashpoint, the fan-run post-Flash preservation project. Learn more in our Old Islands Guide!

Currently, getting a membership will NOT give you access to the old islands. You can however access a selection of newer old islands with Poptropica’s paid Steam bundle.

If you miss old Pop, you can bop to our music video about it, Backspace โ€” a Taylor Swift parody of “Blank Space.

What happened to Mythology Island?

Veteran players may remember a longer Mythology Island than the one currently in the game. When the island was re-released for Haxe in 2020, many parts were removed for an easier experience. However, you can still play the original Mythology Island with Poptropica on Steam.

What happened to the Costumizer?

With the Haxe platform in 2021, Poptropica removed the Costumizer, the feature that allowed players to copy clothes off of other players and NPCs. They claimed it was because of player complaints that hard-earned costumes were being copied, an explanation which players have criticized.

The Costumizer is still accessible only on PoptropiCon Island, where it is part of the quest, and in the Steam version of the game.

Slipping Standards: Ninja? More like a non-ja.

๐Ÿ–ฅ Technical Talk ๐ŸŽฎ

I forgot my username/password, is there any way to get it back?

If you forget your username, probably not, so make sure you keep your details somewhere safe in case you need them.

However, if you’ve forgotten your password but know your username, you can contact Poptropica support for help in retrieving your account.

Is a Poptropica membership worth it?

That’s something only you can decide based on your finances, desires, and what’s currently available with membership these days. Check out our Membership Tour page for a deeper dive into this question.

Mint Condition: Coinage is the currency of the realm.

I’m stuck! There’s something wrong with my Poptropica account!

Try playing on a different web browser or device, or restarting the island in question via the map. If all else fails, contact Poptropica support for tech help.

Who made Poptropica and when?

Poptropica was founded by Jeff Kinney, the author of the bestselling Diary of a Wimpy Kid book series. It launched September 2007 and was hosted by Family Education Network, a division of Pearson Education, Inc. Poptropica was sold to Sandbox Networks in 2015 and became part of StoryArc Media in 2016.

๐Ÿ’™ Fandom FAQ โœจ

Can I write for the Poptropica Help Blog?

Yes, we welcome guest writers for our Poptropica fan blog on all sorts of topics, from Clubhouse Tours to Pop 5s! Find out more on our Write for the PHB page.

write for phb

Are you Poptropica Creators?

No, though we wish we were! We’re just regular players like you with a passion for Pop. This fansite, the PHB, is made and maintained by fans of Poptropica.

Check out our Pop Creators Database for more about the team behind the game. To get in touch with Poptropica, visit the contact link on their homepage.

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Got more questions? Send us a message or comment below! โœ๏ธ


823 thoughts on “FAQ”

  1. I am a college student who plays Poptropica with my little sister, and we have been playing together for over a year now. Recently, I have been getting the error message “Adobe Flash was unable to establish a connection to Poptropica. Please try again or try a different browser.” My computer is relatively new, but Poptropica has worked on my computer before and I have no parental controls on my computer. What can I do?

  2. I’m trying to log onto poptropica but a little error message keeps popping up saying to right click and change your local storage amount to 100 kb or higher but I have an apple computer and when I right-click, nothing like that comes up… Help!

  3. i am getting a message -adobe flash was unable to establish a connection
    if i try to login, if i make a new acctount it works and if i login on my laptop it works – i have tried using IE , chrome, and firefox and get the same message on all – all my plugins are updated

  4. The last time I played my poptropica account was about a year or two and it’s still there dosent it take 6months to delete an account? Why is my old poptropica account still there?

  5. When I try to make a new account, I can never get any of the places you can go to load. I have tried multiple times over and over trying to change this. I do not know how to fix this and I am sure other people are having this problem too.

    1. I know. That happened to me too. You have to aim it carefully. I eventually got it so I think you’ll be able too.

  6. On Twisted Thicket how do you get across those bats? 1st bats at the begining???????????????????

  7. Ok, so I need help. I have been an active Poptropica-player for a few years now. And I go on every so often to complete a newly opened island. Yesterday, I went in to Poptropica to play Vampire Curse, except there was a problem. I signed in with my username and password, and then the site directed me to a page that asked me to sign up for Poptropica. Then, when I wouldn’t accept that, it said that my ‘game data had been lost for this session, please try logging in again.’ So I did. On my laptop, and desktop. Didn’t work. I tried this morning, afternoon, and night, and it still does the same thing. I want to keep playing on that account, because I’ve completed the most islands on it. Can someone help?

    1. Oh gee. I think your stuck there unless there is a customer service sight for poptropica. If there isn’t, you probably have to get a new account.

  8. I don’t like having to start over on islands after I’ve already completed them. How do I get to the blimp when I’m all the way over to somewhere else without starting over on the island?

    1. the fastest way ive found is to oped your back pack and click a mini island, travel to it and once there leave, making the map appear.

  9. On Astro Knights island I’m stuck on where you have to ride the unicorn. Anyone have some kind of strategy to that or something?

    1. Dear James,
      LOL!!! You’re SO funny!!!
      I don’t know why but when I heard they were making S.O.S island I thought it was going to be about a mystery. Kind of like Counterfeit island. I love mysteries. I’m going to be a detective when I reach college. I can’t wait!!

      1. Actually, the island is based on the book “Moby Dick”. Not that I read the book, I read Dork Diaries 4: Tales from a not so graceful ice princess! But the photo where you save the whale boy’s caption says “Call me, Ismael”, Which is the first sentence in the book. The boat is called “Pequod” or something like that,and the captain and whale are enemies. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Dear jo,
      I had that same problem on the computer I’m using to post this. You can either click that to download it or if you have another computer, try using that.
      Hope this Helps!!!

  10. it won’t let me go in the windows in wimpy wonderland. i tried everything. what do i do?

  11. I’ve seen the newest post to tell what Poptropolis tribe you’re going to join in the Sidebar. What is the Sidebar?

    Hijuyo: The Poptropica Creators’ Blog’s sidebar is the blue vertical division on the left, where it contains said poll and links to more Poptropica content. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. well, you need to like click on your poptropica person’s head on the top of your poptropica screen. Then, you need to click this sign: +

  12. I need some help D:
    I went into the tron mini world and it put the tron suit on my character I took it off and my character is male now. I cant costumize any female items and when I went to the shop all the female costumes were replaced with male ones.

  13. My kids use poptropica. One son finds, in both IE and Chrome, that Flash freezes up and you get a script message so he can’t play after logging in. However, I have one son with no problems in the same browser using his own account. Any idea how one account behaves one way and the other behaves another way?

    Hijuyo: Are they using the same computer? If not, use the one that it works best on. If they already are, maybe it’s an issue with the account – perhaps try another one? Or try another browser, such as Firefox or Safari.

  14. poptroica updated their site, and i can no longer see which islands i have completed. this is frustrating it used to be under the store link on the website but is no longer there. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ help

    Hijuyo: This info can now be found in your profile, which is in the Friends section.

  15. Scary Tomato isent your walkthroghs Cheating?
    Forever and alway
    Golden sponge

    Hijuyo: Walkthroughs are for when you’re stuck on an island and need help on what to do. You don’t have to use them unless you want to. Poptropica itself even makes their own guides on an app.

  16. Just because I haven’t been on my poptropoica account, I can’t remember my password. Isn’t there someway to access the account again?!

    Hijuyo: Only if you had an email attached to the account – you may be able to reset your password via email.

  17. I want to download Poptropica for my other computer ince it wont connect to the internet. I there a link to get it? Please!

    Friend me: jellybeanskittlez

    Also am stuck on the end of counterfeit island and I cant win! I keep loing the painting and i cant get the strange guy up high enough!

    1. just catch the paintings.when black widow gets mad(when she turns red)that gives u a few seconds to lift the guy up.keep doin that and you will win

  18. On Counterfeit Island I got the medallion and when I go to all my medallions it has a sign that says “und” and it doesnt count on all of them I have done?

  19. On an island i went in the advertisement of tron:uprising.i was a girl when i came in.But when i finished playing the advertisement it changed me into a boy!My skin turned white my hair black and curl.What should I do!!??Please dont try 2 email me.i cant seem to log on

  20. I have a question Hijuyo, how in the world did you upload images from the Creator’s Blog? I want to know how to do that!

    Hijuyo: You can copy and paste them into posts or upload them via their image link. If you have more blogging questions, please look it up elsewhere – this is a Poptropica blog.

  21. I was once in a common room and copied a cool musket off of another character. The musket was exactly like the one lewis had in time tangled island. I lost it and until this day am trying to get it back. Can you help me with that?

    1. Dear charlotte brown,
      Maybe if you try going to Time Tangled island you’ll find it. If you can’t, you better complete the island. If you do that and look closely enough for Lewis, surely you’ll find it.
      Hope this helps!!!

  22. Hey I have a question, when I play on google chrome and only chrome, the sides of the game (where the ads are) turn into the game?

    Slanted Fish: I don’t think it’s about whether you’re using Chrome, but the side ads don’t always appear on every page.

    1. Dear Sydney,
      I know how that happens cause it happens to me every time.
      Sometimes either your computer is trying to find out what to load or
      the ads won’t show up so it shows that instead. Hope this Helps!!

  23. My character is stuck in Twisted Thicket and trying to push something and I am unable to do anything or even move. I tried to use PopTransport but there isn’t an option to go to Twist Thicket. Help!

    Slanted Fish: Unfortunately, since it’s not an option, you might want to try going to another island, then coming back to Twisted Thicket.

    1. Dear dotti11,
      Wow!!! Yikes!!!! Try clicking restart island. I know it will start the whole island over. But that’s probably your only option.
      HOPE this helps!!!

  24. i am still logged in to my account yet i forgot my username. how to figure it out before logging out

    Slanted Fish: As of now, I don’t think you can. If you added any friends, try asking them if they remember what your username was when they added you.

  25. ya ur right about da multiplayer one because im tried sooooo many times and won sooooo many times, but i haven’t yet gotten 5 stars yet. ive won more than ten times, and i am STILL at the end of four stars

  26. YA TOTALLY im still on battle ranking four and ive been working so hard. i think im never gonna get tp battle ranking of five. >.<

  27. i got a poptropica game card and put in the code correctly. but when i pressed enter for it to go through it said unable to go to host. And when i went to the page after i clicked Get Membership it said. Sorry there is an RMS erroe no transactions going through. Please Help!!!!

  28. are common rooms multiplayer rooms??????????????:) just wondering
    and i was wondering why i can’t log on and i’ve been playing for ever i have not played for like 2 months but just got back on just wondering:):):):):)!!!!

  29. also when I go to create a new charecter they don’t even have me create a password or a username it’s wierd then i can’t play with my charecter again:(:(??? why is that????????

    Shaggy: The reason behind why that happens is because you haven’t saved your character yet. To save, click the “Save” button in the bottom-right corner. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  30. HELP! I can’t log in to my Poptropica account on my computer anymore. Nobody can log in to their account on my computer. I can get on to the Poptropica site, but when I try to log in it says that Adobe Flash was unable to establish a connection and everything. I can log in to my account on other computers and poptropica used to work on my computer. I really need help I don’t know what to do!

    1. How do you figure out what the bones are supposed on mythology island. the riddle was 15 bones of acient men take back six but still leave ten?

      1. Remove 3 bones (left, bottom, right) from the first group of 5 bones, leaving 2 that form a T.
        Take away 1 bone (right) from the second group, leaving 5 that form an E.
        Take away 2 bones from the third group (top, bottom) to leave 3 that form an N.

  31. help!i was playing poptropica until i decided to go i the tron ad.I WENT IN AS A GIRL BUT WHEN I CAME BACK OUT I WAS A BOY!what do i do?

    1. Your computer might have a glitch. Also, you could have copied a character based on their clothing.
      Hope this helps!

  32. On Poptropica I get on my blimp and click travel but I stay there. What should I do? Do I have to finish the island or something?

    1. You don’t have to finish the island to leave it. When you climb up the rope to the blimp and click travel, it should take you to the map, where you can choose another island to go to.

  33. er, I’m sort of stuck in Cryptids >.<
    There's a glitch I think, and like, on the far right side of the island, by Mews' mansion, there's that river, and somehow, I got stuck in there, and I can't get out, because it's too high to reach, and it won't let me go left…how do I fix this? o/o

    1. Wow! I’ve finished that island and never had any trouble with what you are. I don’t understand how that could have happened to you.
      Maybe you should contact Poptropica Customer Service if there is one.

  34. Doesn’t everyone hate it when you get stuck in the middle of an island and you can’t get back to the blimp without clicking restart island?

  35. How come some of the people who are leaving comments have bolder writing? Help!!!!

    Slanted Fish: Staff on this blog can edit comments, like what I’m doing here, so we write in bold to distinctly show our reply.

  36. HELP!!! whenever my person walks, runs or jumps, there’s an orange dot with black outling in my person’s hand! it will not go away! how do i get rid of it?!

  37. when i get on poptropica it will not save i do not have an account but it wont let me make one what flash player plugin do i need to get

    Slanted Fish: You’ll probably need the latest version of Adobe Flash. You can download it from the Adobe website.

  38. I like Poptropica(r) sor far cause I am a new joiner, but everytime I try to save my stuff, like, when I make my new username and password, it always says ” An error while connecting to the database occured. Try a bit later”. I always try later, but still the same thing. Can someone please help me with this? I have a Windows 7 computer…

  39. Hi its me Rainbow Bird! I was wondering how do you get rid of your poptropica account because I have one I barely used and I don’t want it anymore.
    User: RainbowBird13

    Slanted Fish: You can’t delete your Poptropica account. If you don’t want it anymore, just don’t go on it. ๐Ÿ˜›

  40. I seem to be having a problem with poptropolis games. when I got to the power lifting, it won’t show the little meter with the moving target. I just stand there, I don’t even have the weight in my hands!!!

    Please help,
    Spotted Wolf

    (Yes, after many years of thinking, I FINALLY figured out my real name. Spotted Wolf. ;-))

      1. Thanks! I did have to restart the island, when I was so close to winning! P.S. Phb staff if you want to add me, it is the first part of my email adress. (with @______ cut off)
        Thanks again,
        Spotted Wolf

  41. Help! i’v completed S.O.S island and when he was giving me the medallion it froze, so i logged out then logged back in. When i clicked on inventory it says i do not have the medallion but when i click on people it says i have already finished the island.

    1. You can try talking to the captain again to see if he’ll give you the medallion, and check your profile to see if the medallion for SOS Island shows up in the display of how many medallions you’ve earned. If it does, it’s just a glitch that it doesn’t show up in your inventory even though you have beaten the island.

  42. i’ve been trying to get on my account and login in but it said Adobe Flash wasn’t able to establish a connection and other stuff so what shpuld i do fools?

    Slanted Fish: Update your Adobe Flash player and watch who you’re calling fools…

  43. great issues altogether, you just received a emblem new reader.
    What might you recommend in regards to your submit that you simply
    made a few days in the past? Any positive?

  44. Something just happened…

    I logged off wearing a white sash and a hotdog.
    I logged on wearing a ghost story medallion and a time freeze clock.
    Why did this happen!?!?!?!!?!?

    Slanted Fish: It could either be a glitch or you logged into a different account?

    1. No. It was my account. Hmmm… well I did have time freeze and the medallion in my inventory, but why do you think they could have been on me!?!?!?!

  45. One of my friends has this really cool pink and green hair style, but I can’t find it in costumes and it won’t highlight so I think it’s from one of those advertisement game prizes, but I’m wondering if there’s some kind of code or cheat I could use to get it?

    1. I think the hairstyle you’re referring to is the one of Venus from Monster High. It’s from a retired advertisement building, but you can access it with the Poptropica Ad Transporter tool (click here) – scroll down and select Monster High Party: Venus.

  46. I know someone already asked this, but nowadays, they got rid of the poptropica “minimizer” feature. So, I’m stuck being big, your answer is no longer valid, and I don’t know how to turn back small again. Please help.

    1. The code is different for each game that is purchased, and it can only be used once. It would be unlikely that someone who paid money for the video game would just give away their code.

  47. On poptropica, I was able to change my clothes. But when I try to change my clothes it loads for a long time. Please help!

  48. My customizer doesn’t work. It worked 2 times, then when i tried to do it again it just said loading and I couldn’t quit out of it, so I had to exit the game completely, quitting out of the browser. i tried again and it didn’t work and whenever I try to do the customizer, the customizer window pops up and says “Loading” and it just stays like that forever until I quit out of the browser.

  49. i reset time tangled island but all i got was a blue screen like the sky and a down direction arrow. my character isn’t visible anywhere and i can’t leave. can anyone help?

  50. oh wait my character was just falling through the sky and finally landed. is that supposed to happen?

  51. What if you have a poptropica account that you want to donate because I have one and I think it would be nice to let someone have it. Hey Slanted Fish you should make a page specifically for letting people give unwanted acounts away. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Sorry, but since people can change passwords, it probably won’t work very well. People might also just take the account without saying thanks. If you don’t want to play with your account anymore, just leave it be – you never know if you’ll want to return to it one day! ๐Ÿ˜›

  52. I saw someone with pink and green hair in a common room but couldnt customize it, and it also wasn’t in the store! How can I get it?

    1. I did answer this question already but here it is again: I think the hairstyle youโ€™re referring to is the one of Venus from Monster High. Itโ€™s from a retired advertisement building, but you can access it with the Poptropica Ad Transporter tool (click here) โ€“ scroll down and select Monster High Party: Venus.

  53. How do you get a musket belt for a pirate on Poptropica? Can someone please help me? I’m trying to make an awesome pirate costume but I need this one last item.

  54. Hi. I have a question regarding my avatar’s costume. Where can i get a black suit with a blue tie? If anyone knows, pls. reply. Advanced thanks!!!

    1. It’s just a common glitch. The “Sparkling” effect is a member item retrieved from the snow globe in the Shrink island Shrink shot. Apparently a member or a former-member as put this item on, to every user it’s different, the sparkles end up in them!

  55. I need help. My poptropican always follows my mouse. Even when I’m not clicking the mouse button? I keep on falling in “Vampire Curse Island,” because of the fact that my poptropican follows the arrow when it changes the screen to Count Bram. Then I fall off the towers and ledges and I have to try again. What should I do?

    1. try signing out, and then sign back in. once you try that, if it’s still acting up, reload the page once more. if it’s still not working, contact poptropica and request a search for glitches.

  56. hello. i have a cat costume! you can customize it from me. my username is qwertyuiop46636. add me!

  57. I know how to hold black juice cup AND how to get cat whiskers and ears.
    To get the juice, go and fill up your cup all white at the ice cold drinks station. While you are drinking press Ctrl/Command Shift and S. The mouse should be swirling, so click the back button and you’ll be holding a cup of black juice.
    As for the cat…
    Click on the cat and then click on friends immediately. Click on the first friend and scroll to the right for a long time until you cannot see them anymore—you have to pass at least five people. Then, you click on the little blue customizing shirt next to the trash can and plus icon, and a standing cat will appear! You can customize the ears and whiskers, but sadly nothing else, like the tail:(

  58. Most of the time, when I go to customize, it won’t load and I have to refresh the page because it won’t let me hit cancel or accept either. I’ve gotten it to work a couple times, but I’m trying to use the porter costume and doesn’t work. Help!!!

  59. I’ve been wondering,why can’t I play “Poptropolis Games” Island in 2013?I try to open it,but it’s blocked….

  60. I’m having trouble opening Poptropica, whenever I try to open anything beginning with http://www.poptropica.com/ it will redirect me to an error page. I’m unable to get on the membership page, and the main site although my computer is working except for those sites. Can somebody tell me what’s wrong and how to fix it?

  61. you know there is a way to change your name? when you first make an account, click ‘change all’ and it’ll give you a new character. I usually just click that a bunch of times until I get a name I like,then customize my character from there ๐Ÿ™‚

  62. I have a question. I completed 24 carrot island a while ago and now it has colour and I have to do it again but I still have the medal. Are all the islands eventually going to upgrade to the newer version of poptropica and will I have to do them again?

  63. How can I get to the rat guy? My character’s a girl and it’s not letting me into the Mens’ Bathroom (which is where the Rat Cave is). What do I do? {{{Super Power Island}}}

    1. The girls’ bathroom is usually the one that works. Once you get there, you must enter the seaward and then go in different places inside and click on the wheels. The wheels will change the height of the water and allow you to step onto certain platforms and keep pressing wheels until eventually you are brought to an entrance. Go inside and you will find the rat man.

  64. You can change your poptropican’s entire look with three presses! It is a glitch, and it’s awesome! I consider it “The Poptropica Look Generator”. Hold down “command” on a mac or on a PC hold down “Ctrl” and shift, and r. Have fun with your new look! (do this multiple times until you find the look you favorite)

  65. on shrink ray island when i’m about to be launched into the window it says “jumping off this book ramp would fly me through the window. i would need a pretty good reason to do this crazy thing” IM SOOOOOO FRUSTRATED!!!!! HEEELP MEEE!!!!

  66. I’m playing on Virus Hunter Island and I was fighting a boss in the brain center last night and it was getting late and so I quit for the night and I finish the boss in the morning and… NOW I CAN’T LEAVE THE BRAIN! HELP. The nerve thingy that you shock to open passage way is on the OTHER SIDE. Any help would be great..

    Slanted Fish: Try contacting Poptropica about it!

  67. when I go down say like a hole it takes me somewhere else like on spy island I cant finish it cause with the eye glasses shop when he tells me to go up stairs it just keeps me down stairs even when I go upstairs and go into that room do you know how to change that?

    Slanted Fish: Not sure what you mean, but check out our Spy Island Guide for help. If it’s a glitch, contact Poptropica.

  68. in shrink ray island i was up to the part when you have to drive the car out the window but when i tried to put the battery in the car it wouldn’t let me is there a glitch or something please help

    1. Each island has its own questline, and walking around and discovering things progresses you further into each story! If you need help with what to do, we have walkthroughs for every island on our Island Help page. Use the yellow blimp to travel to new islands. ๐Ÿ™‚

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