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PHB Pop-over Special: Inside Out


Hey there, Poptropicans!

It’s Happy Lobster, and I’ve got a new Pop-over Special for you – and this time the crossover is between Poptropica and an animated film loved by many: Inside Out.

For those of you who don’t know about Inside Out, it’s a Pixar movie about a girl called Riley, and her personified emotions, who are in charge of her daily life – which gets slightly out of control as a result of the sudden departure of Joy. If you haven’t already watched it, make sure to do so – it boasts a simply brilliant plot and the perfect amount of action.

Poptropica costumes have been made for some of the unique characters seen in this film. For costumizable costume parts, simply add each character as a friend in Poptropica via their usernames shown in the graphic (or below in the costume descriptions), and Costumize.

  • Joy (JoyPHB): Hair is from Store item Mythology Surfer, the male version (275 credits), mouth is from retired Store item April Fool (use iPop to obtain it, since it is no longer availbale from the Store), dress is from the ASG GreenRockGirlASG.
  • Sadness (SadnessPHB): Everything is costumizable from her, so just add Sadness as friend and costumize!
  • Disgust  (DisgustPHB): Hair is from Store item Vampire Girl 3 (275 credits), bangs are from Store item Prom Queen (275 credits), blush/eyelashes are from the ASG *cloud*6, scarf is from Store item Cowgirl (275 credits), dress is from the ASG tinkertorch.
  • Anger  (AngerPHB): Baldness is from the ASG MilkBoxASG (take off milk carton headwear to see it), mouth is from Mike Teavee of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island, and the shirt, belt and pants are costumizable.
  • Fear (FearPHB): Hair is from the ASG anything662, glasses, mouth, bowtie, shirt and pants are costumizable.
  • Riley (RileyPHB): Bangs are from Store item Vampire Girl 3 (275 credits), hair, smile, shirt and pants are costumizable.
  • Bing Bong  (BingBongPHB): Hat is from man with suitcase on Main Street of Mystery Train Island, the ears’ ID is sponsorsbdog, the elephant trunk is from the ASG realms#6ASG, the suit is from Store item Magician (275 credits), the tail is from the ASG realms#7ASG, the mouth and bowtie are costumizable.

So, enjoy the costumes, let your own Joy dominate your life, and stay popping!

And, yeah, you probably shouldn’t do that.

PHB Specials, Pop-over

PHB Pop-over Special: Yer a Poptropican, Harry!


PHB Pop-over is back, and this time the crossover franchise is an old favorite: Harry Potter! You can check out past Pop-overs we’ve done here on the PHB in the Pop-over category here.

Harry Potter, for those who aren’t familiar (but really, who isn’t?), is a fantasy novel series written by J.K. Rowling, with eight films to complement the seven books. It’s about a young wizard, the titular Harry, and his adventures in the wizarding world. Highly recommended!

If you’re a fan, we hope you’ll enjoy these Poptropica costumes of various characters, of which many parts are costumizable (although some won’t be, but fear not, instructions await below).

For costumizable parts, just add the usernames shown in the picture above (or listed below) and use the Costumizer in your friends panel.

  • Harry Potter: HarryPotterPHB (bottom robe from girl in Astro-Knights barn – but Grim Reaper from the end of the Haunted House mini-quest is a possible substitute, pack ID is pmagic1 though MasterCapeASG offers a red cape, item ID for wand is sponsorwizwand3)
  • Ron Weasley: RonWeasleyPHB (black cape from *cloud*5, robe and wand same as Harry’s)
  • Hermione Granger: HermionePHB (hair from SlantedFishASG, book from everything173’s closet)
  • Albus Dumbledore: DumbledorePHB (hat comes from African trader on Nabooti’s Main Street, robes from NyxASG, beard from keithsammut’s closet, item ID for wand is sponsorwizwand2)
  • Severus Snape: SnapePHB (robes and cape from the dummy WKF_Dummy_Thief1, item ID for wand is sponsorwizwand1)
  • Draco Malfoy: DracoMalfoyPHB (robes from the dummy WKF_ASG_Thief, item ID for wand is sponsorwizwand3, shirt from wwGambler)
  • Lord Voldemort: VoldemortPHB (item ID for wand is sponsorwizwand4)
  • Rubeus Hagrid: HagridPHB (beard from Grand80000000, pink umbrella from PeachSMB., hair from SlantedFishASG, clothing from WKF_ASG_BraisedBasher)
  • Dobby the Elf: DobbyPHB (all major parts come from SmeagolASG)

(Tools like iPop and MAP on our Glitching page make it easy to customize your character – plus our ASG page is full of rare costumes! These tools are especially handy for getting gender-restricted costume parts on either gender, as well as picking and choosing parts you want using IDs.)

Hope you enjoyed this Harry Popter/Poptropica crossover! Let us know what you think of the magical series in the comments below, and as always, stay popping, Poptropicans! 😁✨

*drops floo powder into fireplace and vanishes*

PHB Specials, Pop-over

PHB Pop-over Special: Stranger Things


“Friends don’t lie,” and this is no lie – we’ve got new costumes for you!

Crossing over between Poptropica and another franchise is back and under a poppin’ new name: Pop-over! (That’s ‘Poptropica’ and ‘crossover’, by the way.) You can check out past Pop-overs we’ve done here on the PHB in the new Pop-over category here.

And for this post’s Pop-over – as you can tell – we’re crossing over to the world of Stranger Things! Perhaps you’ve heard of it – Stranger Things is a Netflix-original drama (encompassing supernatural, science fiction, horror, mystery) that was released this summer and has since received wide acclaim.

Those of you who are fans of the show might enjoy this collection of costumes from the PHB – and the best part is, most of these parts are customizable! All you need to do is add the usernames shown in the picture above (or listed below) and use the Costumizer in your friends panel.

(If you didn’t already know, we have tools like iPop and MAP on our Glitching page that make it easy to customize your character – plus our ASG page is full of rare costumes!)

Stranger Things is currently out with just one season (8 episodes), so you can catch up in one weekend if you’re curious about this suspenseful story set in the ’80s!

It’s become a favorite among some of us on the PHB team, and we’re excited to share it with you. (Just keep in mind, there are some elements that may not be suitable for everyone – such as flashing lights, guns, and profanity. Generally speaking, it may not be your thing if you’re epileptic or under 13, but use your discretion. That being said, the storyline and setting is excellent, so check it out if it interests you!)

Hope you enjoyed this Stranger Things/Poptropica crossover! Let us know what you think of the show in the comments below, and as always, stay popping, Poptropicans! 😁👻

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PHB Pop-over Special: Believe in Steven!

(This is a guest post by Shaky Skunk, a Poptropica blogger with her own site at the Poptropica Skunk Blog. Enjoy the costumes and crossover!)

Hey Poptropicans! Shaky Skunk here with a fun special this weekend, and you’d better believe it!

This is for Poptropica fans who also enjoy Cartoon Network’s series Steven Universe. I hope you enjoy these ASGs I made (well, besides the Steven one) and find use to them. (For more information about ASG-ing, check out the PHB’s Avatar Studio Gift page.)


Welcome to Beach City, home to Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems. Those guys are always going on amazing adventures, so let’s try to find them.

Hm… it seems like they’re not in the temple right now. Where could they be? …Aha! They’re having a Multiverse party in the Crystal Caverns… where they’re fighting off corrupted Centipeedles.

There’s Steven Universe, half-gem, half-human, and titular character of the show. He desperately wants to help fight, but he’s kinda in the middle of eating the last Cookie Cat.

A swarm of Centipeedles are headed in your direction, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Fortunately, Pearl jumps towards them, and stabs them with her spear, poofing them one by one.

Alright, I think you’re safe now. All of the Centipeedles have been bubbled. Hm, it’s not like your Poptropican not to be at the center of the show, but I guess you missed out on all the action…

Suddenly, a Centipeedle jumps onto your shoe, and starts crawling up your leg! You’re going to have to shake it off, or fight! What? You don’t have a weapon? SPLAT! …Oh, wait. Garnet — leader of the Crystal Gems — solved that…

Er, you might want to buy a new pair of shoes. What, Poptropicans are usually barefoot? Well, at least this still beats fighting Captain Crawfish. I think you should stop wiping your feet on that boulder. It looks kind of angry. Wait — that’s not a boulder! It’s Amethyst! Get out of here, before she starts whipping you!

Maybe you should just stick to island quests…

If you want to steal one of their outfits, just perform the ASG on Garnet-ASG, AmethystASG, PearlASG, or StevenUniverseASG (the names should be evident).

Remember, if every porkchop were perfect, we wouldn’t have hot dogs!

And that concludes this PHB Special. What do you think of Steven Universe? Let me know in the comments!

– Shaky Skunk 🐼

PHB Specials, Pop-over

PHB Pop-over Special: Gotta Catch ‘Em All, Pokémon!

pop pokemon

Oh yes, we went there.

Welcome to Popémon Go, where Pokémon look like Poptropicans and Poptropicans look like Pokémon! In this weird crossover universe, we’re going to try to catch ‘em all. Are you ready?

First, we’ve gotta by our favorite Pokéstop… the prize wheel on Home Island! Let’s spin that circle! Awesome, we got just enough credits to stock up on some much needed Pokéballs. It’s time to hunt down those pocket monsters!

Look who’s hiding in these bushes… it’s Bulbasaur! How cute. Poptropicanized Pokémon sure look interesting, eh? By the way, you can look up the usernames given above to view the accounts, but unfortunately these are not ASGs. However, you can find all these clothing parts on our Avatar Studio Gift page – and some parts are customizable!

Oh great, three Zubats just popped up. Let’s add them to our collection of twenty other Zubats we’ve already captured… or not. Are they even worth wasting Pokéballs on if they’re too stubborn to be caught?

Moving on… hey, that Arcade over there happens to be a gym, currently dominated by Team Mystic! Blue for Poptropica, right, DJ Saturday Nite? There’s a Charmander screaming “fight me” in there, but it looks tough to beat… then again, if your Poptropican can handle the likes of Mordred from Astro-Knights or Myron Van Buren from Survival, perhaps the challenge is one we can tackle.

Hm, now we’re thinking maybe we could change up our trainer’s look a little. Let’s head over to that New You shop for a makeover. Perhaps a red cap will bring out that Ash Ketchum look that’ll make us look the part of a true Pokémon master. After all, you want to be the very best. Like no one ever was.

Let’s keep looking… oh! Awesome, someone put out a lure on the Photo Booth! Bet we can find some cool creatures here – oh look, it’s Squirtle! Just… let me tap on it… no, stop opening the Pokéstop, I want the Pokémon… ah. Gotcha. Wonder what else is around?

Hey! It’s – hold on a second, gotta sneeze – Pik-achuuuuu! I was wondering when this little guy would show up! I choose you, Pikachu! Ah, this is great. We can go on adventures to Mythology Island together and train those lightning bolt attacks with Zeus!

Well, that was a fun Pokémon hunting spree. What was that? Poptropicans should never be dressed up as Pokémon because that looks ridiculous? Sorry, too late for that! 😂

Oh, and as if the recent PHB Tribal Tournament wasn’t enough (friendly) rivalry… pick your team wisely when you’re on the Go!

Let us know in the comments what you think of Pokémon Go and the costumes we made! Stay popping, Poké-tropicans, and keep poking around!