PHB Pop-over Special: The Good Place

Welcome! Everything is fine.

You are, after all, in the Good Place. Okay, so, not exactly. You’re in a PHB “Pop-over,” which is a Poptropica crossover with another universeโ€”in this case, the NBC sitcom known as The Good Place.

Dressing up like any of the main cast of characters โ€” (from left to right, top to bottom) Michael, Jason, Janet, Tahani, Eleanor, and Chidi โ€” is pretty simple, as most of these outfits can be obtained when you create a new character on Poptropica, with a few extra steps for some. Michael’s glasses and suit, plus Tahani’s earrings and Janet’s top, can be found by cranking the switch inside New You on Home Island. Janet’s skirt is from the lady outside the New You building, and Jason has a bit of hair from the backpacker on Home Island.

And you can take a look at any of these styles in the Avatar Studio by typing in the character’s name followed by TGP: MichaelTGP, JasonTGP, JanetTGP, TahaniTGP, EleanorTGP, and ChidiTGP.

The Good Place is a show that finds an assorted group sent to a supposedly utopian afterlife that quickly spirals into more than what anyone bargained for. Along the way, it explores questions of moral philosophy, ethics, and what it means to be a “good” person, all while being entertaining. Rated 13+ on Netflix.

Hope you enjoyed this crossover of The Good Place x Poptropica! Have you watched all four seasons of The Good Place? Looking forward to the finale in January? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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10 thoughts on “PHB Pop-over Special: The Good Place”

  1. Hey could you add the islands back

    or at least add a high quality chat room in a darn mansion just like VR chat room
    But not VR chat room but make a big place plus you should add own words system
    i know people might say bad things but add a censored thing if a bad thing is sayed
    welll that all i got please make poptropica a more online chating thing if you want to it would
    DOUBLE your people intake im a game designer i know people are crazy in online chating rooms.

    and for the club house plz could add a door in the clubhouse when you enter all your costumes
    will be sitting there on manikins and if a person is there they can try to but your costume for credits or trade a costume and your can chose a price BUT you can also decline it.

    well thats all i got baiii

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