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Clubhouse Tour: Giant Dragon 🏡

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Giant DragonEnjoy!

Hello, Poptropicans. Welcome to my fantastic lab clubhouse. I am sure that it will amaze you to the fullest extent. Now let’s get going.

Let’s start from the left, where I keep my latest tech. (Note: All that you are going to see is all camouflaged tech, so what you see is not actually real.)

Now here is my latest invention: “the virtual bubble.” It looks like a chair but it is actually a kind of machine that transports you into VR just by sitting in it.

And then you can see my mega screen (PC) which has infinite memory along with control over everything in my clubhouse and lab. Next to it is my energy dispenser (my cold drink dispenser) which gives power charges to anything you can imagine (including me). Then there is my jellyfish locker, in which I keep all my medallions and credits.

Beside it is the doorway to my top secret lab (fridge) where I invent everything and discover new formulas. That Dr. Hare stole some of my inventions and tried to conquer the world. I had to stop him, but that’s another story…

Moving on, here’s my relaxation room:

Here we have my new surround sound system tent, which is connected to my TV. To the left is my massage chair and my popcorn maker.

Then on top is my pets’ corner:

This is where I keep my pets when it’s time to rest after following me around everywhere. Oops, I forgot to introduce my pet dog Moby, Penny the phoenix, and Goby the goblin. Woof woof!

And then above it is my living room where I can distract my friends from going into the lab so that I can be in peace. Here I have an ice cream machine and a throne so guests feel comfy.

Right below it is my royal library which holds the secrets of all my inventions, as well as the complete series of Harry Potter and Diary of a Wimpy Kid books.

Along with that, there is a hammock chair and a crystal ball-shaped light. And I almost forgot my starlight — the power source of the whole clubhouse.  

And there’s my hibernation pod! As you can see, it looks like any normal bed, but it has the most powerful hibernation mechanism. And below the palm tree is hibernation fluid that helps me hibernate. Above, behind the Mordred pic, is my pets’ hibernation pod. Woof, that’s it for my clubhouse tour today. Don’t worry, I will be back!

~Giant Dragon 🐲

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9 thoughts on “Clubhouse Tour: Giant Dragon 🏡”

  1. Sweet clubhouse dude. This clubhouse decoration takes practically forever ! I’m never satisfied by the look of my house .

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