PHB Pop-over: The Greatest Showman 🎩🎪

Ladies and gents, this is the moment you’ve waited for

Hello everyone! Welcome to my first Pop-over: a Poptropica crossover with another universe—this time, The Greatest Showman. 🎩💫

In case you’re not familiar, The Greatest Showman (2017) is a family-friendly movie about an entrepreneur who decides to take on their dream and become a circus leader. This movie is filled with great songs, dance numbers, and amazing actors and actresses. (Check out my movie review on my blog or watch the trailer here!)

Anyway, I created the outfits in the pic above using the ASG and the Poptropica app. Here’s how:

P.T. Barnum: Outfit comes from ASG Random5ASG, everything else came from new player screen and the old New You building. (Add him with the username: PTBarnumASG)

Philip Carlyle: Hair and outfit came from new player screen. (Add him with the username: PhilipCarlyleASG)

Anne Wheeler: Whole outfit came from ASG SugarPlum_Fairy_ASG. (Add her with the username: AnneWheelerASG)

Lettie Lutz: The bun comes from the woman outside of the New You building, and the outfit from the ASG SuperSmashBrosZelda_ASG. For the beard, go to Modify a Poptropican on the PHB’s Glitching Guide, go to marks, and then click medium beard1. For the bun, use the old Costumizer and selected the lady outside of the old New You building. (Add her with the username: BeardedLadyASG)

Charity Barnum: The dress comes from the ASG Rosemoji46. For the hair, go to the old New You building and keep clicking until it shows up. (Add her with the username: CharityBarnumASG)

I had so much fun doing this as a Pop-over. If you want to, you can hear the movie’s amazing soundtrack over on YouTube. 🎵

I will be making another Pop-over soon. Hint: we’re going all the way back to the 1900s! Can you guess what it is? Share it in the comments! See you soon!


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12 thoughts on “PHB Pop-over: The Greatest Showman 🎩🎪”

  1. Ooh, nice! I was thinking of making a looney tunes pop-over of my ASGs this month to celebrate the release of space jam 2, would anybody want to see that?

      1. Thanks! I’ll get working on it, and if it’s sucessful i could do other character such as the sensational six (mickey mouse gang, for lack of a better word), the animaniacs trio, felix the cat and some others, and many more!

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