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Atlantis Ep. 2 free on iOS & looking ahead to 2015!

Hey Poptropicans! For those of you who’ve been holding off on playing Mission Atlantis: Ep. 3 (Out of the Blue) on iOS because it cost money, there’s good news: it’s now free! Just update your Poptropica app on iOS and you’re good to go. If you need help, check out our Mission Atlantis Island Guide!


We also have some official intel stating that Arabian Nights: Ep. 1 and PoptropiCon: Ep. 2 will be coming to the Android app this Wednesday (Dec 10), so there’s that for all you Androiders!

Speaking of the Poptropica app, remember that you can customize your character at the New You shop in the Home scene. There’s not a whole lot right now compared to the online version, but the Creators have tweeted that they’ll be adding more in 2015.

In fact, a number of recent tweets hint at what’s to come next year: for one thing, as mentioned earlier, full (albeit fewer) islands will be returning around late January – “full” meaning no episodes!

Here’s a tweet listing some other projects in the works for 2015: Land (for everybody), connecting the Poptropica app with our online accounts (but not until late 2015), a Kindle app, adding common rooms and multi-player functionality to the appTimmy Failure Island (another sponsored island!)…

…and last but not least, the graphic novel based on the Poptropica comics. In fact, the Creators have shamelessly tweeted yet another page of it, which you can see below:

graphic novel pageRegarding The POPCORN magazine, the December issue will be out sometime this week (sorry for the delay!). Now’s your last chance to send something in – see our Magazines page for more details! Due to time constraints, this will be the end of the series (at least for now), but it’s had a good run. 🙂

Anyway, that’s all the updates (app-dates?) for now – stay popping, Poptropicans. 😛

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Concept art, Friendly Fish feature, Land WOWs, & more!

Hey Poptropicans! This mega-post covers recent Poptropica tweets for concept art, Land “WOW”s, another glance at a Poptropica comic graphic-novel-like project, and BT’s fan art, plus my Poptropican getting featured on the Creators’ Blog – if you’re interested, read on! 😀

Concept art for Mission Atlantis & Zomberry

Poptropica recently tweeted yet more concept art for Mission Atlantis, Ep. 3this time, the living quarters and lab. For the previous Atlantis Ep. 3 sketches, click here!

That’s not all: they also tweeted this unused art for Zomberry Island, which they used as the style guide for the overall look/mood of the cityscape. Looks like 8-Track Attack and Franny’s Fine Jewelry didn’t make the final cut for vandalized Zomberry storefronts!

unused zomberry artCreators’ Blog feature: Friendly Fish!

As some of you PHB readers commented, my Poptropica character, Friendly Fish, was featured on the Creators’ Blog! It was on a post about how to use the Poptropica Shop to get your character on a shirt, and their screenshots show me in my Halloween costume. Well, Poptropica, I’m honored! 😀

If only my bangs showed in the final shirt product – but still, pretty neat. :mrgreen:

Speaking of dressing your Poptropican in haunting fashion, you should totally enter in the PHB’s 6th annual Halloween costume competition, accepting entries from now until Halloween. 😉

More Poptropica comic/graphic novel

Remember when the Creators tweeted a sample page of what appeared to be a graphic novel based on the Poptropica comic series starring Jorge & Oliver (and a new addition named Mya)? They’ve posted more, again stressing that it was very “behind-the-scenes”. (Last time, they mentioned to expect whatever this project was to come in January 2015, but we’ll see!)

Brave Tomato’s fan art

Getting into the Halloween spirit, PHB author Brave Tomato recently tweeted some fan art for the Poptropica characters of Count Bram (Vampire’s Curse) and Dr. Jupiter (Super Villain) – which were then re-tweeted by Poptropica! You can check out more of BT’s awesome art on her deviantArt page.

More Land “WOW”s

Finally, here’s a look at some of the recent Poptropica Land “WOW”s the Creators have tweeted recently. Remember, there’s going to be several Land challenges coming up from tomorrow until the end of the month, in which everyone (even non-members) can participate, so look out for that! :mrgreen:

Anyway, that’s all for now! Keep on popping on, Poptropicans. 🙂

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Bobbleheads from ads, Land public preview, free Halloween costumes, & more!

Hi Gs,

What isn’t happening in the world of Poptropica? Prepare to have your mind blown with all the new things happening in the Poptropica universe!  😀

New ads: Star Wars Rebels & Skylanders Trap Team

Ads have been getting a lot of hype recently – what with banners, cards taking you to the ads, carousel slots, and mentions on the Creator’s Blog – and the funny thing is that the actual ads themselves are just billboard ads. The two newest are for the Star Wars Rebels and the Skylanders Trap Team.


Upon logging in, you’ll obtain two cards that will take you to each ad. After watching the trailer videos for both campaigns, you’ll collect a Snap Shot Costume from the Skylanders ad, and a Stormtrooper Helmet from the Star Wars ad.


My favorite out of the two is the Stormtrooper helmet, as it has a bobblehead effect – and while the teal dragon costume does as well, I think the helmet looks cooler. 😀

Thinknoodles mention

I recently sent in some fan art to Thinknoodles (a popular YouTube gamer who plays Poptropica), and he gave me his “Golden Noodle Award” on his Minecraft Survival series! 😀 The idea of this is that in each episode, someone who sent in an awesome idea or cool fan art gets a sign on Thinknoodles’s tree with their name on it. Watch the video below and skip to 0:52 to see my mention. 🙂

As for the artwork, it’s a drawing of his Poptropican, Speedy Catfish (his username is thinknoodles), and I put a lot of effort into this one. I also have a new drawing software, which I think will improve the quality of my art, and thus the quality of your Poptropica Portraits. 😉


Poptropica Land: public preview

The Creators recently announced that a two week long public preview for Poptropica Land will be commencing October 16th (in 6 days!), and will end October 30th. There’s even a countdown to the big day on the front page!

land public countdown

During this period, everyone, including non-members, will be able to access Land. This is a big opportunity for non-members to send in their creations to the Creators. They’ll be posting their favorites to the blog as mentioned in the post. 😀

If you want to prepare for the preview, be sure to check out our Poptropica Land guide and overview here, as well as check out the recent happenings with Land – stay tuned to the PHB for more updates on this event. 😀

Upcoming big launches

Poptropica recently tweeted a “behind the scenes” email from Poptropica HQ about some upcoming big launches. (Oh look, they use Gmail! 😛 ) As mentioned above, next Thurs (Oct 16) they plan to release public access to Land for a Poptropica-sponsored contest. On the same day, we’ll be getting a “New Start World” and some “polish and bug fixes” to Land as well! We’ll have to wait to see what’s new.

upcoming big launches

The Thursday after that (Oct 23), the first episode of Arabian Nights (How Bazaar) will be released to all! And finally, coming soon to Poptropica’s mobile app is Ep. 1 of PoptropiCon (no date mentioned).

Mission Atlantis (Ep. 3) concept art

Yet more concept art has made its way to Poptropica’s Twitter feed – this time, some beautiful black & white sketches for Mission Atlantis, Ep. 3: Out of the Blue. (Click to enlarge the pictures!)

Poptropica Pioneers

I’ve recently started a new video series on my Youtube Channel similar to Thinknoodles’ Road to Captain Thinknoodles series, entitled Poptropica Pioneers. The idea is that a few days after I release my video walkthrough for the newest release, I upload a recording of me trying to figure out the island/episode for the first time.

From the feedback I’ve been getting, people are really seeming to enjoy it, so check out the first episode below and tell me what you think. 😀 Of course you’ll be able to view new releases of walkthroughs and Poptropica Pioneers on my channel, so go subscribe to that if you’d like. 😛

Free Halloween costumes

If you remember a few weeks back during Poptropica’s 7th birthday, a couple of ghastly costumes popped up in the Store and then strangely disappeared. They have now returned for Halloween spirit – and if you don’t remember, they are the Egyptian Mummy and the Scarecrow from the Haunted House quest, now made into gold card items. You can get them for free in the Store!

halloween2014 free costumes

In addition, you can get some more free Halloween-themed costume cards from the bottom half of the Store page! These aren’t new, but they’ve never been free before today either.

Girls can get the Furry Monster 1, 2, and 3, Werewolf Girl, Bride of Frankenstein, Vampire Girl 1, and Little Demon; boys can get the Furry Monster 1, 2, and 3, Werewolf Boy, Frankenstein, and Little Demon – all for the great price of 0 credits! >:D

Pnurple. 😀



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Atlantis Ep. 3 in-app purchase, GHD, & more Jeff Heim

Hey Poptropicans! This past weekend, we celebrated Poptropica’s (and Samwow5’s) birthday on the PHC, and the recap post is now up! But a few other things have happened too – so read on for more.

Mission Atlantis: Ep. 3 costs $0.99 on the iOS app

The final episode of the Mission Atlantis trilogy (Ep. 3: Out of the Blue) is now available on Poptropica’s iOS app – but it comes as an in-app purchase costing US$0.99, which is new for this app!


Asked why they put a price on the episode, Poptropica tweeted that it was to pay for all the work and resources that go into keeping the game running. Fair enough – just remember you can still play it for free online! If you need a walkthrough, check out our Mission Atlantis Island Guide. 🙂

atlantis tweetGalactic Hot Dogs mega-dog game on iOS app

Also on Poptropica’s iOS app is an ad game for Galactic Hot Dogs, which you can find on the map. (It’s been around before, and now it’s back.) To win, just keep running right, jumping over obstacles or blasting objects on the ground (you’ll shoot automatically). Don’t let the robots catch up to you!

When you reach the end, you’ll find that Princess Dagger stole the mega-dog, but she’ll give it back and you’ll get a Jack Transform and Neon Wiener Follower for your app character. Cool! 😛

More on Jeff Heim

Recently, PHB reader Captain Spencer sent a little fan email to Jeff Heim (known for making much of Poptropica’s music) and even got a reply (pictured below)! From this, we now know why his Poptropica username is jeffheim88 – it’s his birth year, which means right now he’s around 26! (Btw: if you want to contact him over Gmail, that’s his email name too; just don’t spam him too badly with your love! 😛 )


Also, we’ve found that he’s not allowed to share what islands will be made into SUIs (sound-updated) next, but we do know that it’ll happen, as the track for Back Lot Island is in the first music album.

And a big thanks to Jeff for reading the Poptropica Help Blog! Thanks for the Facebook mention! 😀

jeff phb fbHow many Poptropicans does it take to change a lightbulb?

If you saw the Creators’ Blog post asking this question, well, we can help with that! Blake made a PHB post not too long ago about the BoxTrolls ad currently on Main Streets (such as Mythology or Reality TV), but if you missed it in the onslaught of posts that have hit our blog this week, click here to catch up on how to “balance the BoxTrolls”! The advertised movie comes to theaters this Friday.

Screenshot 2014-09-15 at 5.39.34 PM

Anyway, that’s it for now, but be sure to keep up with all the latest goings-on of the Poptropica world in the posts below! Stay popping, Poptropicans. 🙂

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Thursday wrap-up: Land pets, DS trailer, & CatCF pics

As you guys know, a lot of stuff happened this past Thursday. This post will be a wrap-up of all the updates/announcements, other than the release of PoptropiCon and Mission Atlantis (already mentioned by Samwow5).

However I do want to say that PoptropiCon has to be one of my favorite islands right now. I love how there were random Poptropicans (that you could customize) that just roamed around the island (along with the Poptropicans you could actually talk to). It made it feel more like real life, ya know? 🙂

landAnyway, let’s get to it, shall we? First off, PopLand has been updated to include animals. Most of them will harm you, but a few are nice and will mind their own business. (For the PHB’s guide to Land, click here!) Sadly, the furniture that we saw in the sneak peek was nowhere to be found or earned. Hopefully they will be added soon because in my opinion, the animals aren’t that big of a deal. They can hurt us, but while we can’t tame them, we can get rid of them by bringing them to lava. Click to enlarge the images:

To emphasize the update, the PopLand tour page now reads:

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself face to face with a blue-feathered tigerphant or an elusive fox monkey while exploring in Poptropica Land! Strange creatures will be showing up in the next version of the Poptropica Land labs project. Just be careful, they’re not all friendly!

You may also get an invitation to take a survey about Land, which you can check out here. From past experience, the Creators do listen to our suggestions, so be sure to let them know what you’d like to see in future Land updates!

In other news, the Forgotten Islands 3DS game that was recently mentioned now has a trailer! The title of the video indicates that the game will only be available in North America (at first/for now?).

As the video says, it will be released on October 14, 2014, but you can pre-order it now. According to the Creators…

The 3DS version of Forgotten Islands includes all of the content from the iOS game, including seasonal costume packs, and is presented in stereoscopic 3D! You’ve never seen Poptropica like this before.

…so if you’ve played it before, it’ll probably be the same game, just on the DS. 😉 To see what the iOS version of Forgotten Islands is like, check out the PHB’s walkthrough here!

Now onto our last big subject. The Creators wanted to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by showing us some of the concept art (and their final versions) they made for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island, which came out in 2012.

We will show you the pictures below, but to see what the Creators had to say, click here. Poptropica also got to post on the actual Roald Dahl website, which you can read by clicking here. Note that the two posts are not the same, so you probably want to check out both of them (click to enlarge images). 😉

What did you think about everything on Thursday? Pop in by commenting on this post! 🙂