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Dune us dirty: Mission Atlantis to be members only โŒ›๏ธ๐Ÿ

Hey Poptropicans! An old island is bubbling up, and in the meantime, tweets from sandy places are coming to surface. Let’s pop in for a look.

Earlier this month, Poptropica announced that they’ve been working on bringing Mission Atlantis Island back, and this week they dropped more details on the Creators’ Blog!

Sadly, they’re not just krilling us with the puns, but also with the news that this returning adventure will be for members only, unlike before. It’s still unclear whether we’ll be seeing the full island or just an episode, as other episodic islands on Haxe so far have only been released with Episode 1. Whatever the case, though, it’s coming soon โ€” how soon? Again, the water’s murky on this one.

Here’s an open secret, though: everyone can currently play all three episodes of Mission Atlantis on the Poptropica mobile app! And for a primer on what awaits you above and below the seas, you can fish out our handy Mission Atlantis Island Guide.

It’s looking much more dry over on Poptropica Twitter, though. The Creators recently pulled out a pic of the desert from Arabian Nights Island and compared it with Dune, the recent sci-fi film.

They’ve also been retweeting posts from Poptropica fans, such as this cluster of chalkboard doodles including one celebrity bunny…

…as well as a college student unashamedly playing Poptropica, because why not work hard and play hard?

That wraps up this little update! When do you think Mission Atlantis will make its big splash? Do you prefer Dune or Arabian Nights? Thanks for popping by, and see you in the next one!



4 thoughts on “Dune us dirty: Mission Atlantis to be members only โŒ›๏ธ๐Ÿ”

  1. Mission Atlantis might be a members only quest for a while, but it will probably became an all player island after that. I will always choose Arabian Nights!
    P.S. whoever wrote the Atlantis blog post of the Creator’s blog is way too smart for their job lol.

    1. Hopefully that’s the case! Time Tangled was members only when it first came to Haxe, despite being free for all before. After nearly a year, though, it finally was made available to everyone again.

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