Lunar Colony Island

I see a man in the moon?

Where did that saying come from? Who knows? But I’m sure it means somewhere along the lines of “an imaginary figure resembling the counterpart of a man’s face.” Sounds confusing, but if taken literally… that’s where the new sneak peek comes in on the Creators’ Blog today.

So, I guess there really is some kind of man on the moon. In the picture there’s not much, except that we can obviously inference it’s on a moon-like surface…and obviously the moon. xD

There’s some sort of moon rover mean to traverse these rocky environments. And in the bottom left there’s a meter. My guess is that it’s either the speed or fuel, though PHB reader Fuzzy-B points out that it looks like the EMF Detector from Ghost Story Island. In the top right we see a grid, possibly serving as a navigation tool. So my guess this links with the upcoming Lunar Colony. I guess now we know the moon may play a key role in all this.

Well, I hope everyone else is enjoying the week with the Olympics and all. 🙂 I also started watching Sabrina, which is a small note to explain my avatar change. I know, I know. It may be meant for “smaller” children and naive at times, but don’t judge just because I like cartoons. xD I mean, it’s pretty fun sometimes. Thanks, and enjoy the games, everyone!

Cryptids Island

Director D’s pick: Cryptids Island, and a moment of silence…

Lately as some of you may have known, the creators are putting more and more work into individually sharing those islands that they like the most. Quite naturally for some poptropican gamers, today’s island on the agenda is…

Cryptids Island!

Director D sure has a pick, huh? For those of you who haven’t yet taken the quest on this island, the main goal and plot is to hunt down exotic creatures, find evidence for their existences (such as the loch ness monster), and of course foil the plot of evildoers along the way. You can play Cryptids Island simply by visiting it on the map. Although this island has been out for over a year, it’s still quite an adventure. Nice pick, director. Honestly, though, I’d thought you’d choose Spy Island.

Further more Director D also points out his fascination over the Legendary Swords adventure! You can now pick up this gold card for free, non-member and member alike, in the poptropica store. Have fun chopping the heads of evil robots off.

Lastly, as all of you have heard the news, I’d like to take a moment of silence on behalf of those who’ve suffered greatly the past weekend. At a screening of the Dark Knight rises, twelve people were killed and 58 others injured in debilitating conditions during a shootout. The suspect even showed up in court today. This picture was an excerpt, given with permission, from cartoonist Bill Amend, which I thought suited the moment. You can read his comics at

My prayers and thoughts are with all those in this tragedy.

~On behalf of this wonderful community and the PHB

Daily Pop, Daily Pop Sneak Peeks, Sneak Peeks

Some new sneak peeks and my return!

Hello, everyone, it’s Rainbow Dash here as some of you have remembered from the MLP craze earlier. Well, I’m not necessarily hooked onto that show as much as I had been before because of a number of new interests and vicissitudes in the past few months. The blogs changed much since I last looked at it, and hopefully I may be able to watch it grow as well.

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Your new island pack

Can’t wait for Vampire’s Curse Island? The creators won’t just let us sit the last remaining days of the countdown in our chairs doing nothing but watching that clock. Your new Island pack/gear is here. Of course, all of these (needless to say) our members only gold items. So if you’re a member, you can directly recieve such gear for free.

Go ahead, activate some of that garlic 😀 and perhaps release some odor that will drive away vampires perhaps. Chew on some vampire bat gum and release a swarm of spooky cratures. Or dress up as a count. One can never have too much fun with store items.

Again, all of these are free to members. Have fun out there, guys. RD dashin off.


Beware The Vampires

Ever hear the old saying that if you get bit by a vampire, you eventually turn into one? A frightening scenario. Perhaps that’s just what will happen on…Vampire Curse Island. The name itself perhaps implifies a premium of chills and thrills. Definitely not for the faint hearted…but then again, Poptropica is meant for all ages big and small, meaning that perhaps this island won’t be as fright filled as it seems. Or perhaps it very well will.

Rainbow Dash’s first guess on the island, based on the name itself, is something to do with turning into a vampire. Perhaps its lethal bite causes you to grow into one, and you must find some sort of cure and at the same time run from vampire hunters? Definitely not your typical island.

Of course, before I go, just a little bit of something on the comical side.

You better take Fluttershy before you embark on this spoooky quest…ha ha…RD dashing off.