I see a man in the moon?

Where did that saying come from? Who knows? But I’m sure it means somewhere along the lines of “an imaginary figure resembling the counterpart of a man’s face.” Sounds confusing, but if taken literally… that’s where the new sneak peek comes in on the Creators’ Blog today.

So, I guess there really is some kind of man on the moon. In the picture there’s not much, except that we can obviously inference it’s on a moon-like surface…and obviously the moon. xD

There’s some sort of moon rover mean to traverse these rocky environments. And in the bottom left there’s a meter. My guess is that it’s either the speed or fuel, though PHB reader Fuzzy-B points out that it looks like the EMF Detector from Ghost Story Island. In the top right we see a grid, possibly serving as a navigation tool. So my guess this links with the upcoming Lunar Colony. I guess now we know the moon may play a key role in all this.

Well, I hope everyone else is enjoying the week with the Olympics and all. 🙂 I also started watching Sabrina, which is a small note to explain my avatar change. I know, I know. It may be meant for “smaller” children and naive at times, but don’t judge just because I like cartoons. xD I mean, it’s pretty fun sometimes. Thanks, and enjoy the games, everyone!


10 thoughts on “I see a man in the moon?

  1. Muddy Axe says:

    There may be another art themed island, look for these sneak peeks in the Daily Pop:

    “Art Attack”
    “Starry Night”
    “The Cube-Est”

    Also, I think we might have bases for our Poptropica Tribes in Poptropolis Games:

    Look for these Sneak Peeks in the Daily Pop:
    Seraphim: “Perchance to Dream”, “Dreams Take Wing”
    Wildfire: “Fire Works”, “Fireside Chat”
    Pathfinders: “Finders Keepers”, “Pathfound”
    Nanobots: “Beat Happening”, “No No Nano”, “Pain in the Bot”
    Black Flags: “Night Watch”, “Crate Box”
    Yellowjackets: “The Buzz”

    There may be others I am missing. Maybe the art sneak peaks are part of a Poptropica tribe base, maybe the Wonka ones you found are part of one too.

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