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Some new sneak peeks and my return!

Hello, everyone, it’s Rainbow Dash here as some of you have remembered from the MLP craze earlier. Well, I’m not necessarily hooked onto that show as much as I had been before because of a number of new interests and vicissitudes in the past few months. The blogs changed much since I last looked at it, and hopefully I may be able to watch it grow as well.

So basically I was in and out of the hospital quite frequently for quite a long time in the last two or three months, and haven’t really been back to the good old PHC (which I highly recommend Poptropica users visit as well if you aren’t there already). My absence is mainly because of my fluctuating condition, and it’s reached some pretty severe points where they had to hook me up to some unpleasant devices at one of my four week long absences from school. Trust me, the worst part about this all is having to make up piles of homework when you come back if you care about your GPA :/.

I’m hoping to post more often in the future though assuming I physically can stay active in a “normal” life. So please bear with me if I am not that familiar with the recent islands and such. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve gone on. And thank you so much ST, Green Boa, Fishy, IC, Super Thunder, Brave Tomato, MT, and the whole community here for not giving up on me.

Today I’d like to acknowledge and scrutinize upon a few Daily Pops.

On possibly a few upcoming islands or quests, we have a few screenshots that are worthy of recognition. Special thanks to Slanted Fish for providing me with these in such high resolutions! I owe you one 😀

On the one above there are four commands to either “kick”, “snare”, “hithat”, or “clap”. This seems like a computer or musical device you’ll need to use on one of the newest islands. The strangest part of this is that above the drum commands and electronic keyboard there’s a pair of sinister-looking and upside down eyes. I wonder if this is some sort of villainous device or one that’s just plain awkward.

Next up this one above is quite “furious” looking. Coming out from a wave of flames appears to be the evil sight of a dragon or monster of some sort that is spewing fire out its mouth. Yikes! In the background you can also see its spiked tails and other regions of the body that have an eerie red glow to it. I wouldn’t really want to head on face this during a fight.

Coded messages? That’s what I think this is. There’s a key to the right of the screenshot that has the commands “1, 2, 3, 4, help, and exit”. Also, at the bottom is the alphabet and also another scrambled version of it in red. It seems like we’ll be facing more puzzles in the future :D. It says “alphabetical order” and “letter frequency” below to indicate the translations of these codes. The device appears to be called the AmigoTech 400.

There’s not much to say in this one besides that it appears to be a casual and quite tranquil street. There’s a sign that informs you to ring the buzzer for entry into the building, and an old couple staring from the windows. Looks like a peaceful retirement home. I bet this could be part of one of those main streets of an island.

Is this Astro-Knights all over again? I certainly hope so, for that would be quite a thrilling island. Here we see the first person view of a space shuttle blasting through space. There’s a tools compartment, degrees to shift the rocket, and options to control two separate engines. Outside I take it that there will come a time you’d need to doge those asteroids. Fly safe! I wonder what that morale boost button does as well… guess we better prepare for another cosmic themed adventure.

Straight out of some impressionist painting… quite possibly from some classical era. The stone structures have fallen to the currents of aged time, and the painting on the window of an angle with her harp is also cracked as well. But this appears only to be a sketch of an art related area. If you look closely everything portrayed here is done not in computer graphics but sketches.

Lastly we return to some sight that looks like it was straight out of one of those X-men films or some other sci-fi movie. We see several capsules all contained with harbored Poptropicans that appear to be in deep chryo sleep. They have been isolated in a creepy blue liquid. Below is a metal helmet attached to a device that also holds two laser like ray guns. Could this have to do also with the space related adventure earlier? Some of these sneak peeks do have repetitive themes. Wouldn’t want to be the guys in those tanks.

So the most important part of these sneak peeks is what you think of these. Please voice your theories in the comments below. If you get lucky you might even be correct on some of these pictures shown. Hopefully we can expect to play these islands soon!

15 thoughts on “Some new sneak peeks and my return!”

  1. Welcome back, Rainbow Dash! 😀 I hope you start feeling a whole lot better really fast! If you do start feeling bad again, try listening to some BarlowGirl. Or Skillet. Or Superchic(K). Might help you feel better. 🙂

  2. Hey, welcome back! 🙂

    As for the Daily Pops, I realized that the 1st, 2nd, 6th, and 7th pictures have something in common: they’re all related to a Poptropica tribe. Pic 1 is related to the Nanobots, Pic 2 is related to Wildfire, Pic 6 is related to the Seraphim, and Pic 7 possibly the Nightcrawlers.

  3. Welcome back! 🙂

    OOH, I know the code they use in the 3rd pic! It’s a cipher called Pigpen. 😀

  4. i think that there will be an island that has to do with the tribes of poptropica! i have been seeing sneek peeks that look like they have to do with the tribes!!!

  5. The sneak peeks are from the next island, I don’t remember its name but I think it’s Moon Colony or kindaf that; anyways, WeLcOmE back❕👍😃
    My Poptropica username is Coolbump1
    Plz add me!

  6. Anyone notice in the lunar colony sneak-peek (the bonus quest) Dr. Spyglass is near the top. I like him. He’s my favorite NPC.

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