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238,900 Miles Away From Home

The next island has been announced!ย  And, like you’ve probably guessed from the picture above, the island is going to be called Lunar Colony.ย  Looks like this is the space-themed island we’ve all been waiting for!

So I’m guessing from the trailer that the Poptropican in the space ship is either you or another Poptropican.ย  (I know, brilliant deduction, right?)ย  Maybe they were flying around in space, got hit by a meteor, and then crash landed on the moon.ย  And…maybe you have to go out and find them…and when you find them they’ve started a one-man colony on the moon…ย 

Or!ย  Or, they could have a bunch of passengers in the ship and they are going on a mission to start a colony on the moon cause Poptropica’s become too polluted…ย  Like in the Disney movie Wallโ€ขE, except they’re not living in a spaceship they’re living on the moon…

I don’t know… All of my ideas sound pretty bad.ย  Anybody have any other ideas?

17 thoughts on “238,900 Miles Away From Home”

  1. Sounds epic and mysterious! Can’t wait! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Also, the name says “Lunar”… do you think Poptropica might have more moons? There was Pewter Moon from Astro-Knights. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I would seem as if PASE has lost funding and is losing public interest.
    the common room is a gift shop selling artifacts
    It seems that the space shuttle we are in is larger than captain gordon’s (or maybe a space station)
    you’ll get to drive a moon rover
    there (maybe) are aliens on the moon
    Something related to Alpha Centauri A (credit to poptropicacheatz)

    things I gathered from daily pop

    1. I was thinking something similar too, that this happened circa. 1960-70’s, and PASE is going to go to the Moon again to find the secrets about Capt. Gordon and finish what he never could.

  3. Sounds interesting! But if Poptropica had another moon, we shoulda seen in in Astro Knights. D:

  4. sounds awesome! iv’e been looking at the sneak peaks for a while and saw pictures of poptropicans in a spaceship i new there was gonna be another space island!

  5. Perhaps a good deal of this island is located on Pewter Moon, just not where the Astro-Knights scene was.

  6. Ha! I KNEW they were gonna do a space island next! Awesome! Btw, did the creators disable the talking mouth thing? Because I tried to copy this girl`s (her username is vach if you want to add her) talking mouth but all I got was a smile! I tried again and again and I can`t get the talking mouth she has! I tried all the talking mouth cheats and none of them work! Did the creators disable it, or is it just my labtop? Oh well. Also, that Poptravel thing is really cool! Now that I have so much stuff from all the ads, the only problem is (and it`s a big one) that I am running out of room to put it all! See ya later! This website is the best! ๐Ÿ™‚ PS: Sorry I haven`t been going on as much as I used to. I am REALLY busy nowdays. Turns out I actually had MORE time on the web when I was in school then here in the summer! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I will try to go on more often and make some time though! Bye!

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