Been a good, short… Run?

Well you heard it from the title, it’s time for me to go and disappear onto deviantArt and other stuff! Partly because of school, and drama on some chats. I may still be on the PHC, it just depends on if I feel like it or not. Don’t really want a special list of people I enjoyed talking to… Kinda lazy and it would single out people.

Another reason for me leaving would be the Daily Pop. We don’t really need to post now…. But I like coming here to see if someone has found some cool thing within the depths of Poptropica every once in a while.

Catch me on OMGPOP as NekoTsukiGodia (Search my username in the search bar)

Catch me on deviantArt as KittyCatDayleaf.

And I should be on the PHF…



P.S. Juyo, next time you catch me on, I have a recommendation for a new author to fullfill my awesome pawsteps.

We be sharp aye’d maties.

Haha, ignore the title. I’ve been addicted to Pirates lately, but I never finished Skullduggery. xD

It’s official: The next Poptropica Island is…

…Cryptids Island!

Some sharp-eyed Poptropicans reported seeing the Cryptids logo in the wild a little while back. The rumors were true. You can learn more at the Cryptids Island info page.

So what’s a cryptid? Well… there’s a lot still to discover!

avatar image

Well give a look there. I see a new island coming!

If you are to lazy to go and click that link for the page, here’s a little screenie I got.


Reminds me of Counterfeit Island and a bit of Reality TV, along with some Nabooti. Think it’s worth the wait?

And BTW. If some of you were wondering why I couldn’t post lately, it’s because everyone takes the posts before I even get home from school! Luckily today was a snow day, and it is very icy outside. So I caught this one!


Did you hear? O:

For realz, or just a rumor? :O

Last week we posted about a sign that read “Cryptids Island Coming Soon” that appeared for a while on the Poptropica homepage, but mysteriously disappeared. Loud Shark even took a picture for us. But now the Poptropica Creators are trying to mess with our minds!

The creators must have found our secret database. They are stating accusations! Captain Crawfish addressed this issue on the PCB today, saying:

Did you see it?

There are rumors that a new Poptropica Island was announced on the Poptropica homepage last week, only to disappear. Like some kind of mythical beast vanishing into the fog, it was there one minute, and gone the next.

Eyewitness accounts can be unreliable. Scientists have yet to prove the existence of the next Poptropica Island. The whole thing could be a hoax.

Did you see it? Was it real? Was the next Poptropica Island truly revealed?

The truth is out there.

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The truth. It’s out there. WE MUST BE ONTO SOMETHING. I mean, the picture proves the rumor true, doesn’t it? What are the Creators trying to pull? Do you think they might be causing doubt among us because they’re having second thoughts about Cryptids Island, or is this all one big joke? :O

~Agent Wing and Hijuyo out!

Lalala, new islands? O:

“Generally speaking, Great Pumpkin Island is coming very soon, but every day isn’t Halloween at Poptropica HQ.” Need proof that the Creators are working on new islands? Have a look at this General Store sneak peek:

General Store for general peoples :O

Is it just me, or are those color combo’s HORRIBLE?!

I just hate them with a passion I guess…

Now, who is ready for Great Pumpkin island? I honestly think Halloween is the best holiday, but that’s me. So I cannot wait at all, I got ants in my pants and I’m gonna dance my way TO FRANCE.

Wut now, you’re jealous.

Oh by the way, did anyone else notice that the Haunted House is now 350 credits? And since I got it when it was free… I’m still skilled. 8D


Somebody got their job stolen~

Isn’t exploring islands Vlad the Viking’s job?! But no, Crawfish takes on the task now. Poor Vlad… Wonder how much he got paid.

Captain Crawfish’s Steamworks Island travelogue, part 3

Steamworks Island opens to everyone this week! If you’re not excited, better make sure your heart’s still beating.

During my trip to the Island, I explored all the different ways to get around. Steamworks Island has so many fun little things tucked in that it’s hard to catch them all. But this one was impossible to miss.

A giant spring! Do I even need to tell you what this does?

It bounces you a little…

And then it bounces you a lot!

After a couple of hops, you can land on this platform, throw the switch, and get back to adventuring.

…or, you can just keep bouncing away!

I made my choice, and I stand by it.

Steamworks looks pretty spiffy if you ask me… I like sparkly and bouncy things. :3



House party

This week, we’ve shown you four different sketches of mansions. But only one will be able to make it into a new Poptropica Island. It’s so hard to decide which it should be. Let’s take another look:

Mansion 1
Mansion 2
Mansion 3
Mansion 4
Decisions, decisions…

Which one do you like the best? Vote in our poll on the sidebar!

avatar image

I think that I personally like #4 the most… What about you guys?
LOL LATE POST. I just got up… xD

Big ship o.o?


Poptropica Tips and Tricks: Advanced mech piloting

Piloting the mech around Steamworks Island is tons of fun! It also presents its own challenges, especially because of its size. Did you know that the mech can crouch, just as your Poptropican can?

This can be helpful in many situations, especially against the Bolas plant.

See? Duck, and the seed pods will sail safely over your head!

You can still use your weapon attachments from a crouching position.

Of course, when you’re ducking, you can only aim downhill.

What other neat things have you found to do with the mech?

avatar image


Well well well, it looks like we get to see things going splat! Honestly, I’m not ready for a new island, I still have Skullduggery to finish. 😀