Steamworks Island

Somebody got their job stolen~

Isn’t exploring islands Vlad the Viking’s job?! But no, Crawfish takes on the task now. Poor Vlad… Wonder how much he got paid.

Captain Crawfish’s Steamworks Island travelogue, part 3

Steamworks Island opens to everyone this week! If you’re not excited, better make sure your heart’s still beating.

During my trip to the Island, I explored all the different ways to get around. Steamworks Island has so many fun little things tucked in that it’s hard to catch them all. But this one was impossible to miss.

A giant spring! Do I even need to tell you what this does?

It bounces you a little…

And then it bounces you a lot!

After a couple of hops, you can land on this platform, throw the switch, and get back to adventuring.

…or, you can just keep bouncing away!

I made my choice, and I stand by it.

Steamworks looks pretty spiffy if you ask me… I like sparkly and bouncy things. :3

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