And the new island is…

I’ve seen many of you in the comments wondering about how the Creators will fit all the other new islands on a teeny tiny map. And they have heard you! In this new post, it tells you how they pumped up the map and they also tell you of the new island they are working on and are giving us a sneak peek! Before you run off, read this:

Pump up the map

Since we’ve added so many new Islands to Poptropica recently, you may have noticed the map screen has gotten a little too full. Well, no more! We’ve made a brand-new map. And it has plenty of room for even more Islands.

In fact, if you go to the map now, you’ll be able to see the next Island we’re working on — along with a sneak preview that’s open to everybody! Check it out!


Let me explain how the map works. When you leave the island, you get to control the blimp as it flies around the Poptropica map. as you pass over each island, it shows you the difficulty rank: Easy, medium, or hard. I’ll post the ranks later, because I’m sure you want to know what the new island is. If you really want to know it’s:


I’m sure you’re wondering WHAT THE HECK? or if I’m kidding, but i kid you not. The new island they’re working on is Great Pumpkin Island. It’s animated like Big Nate. When you get there you see a couple of signs and you also see Linus. You can talk with him about the Great Pumpkin. I wonder how this quest will turn out…. I just wonder what pumpkins, mansions, SUV’s, and driving dogs have to do with each other. Are they even on the same island? Anyway… before I forget, here are the ranks the Creators say the islands are. Bye guys! 😀

Early Poptropica: Easy 

Shark Tooth: Easy 

Time Tangled: Medium  

24 Carrot: Medium 

Super Power: Medium 

Spy: Hard   (This should be medium)

Nabooti: Medium

Big Nate: Easy

Astro Knights: Hard

Counterfeit: Medium

Reality TV: Medium

Mythology: Hard

Skullduggery: Hard

Steamworks: Hard

Great Pumpkin: Easy (for now)

Here’s a video by Loud Shark showing us the new map and the sneak peek of the new island:

On another note, school is starting soon for me, so I won’t be able to post as much. When school starts, I’ll only be available on Fridays. So, at all the other authors here, please save the Friday posts for me. 😀 K, thanks.

~Shaggy Tornado

32 thoughts on “And the new island is…

  1. Shaggy Tornado says:

    The map icon in the top bar in Poptropica has also been updated. It no longer has the “Show the Poptropica Map” action on the left side. 😉

  2. Happy Horse aka Lady Horse aka Director Horse aka Singin Girl aka coolgirlcute aka lipglossleah says:

    Maybe the dog is Snoopy! LOL This is gonna be good.

  3. awesomecandy says:

    im soooooooo happy right now 😀 the next island is gonna include the peanuts?!?!!?!? yayy i luv the poptropica creators….. and the peanuts!! 😀 🙂 8)

  4. Enclosed Lightning says:

    great pumpkin island? Aww…those that mean I can’t have horror island on my list anymore. Now I have to play with pumpkins. What a ripoff.

  5. Cuddly Walker says:

    I think Balloon Boy Will land in an upcoming island. And when I predicted the next themed island would be virtual, I was right! I also predicted Steamworks’ theme would be Structure.

  6. Green Boa has thrown log in button over cliff of oblivion says:

    Great Pumpkin island? You gotta be kidding me creators. what the flippin’ heck does that mean? Just get serious and do the mansion island. 😡

    • Shy Lobster says:

      I know!! It sounds really lame, almost as bad as Big Nate. I don’t like the animated cartoon islands (no offense to the people who love Charlie Brown). I thought it was a mini-quest at first!

      The mansion, SUV and dino-tracks HAS to be a different island. I wish that they’d just skip the “Great Pumpkin Island” and work more on Mansion Island (or whatever it’s gonna be called).

      I guess the Creators decided that they had better make an easy island, since the latest islands (Mythology, Skullduggery, Steamworks, etc.) have been pretty hard. :/ Oh well.

  7. Lone Dragon says:

    People! Do you really think a mansion is going to have to do anything with great pumpkin Island? No.

    They probably have 2 islands in production. One is the Great Pumpkin one, the other is something like Jurassic Park!

  8. Bony Flame says:

    What were all those sketches for? I don’t even see them in the Sneak Preview!!!

    Shaggy: They might be on another part of the island, or they might not be on that particular island at all. We’ll just have to wait and see. 😉

  9. darkeroid says:

    steamworks should be medium.and btw what the heck is g pumpkin island?where did it come from!!??

    Hijuyo: Great Pumpkin Island is coming soon, and you can get a sneak peek of it on the map.

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