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Been a good, short… Run?

Well you heard it from the title, it’s time for me to go and disappear onto deviantArt and other stuff! Partly because of school, and drama on some chats. I may still be on the PHC, it just depends on if I feel like it or not. Don’t really want a special list of people I enjoyed talking to… Kinda lazy and it would single out people.

Another reason for me leaving would be the Daily Pop. We don’t really need to post now…. But I like coming here to see if someone has found some cool thing within the depths of Poptropica every once in a while.

Catch me on OMGPOP as NekoTsukiGodia (Search my username in the search bar)

Catch me on deviantArt as KittyCatDayleaf.

And I should be on the PHF…



P.S. Juyo, next time you catch me on, I have a recommendation for a new author to fullfill my awesome pawsteps.

34 thoughts on “Been a good, short… Run?”

  1. Wait… You said you really don’t need to post that much anymore because of the daily pop, so does this mean that nobody will post anymore, unless there is something not on the daily pop? That sucks. Hope you guys keep everything else on the website up. If you shut down the whole thing, it would be soooooooo cruddy.

    iMango: I’m sure people will continue to post, I’m just saying that I don’t see a point in re-posting it. Sure, pointing out the strong points is fine. But just re-posting it anyway, Meh.

  2. Stupid creators. They keep posting their own crud on the daily pop so we don’t have too. Stupid Daily Pop. I was sad for you leaving. I only got to meet you once or twice on the PHC. Even then we hardly meet. Oh well. Bye. *gives cheesecake to iMango* Your name should be an apple product.

  3. Nooo! The PHB still has a whole bunch of Crawfishes to nom! Stupid Daily Pop.
    Oh well. Bye.

    P.S. If you like cheesescake, visit the cheescake factory in Chicago, Illinois.

  4. Wow, stupid daily pop. I am starting to think the creators are starting to try and run out this place. But besides that, I am sad that you have to leave. We will all miss you. *sobs* Wait, is that the creators, having a party because they’ve ran out one of the PHB? Um, I need to do one more thing before you go…….but first, here’s your Cheese cake, with chocolate. Now, Oh NEESSSSSSSSIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

    1. Any poptropican want to join me in destroying the creator’s party in iMango’s name? See ya iMango, you were a great author and person on the PHC, we’ll all miss you. Even balloon boy. *sobs a lot*

  5. It’s been greating having you here- You are a great author!
    I love all your posts and hope you occasionly visit.
    😦 It is very sad to see you go, and Welcome to the next new author!

  6. well i dont realy check the daily pop i stick with you guys i rarely look at the creaters blog cause i thing u guys ROCK!

  7. WHAT?! Your-your-your LEAVING?!
    *takes out a hankerchief*
    Why? I loved the way you blogged, farewell. 😦
    (starts crying)

  8. Happy Horse aka Lady Horse aka Director Horse aka Singin Girl aka coolgirlcute aka lipglossleah aka Tangled Fan!!!!!! XD says:

    We’ll miss you! This post was very modest.

  9. Bai CW…:( Even though I can still see you on chat and DA xD Anywho, does Daily Pop like cover up stuff? Like the PHB does? If it does, that sux. T.T

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