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Deck the seas with cheerful creatures

‘Tis the season to be jolly… and Poptropica’s doing that by decking the seas with cheer and monsters! ๐Ÿ˜›

Have a ball this holiday season!

Sounds pretty cheesy, but it’s just a catchy slogan to advertise the new FREE costume in the Poptropica Store: the Holiday Ball, a giant ornament that covers one’s whole body! So spread some holiday spirit by decking the halls in the color of your choice (red, green, or blue).


Daily Pop Peeks

Catch up with all these new sneak peeks [and their descriptions], on the Daily Pop now!

F for Fake
This attack never happened, but is the giant squid still out there?

Name That Animal
If we drew it right, it shouldn’t be that hard to guess!

Deep Dark Woods
One of those would make a nice Christmas tree. Dare you to go chop it down.

Off-Street Parking
Just put that truck anywhere.

Monster Mash
Not everything we design ends up in Poptropica. These monster costumes never made it past the concept stage.

Inner Peace
This looks like a nice, quiet place. At least, until you show up.

Up on the Housetop
Something tells us that wasn’t old Saint Nick.

Sea Power
The stormy seas of Skullduggery Island began as a simple sketch.

Works of Dart
Concept sketches for some surly pub patrons.

Getting to Know Daily Pop

Captain Crawfish of the PCB recently posted a series of “getting to know” the Daily Pop posts. I’ve combined them all into an article for the PHB, so read it here! You can also access it via our Cool Stuff page.

So now’s the time to get to know the Daily Pop –ย  a fun Poptropica feature packed with comics, games, leaderboards, ratings, and exclusive sneak peeks.

Click here for the Daily Pop article!



17 thoughts on “Deck the seas with cheerful creatures”

  1. the first picture was a painting but the giant squid exists, second one was a horse (not exactly sure why they put that in there), third i think is from the Bigfoot hunt part of the island, fourth i think it is from the chupacabra part of the island, fifth is self explanatory, sixth is a (and i assume) Asian temple of some sort so possibly Bigfoot=yeti, seventh is based on a picture of alleged jersey devil tracks on top of a roof and the seventh and eighth are self explanatory

  2. It’s so obvious that that silhouette of an animal is a bear. YES. It’s a pretty fluffy bear. But I wonder what kind of bear it is…?

    (LOL kidding, it’s just a horse.) ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. Didn’t Medusa appear in Mythology? And it would’ve been cool if that were wolf janitor was on some island that would be awesome! ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Name That Animal=horse
    Deep Dark Woods=Jersey Devil or Big Foot
    Off-Street Parking=Chupacabra
    Up on the Housetop=Jersey Devil
    The Pub People will be in the Nessie part because remember in preview how that sign said Pub.
    Also I think the giant squid will be in this.


    Now… What was I saying?….. oh….yeah….

    the holiday ball costumes look really weird and… plain. The Creators should have made them sparkly!!!

    Secondly, it’s a good thing they didn’t release the Werewolf janitor/cleaner. It’s somewhat creepy!!!! Although, isn’t that Halloween is about? I don’t know. i’m Auzzie.

    Also, is you look closely, or not-so-closely, at the right side of the bridge on the sneak preveiw search-for-Nessie Cryptids island, you’ll see that it reads Pub (arrow right), Loch (arrow left). Seeing as those surly dart players are obviously from the pub, I’d say they come from a pub in Cryptids island.

    And.. lastly… i have this weird feeling I know what that horse is for. Like Deja vu, but I have no idea what it’s for. Maybe you get to ride a horse on cryptids island. I’ve done that in real life. It would be cool if you could ride quad bikes or motorbikes with jet-rockets attached. I’ve driven quad bikes and rode on motorbikes in real life, and they are FAST, so with rockets they would be pretty extreme.

    ……It’s an awesome throught, really.

  6. The Creator’s Blog doesn’t say anything about a cheesy slogan. Maybe they changed their post? โ“

    Hijuyo: I was referring to “Have a ball this holiday season.” They didn’t call it a cheesy slogan, I did.

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