Bees, bees, the wonderful insect.

I found a cool ad on Counterfeit Island. It’s sporting Honey Nut Cheerios. You have to avoid hornet stingers and catch him from behind. Kinda like when you catch the flying super villain. You get two sweet prizes: One is a Buzz follower and the other is a bee costume.

Thanks to Toxic Jared (aka theloudshark) for the video walkthrough:

Here are some screenshots of the ad, courtesy of RavenclawGurl:

/*Buzz buzz!*\

11 thoughts on “Bees, bees, the wonderful insect.”

  1. There’s also a Gulliver’s Travel ad. The Cheerio and GT ads are scattered throughout Poptropica.
    I took some sscreenshots on my backup account, if these help:

    If you choose the Gulliver quest, you have to block fire arrows. If you choose the Lilliputian quest you have to bring a message or something and avoid the obstacles.

    Oh, and here’s some screenies from the Cherrios one:

    1. It looks like that ad is pretty easy. I beat Betty Jetty a ton of times on my different accounts and when helping my friends beat her. Besides, It looks like you’re pretty close to the bee at the beginning so it’ll be easy to get close enough to capture him unless you get hit too many times. 🙂

  2. On counterfeit island. there’s this new add for Gulliver’s travells instead. In it, you enter the building, and hop on this boat to set sail to find the Bermuda triangle. You control the boat exactly like you would in Skullduggery island. As you enter the triangle, as hard as you try to avoid them, the storm clouds will drop your health gage to zero. Then, as your ship sinks a menu comes up telling you “You’ve found the Bermuda triangle, but your boat got caught in a storm! You’ve landed on a mysterious island. How would you like to to explore the island?”
    You can either explore it as Gulliver or Lilliputian.
    explore it as Gulliver and you become a giant. All the people, and the backgrounds (excluding the advertisment signs) all small, whilst your regular sized. The people are all crying out about how the enemy wants to destroy them and they need a champian, blah, blah, blah… You can watch a trailer, but no cool costumes or whatever.
    Explore as Lilliputian, and you are the same size as the people, who, instead of needing a champian, diss the giant and say he’s a nusicance. gawd… some people really don’t like Jack Black (he was really cool in Kung Fu Panda and School of Rock).
    Once again, no costumes or cool items, just screenshots and a trailer. BO-RING!!!!

    Not much point in visiting it.

    Hijuyo: Enclosed Lightning already made a post about that a few days ago here. 😉

    1. I like The Gulliver Quest better because I kinda think its easier. I did both thinking i would get different prizes each time. But i was wrong. The giant show kept getting me even when i wasn’t under it. Programming error?

  3. The Honey Nut Cheerios is on Counterfeit? But I went on that island and saw Gulliver’s Travels. I don’t know what happened maybe it’s a glitch or I just missed it.

    Hijuyo: Which ad you see may depend on your age/gender, although we don’t know which applies in this case.

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