Cryptids Island

We be sharp aye’d maties.

Haha, ignore the title. I’ve been addicted to Pirates lately, but I never finished Skullduggery. xD

It’s official: The next Poptropica Island is…

…Cryptids Island!

Some sharp-eyed Poptropicans reported seeing the Cryptids logo in the wild a little while back. The rumors were true. You can learn more at the Cryptids Island info page.

So what’s a cryptid? Well… there’s a lot still to discover!

avatar image

Well give a look there. I see a new island coming!

If you are to lazy to go and click that link for the page, here’s a little screenie I got.


Reminds me of Counterfeit Island and a bit of Reality TV, along with some Nabooti. Think it’s worth the wait?

And BTW. If some of you were wondering why I couldn’t post lately, it’s because everyone takes the posts before I even get home from school! Luckily today was a snow day, and it is very icy outside. So I caught this one!