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Welcome to the Poptropica Help Network‘s (PHN’s) FAQ section, for frequently asked questions. Rather than asking something that has already been answered multiple times before, please use this to search for the answer to something you may be wondering.

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Network Questions

This section contains answers regarding the Poptropica Help Network, which includes this blog (PHB), our chatroom (PHC), our YouTube channel (PHV), and our Twitter (PHT).

May I join the Poptropica Help staff?

Staff positions are up to the discretion of the current PHB staff team. That being said, we welcome you to guest-write for the blog, which you can learn more about on our Write for the PHB page. The page also highlights what we look for in potential staff.

write for phb

However, you don’t have to be a staff member to help out in other ways, such as replying to questions you see posted by others in the comments. Additionally, the PHC (Poptropica Help Chat) may be a great place for you to get to know other Poptropicans, including some PHB authors.

We’re currently not looking for new staff writers on the blog, but we would appreciate help over on our Poptropica Help Wiki! You can pitch in on this community project by adding and improving pages for items, characters, scenes, and islands in the world of Poptropica.

Additionally, if you would like to help us create video island walkthroughs for our YouTube channel Poptropica Help Videos (PHV), contact us for more details.

Are you guys the Poptropica Creators?

No, though we wish we were! If you’re curious about Creators, look no further than our Poptropica Creators Database.

The PHB and its various networks are made and maintained by fans of Poptropica. If you would like to contact Poptropica, you’ll want to use the contact link on the Poptropica homepage.

May I use some of the PHB’s content on my own website?

We worked hard to create our content (that includes everything from articles, tools, graphics, etc), and we do not want it stolen. Please, do not copy and paste directly from us without our permission – this is a serious offense called plagiarism.

If you wish to use anything, please ask first and give credit to the Poptropica Help Blog clearly at the top and hyperlink to our site. However, we would much rather you link site visitors directly to the PHB page in question.

Do I have to pay to use PHB and other Poptropica Help networks?

Nope, our services are completely free for you to enjoy! It doesn’t cost you anything.

Where do you get all those sneak peeks from?

Our sneak peeks are mostly from the official Poptropica Creators’ Blog. That’s the website the creators of Poptropica use to show us sneak peeks of upcoming islands and other cool stuff. You can also view special sneak peeks with the Daily Pop, and occasionally, some behind-the-scenes looks into Poptropica’s code.

There’s a new update you haven’t posted yet!

You can contact us about it, but it’s likely that we’re in the process of posting about it, or we won’t see your messages before posting the news. After all, we’re capable of checking for updates, just as you can. However, if you leave a tip we hadn’t known about yet, we’ll give due credit.

Why are there ads on the Poptropica Help Blog?

We run ads to keep this site running, but please note that we have no control over what ads are shown or where they are placed. If you find them intrusive, you can use an ad blocker on your internet browser to prevent seeing them. Additionally, logged-in WordPress.com users will not be shown ads on our site.

Poptropica-Related Questions

We try to help other Poptropicans with any problems they encounter with Poptropica. You can read the official Poptropica FAQ by clicking here, or try to find your question answered below. Here are some commonly asked questions and answers about Poptropica:

How do you go to different islands?

Go to the Main Street of the island you are on. Walk around until you see a rope dangling above you. Climb up that rope. It will lead to a blimp. Click on the blimp to travel. A map of Poptropica’s islands will show up. Simply click on the island you wish to go to, and the blimp will take you there!

How do you beat this island?

Check out the quest guides on this blog, they might help! They can be found on our Island Help page. We also have video guides, maps, and trivia pages for every island. If you still need island quest help, comment on the island’s page that you’re stuck on.

What is Poptropica, and what is the link to play it?

Poptropica is an online game, and this blog was made to give people help about Poptropica. In Poptropica you can do quests, customize your character, play head-to-head games with others and more! It’s an awesome game, so if you don’t have an account yet, we recommend for you to sign up as soon as you can! Visit Poptropica.com to play!

How do you talk to someone?

To talk to someone, just click on them! NPCs (non-player characters) will have automated dialogue. If you want to talk to another player, you have to go to a multiplayer room. Select a player to talk to, then click on the word “Chat” above their heads. You will be given 3 possible questions to ask the player. Choose one by clicking on it. Then 3 answers will be available to the other player. Wait for their reply while they consider which option to choose.

How do you get the jet pack?

Go to the Aircraft Graveyard on Early Poptropica Island (located past the Purple Giant in the sky), then move right and go past the brown aircraft and land on the white and red jet. Now jump off the white and red jet and you should land near, if not on, a yellow table. Sitting on the table should be a silver jetpack, walk over to it to get it! You should now have obtained an item – “Jet Pack”.

How do you change your name on Poptropica?

Once your account has been created, you can’t change its name. If you really want a different name, you can create a new account, but that would mean starting over. For a list of Poptropica names possible, click here.

Is <insert name here> Island real?

If it isn’t one of the islands that have already been released, or one of the islands that according to the Poptropica Creators will be released in the future, then it is probably, and most likely, just a rumor. Refer to the question-and-answer above for information on future islands. However, it is possible that the rumored island may one day be released. But there is also a chance that it may not be – so we will just have to wait and see.

I saw someone wearing this cool thing in a multiplayer room. How do you get it?

Click on the green shirt on the top right corner, and then click on the person wearing the thing you don’t know how to get but that you want. This will take you to the Costumizer screen with that person. Select what you want to wear, and then click the “Accept” button at the bottom of the Costumizer screen. (Note: Some items may not be Costumizable. However, you can add the person as a friend and use the Customize Anything glitch from our Glitching page to get anything they have on!)

Why won’t the game let me keep my advertisement cards?

Item cards earned through advertisement games are usually labeled as ‘For a limited time only.’ This means after the advertisement is gone from the game, so will the rewards. Some people are able to keep the rewards by earning them, then not logging in even long after the ad has disappeared.

I’ve won multiplayer games so many times, but why do I still not have 5 stars yet?

It is very easy to get the first few battle ranking stars, but once you reach around 4 stars you will notice it takes longer to get a higher ranking, which is why it is so rare to have 5 stars. Some have won over 100 games and are still only 4 stars in rank. We don’t know how long, or how many wins, it takes to get to 5 stars, but if you keep winning more and more games your chances to 5 stars will be bigger and with hard work and skill you may be able to achieve the honorable 5 stars rank. Good luck!

What are the phone codes for the cell phone from Nabooti Island? Are there any promo codes? Also, are there any glitches and cheats on Poptropica?

For a full list of phone codes and other glitches, click here for our Cheat Codes page. There’s all kinds of codes, including a randomizing glitch, the brain helmet, customizing anything, and more!

I’m having trouble with having the game automatically save for me like it should. I know I got a certain item, but when I logged back in it was gone! What can I do?

Try going to [Tools] (it should be at the top, in your browser) [Delete Browsing History] – Then delete the cookies and the temporary internet files. This is called clearing your cache. If that doesn’t work, it’s a glitch that may make you to be unable to finish the island.

In multiplayer rooms, why are some people called “Name Unknown”/ Why is my character called “Name Unknown”?

If people are being labeled as Name Unknown, Poptropica probably isn’t working properly for them. If you have this problem, read the Q-and-A above (#14) to see how you can fix the problem. If it won’t work, you might need to create a new account.

I forgot my username/password, is there any way to get it back?

If you forget your username, probably not, so make sure you keep your details somewhere safe in case you need them! However, if you know your username and have an email address associated with your Poptropica account, you can type in your username, then click OK. It will prompt you about forgetting your password. You can then get your password reset through email.

Why does Poptropica have membership? How can I get membership for free?

Poptropica makes money off of selling membership (as well as putting up ads in the game). Money is needed to support the website, and if they don’t earn that money, they may not be able to keep Poptropica running. (Think about it this way – It’s better to have membership in Poptropica than no Poptropica at all.) Also, you don’t have to buy it if you don’t want to, but you can still enjoy the game itself. You can’t get membership for free, unless someone else is nice enough to buy it for you (if that happens, be sure to thank them!). For a more in-depth look into whether buying membership is worth it, click here to our Membership Tour page.

When was Poptropica made? Who created it?

Poptropica was officially launched on September 2007. It was created by Family Education Network, a division of Pearson Education, Inc. Jeff Kinney, the author of the bestselling Diary of a Wimpy Kid book series, is also the creator of Poptropica.com (as stated in the back of some of his books).

Do I have to pay to play Poptropica?

Anyone can sign up for a Poptropica account free of charge, but paying extra money for Poptropica membership gives you added benefits in-game.

There’s something wrong with my Poptropica account!

We’re sorry, but because we are not the Poptropica Creators, there is nothing we can do to help since we cannot change the game itself. You can try contacting them through the link on the Poptropica homepage. If something’s wrong with an island quest you’re on, such as missing items, try restarting the island.

My character is stuck somewhere and I can’t move! I’m trapped and there’s no way to get out.

Log into your Poptropica account and use the PopTransport tool to teleport to any other location. Note that you will have to go back to wherever you were to continue what you were doing, but at least you won’t be stuck anymore. If this does not work, contact Poptropica.

What is the promo code for the Lightning Knight and Medusa Surfer costumes from the Nintendo DS video game, Poptropica Adventures?

The code is different for each game that is purchased, and it can only be used once. It would be unlikely that someone who paid money for the video game would just give away their code, because only one Poptropica account is able to unlock the costumes. If you bought the game, you can find your unique code at the back of the instruction booklet.

Do you have a question of your own that isn’t listed here? Post a comment below or use our contact form and we’ll try to answer it for you. You should also check first to make sure it’s not a question that we have already answered before by reading the questions above, reading the official Poptropica FAQ, and searching the rest of our blog with the search bar at the top. If all else fails, contact Poptropica about your issue.

(c) Poptropica Help Network

818 thoughts on “FAQ”

  1. Clothes Minded: Actually, no, you cannot customize the fairy wand through customizer because it its a hand-held item. And I highly doubt they will start memberships, since the “super-special” outfits turned out to be sold in Poptropica store, as you know, and can be bought with credits.

    Scary Tomato: I love your work and if I’m not aloud to help people like this than 😳 SORRY! And this blog is awesome! :mrgreen:

  2. Hi i am Mimi my poptropica girl is called fierce Stinker

    But did you know where is Binary Bard ??
    Where did Dr.hare go??

    i aam the same age as you and i live in Hong Kong too!!
    I am a girl!!

    Ps you rock your blog!! and i really love this blog!!Dude you rock!!!

    ST: Thanks! To answer your questions, Dr. Hare probably perished in space with his rabbot. Binary Bard may have also died, but nobody’s sure about either one yet. 😉

    1. The princess said that without the orb, he would be trapped in his fortress forever.

    1. I do! First, to get on the planet, lure the space sharks away, by shooting at them and leading them to the black hole.If you need help with the rest, just ask, or read the guide! The guide is on the Island Help page. 😉

    2. Here’s how you complete it:

      After you get on, jump from block to block and watch out for the Mechanical Piranha by either ducking (this is the hard way) or jumping really fast. After you go right, climb to the top of the mountain, watching out for the giant snowball. When you find the Blue Knight, who’s name is Sir Garwin, and ask him all of the questions optional until you get a Force Shield. Then, fight the TigerCopper by using the Force Shield to bounce off the snowballs, but not the icicles. The icicles can damage the Force Shield, and when the Force Shield is completely gone, it has to recharge, so when it is, you can’t bounce anything off, so it will mean you got freezed.

      Sorry if this is hard to understand, but there is a guide on the Island Help Page, under Astro Knights, and you can read the Ice Planet Part.

  3. My cousin and I both have poptropica accounts, and when we both go into the same multiplayer room, I can’t see her character and vice versa. Do you know what’s going on?

    1. Yes. It is because, if there is more than six poptropicans in a room, than the other person will go into a diffrent one. This is why it is so hard to throw parties or meet in poptropica. But I’ve done it a few times… it’s possible. Keep trying!

    2. Fearless Melon, think of how many people go on Poptropica at the same time. There are millions of multiplayer rooms. The best way to meet up is through the Multiverse. At least one of you will have to buy it. To send each other the codes, you must do it by instant messaging.
      (texting, phone calls, e-mail, etc.)

  4. um when i do the puzzle on the puzzle door theres always a spot still gray what do I do? thanks Comical Skull

    ST: Follow the guide; it has a diagram to help you complete the puzzle door properly. 😉

  5. Heres a guide to haunted house:
    go to the roof and chase the bat with the key until you get the key, then go to the left of the roof and unlock the door go into the house and go right to a ghost cat, the cat will tell you to get 4 treasures. go to the middle and jump on the knights head, and get the axe, then use it on the ice in the freezer, get the ice. then go to the dining room an click on the spider above the witch picture get the broom-stick and take it to the top level. go to the chest and click on it, this is the combination: Far right- up, middle- down, left- up, bottom- left, middle- right, top left, that’s the code.
    then go to the clocks in the bedroom and then click on them, this requires a lot of patience. wait for both clocks to ring at the same time twice then a lamp will appear in the fireplace below, go to the basement where you arrived and fill it with oil. go to the basement again and complete the boiler puzzle, stand on the boiler and float to a shelf to get the poison, go to the cat and then go outside to the angel statue and go down the hole next to it, you win!

  6. How do I change my password?

    Hijuyo: Log on to Poptropica and click on the star icon in the top-right corner. When an interface opens, click on ‘Change Password’ and enter the necessary information. 🙂

  7. How do i get credits from another account?Beacause i have many credits on my second account and i need to get it to my first account.Please reply.

    Hijuyo: Unfortunately, you can’t transfer Poptropica credits from one account to another. 😉

  8. hey hijuyo, i need a blog author for my blog. would you be interested to join? but keep in mind, it is on blogger. so you might have to make an account on blogger unless you have one (it is very simple! just fill out a username/ pass, email, and i think thats it!). otherwise, if you have any questions, pm me on the PHF chat, or email me.

    Hijuyo: Cool blog, but much as we’d like to join, we are often busy with the PHB and other life matters, so we won’t be able to help much. 😦

    1. Of course, but please remember not to copy-and-paste any of our guides/pictures/etc word for word. (Links only, to redirect readers here.) Thanks! 🙂

  9. I love This site a lot it made me want to make one and Hijuyo, im happy your a christian just like me :))

    Hijuyo: Awesome; I’m so glad this is inspiring to you! 🙂

    1. Hey, I’m a Christian too! Maiby someday us Christians could have a meeting in a multiverse room.

  10. I figued out how to make you have the name “Name Unknown” Just log in to your account then hit the back button,then hit the forward button and you will show up as “Name Unknown

    1. Yeah. I hated that there were no refunds in the store. Luckily, since I have Membership, sorry I had to rub it in. 😦 I get every item in the store for free, and every item I got with membership will be removed from my backpack, and I’ll get a refund!

  11. I need help! MY 5 year old loves this game; I don’t know much about it. Anyway, apparently he got pushed into the water at The Docks and we can’t find a way out of the water. Can anyone help, please?! There have been a lot of tears shed over this and I don’t know how to fix it for him!!
    Thank you –

    Hijuyo: If you mean the docks on Counterfeit Island, just swim all the way to the right side until you reach land again. Jump back up to get out of the water and have fun playing! 😉

    1. Thanks but I don’t think it is on an island; he is surrounded by tall rock walls and can only go so far left or right. Any other ideas?! And thanks again!

      1. He probably is on Early Poptropica Island… Also, I think, once, someone, a long time ago. Hmmm… I really don’t know how to solve it, though.

      2. I think that happend to me 2… I dont know how I got out. what island was he last on? OH! try to do the poptransport thingy!!!! There’s a link to it on the right side of the site Hope this help

  12. Why won’t the game let me keep my advertisement cards?

    Hijuyo: Advertisement cards are only available for a limited time. 😛

    1. One of my 8 accounts has a bunch of ad cards,about a dozen or more that the ads have come and passed years ago and I still have them!!

      Hijuyo: If you don’t log in for a long time after the advertisements were supposed to be gone, you might be able to keep some.

  13. I have a question. On Astro-Kinghts, whenever I enter the Ice Planet, a note pops up and says…
    “We seem to be experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again later.”
    And I can never enjoy the iciness of the ice planet! I have AK completed on my main account, but because of this glitch in the system, I can’t complete it on any other of my accounts! I was just trying it on Grumpy Wolf, and I worked really hard to get those space sharks out, and now I have to redo them again because of stupid technical difficulties!!! Has this note ever come up with one of you guys, and if so, how do you get it away?

    1. I have some ideas.

      1. check your internet connection.

      2.try it on a different island.

      3.contact the creators.(At the bottom of the poptropica screen is says “contact us”)

  14. Hi guys I have a question. Where do you get the beards aside from the ones in the poptropica store,and the dog costume scary tomato used to have and all the stuff like that.


    Hijuyo: You can either Costumize them from other players if it is possible, or use hacks to get such items that you can’t normally get in the game. 😉

  15. for first off my character is named hyperhawk on poptropica. i have the pirate hat from the membership deal the creaters had. the time tangled animal mask. the half metal face. the mouth glitch(it makes your mouth move at all times). the suit and tie with a lab coat(on spy island in the spyglasses store). the pharoh belt. the devil wings and tail. a yellow guitar. the grim reaper robe.

  16. Popular Cloud: Either make a wordpress account and select your own or use a different email. WordPress lets you pick, dif. email doesn’t. Also I notciced that on Q7 Have doesn’t have the h . :
    You should ave acquired an item called “Warrior Headdress”.

  17. I haven’t come to this site for a REALLY long time, but now I’ve logged in, and to say the truth I preferred the previous theme.
    No problems witht is one, really,but the other one seemed more… friendly.

    Hijuyo: That’s okay, this theme is easy to get used to. And it’s blue like Poptropica. 😀

  18. Please help:

    I went on Spy Island and I know that I have completed it, but when I went to talk to the people on Main Street, their hair kept disappearing. Please tell me what’s going on!

    Thanks! 😀

    Hijuyo: Check to make sure Director D is locked in a cage in headquarters to know you’ve completed the quest! If not, go back and defeat him again, then make sure you save the game. 😉

  19. Poptropica is different!!! If you enter you or your parent’s e-mail, they can give you your password!

  20. Hijuyo, I was wondering what do you have to enter on your keyboard to take a picture? (I have a Mac)
    Thanks! 😀

    Hijuyo: Command + Shift + 4 for a screenshot. It will be on your Mac’s desktop. 😉

  21. OK so..i can get to any island, but when i try to go to the next page of the island by clicking “left” or “right” on each side of the screen, it takes me back to the log in screen and wont let me go to any other part of the island than the main part or screen. Can anyone help me?

    Hijuyo: This seems to be a common Poptropica glitch. I’d suggest playing on another computer.

  22. Everytime I try to enter a room I get “This Room Is Not Available.”
    Why is this?

    Hijuyo: There may be too many people in the room already. Try logging out and logging back in, playing on another computer, or attempting to re-enter the room.

    1. Actually I found out something interesting.

      I use Mozilla Firefox and it gives me that message. When I use Internet Explorer it lets me.

      Is there any possible cache, cookies I need to activate in firefox?

      Hijuyo: I’m not sure, but since it works on Internet Explorer for you, then I would suggest just using that.

  23. Whenever i log onto my account, it says: it appears your game data has been lost for this session, Why does it say that and how can i stop it for good?

    Hijuyo: After you are done playing, you should click the “Save and Quit” button in the lower-right corner and click to log out. This will save your progress so data will not be lost.

  24. hey. How long do our comments stay in moderation when we comment on dis site? 😀

    Hijuyo: It depends on when your comment was submitted. It could be approved within hours, or maybe a week or so if I’m away/busy. Usually, though, it takes no longer than a day to be moderated. A PHB staffer will read over your comment and decide whether to approve or delete it. 😉

    1. Wait, if you choose which comments to approve, then why are some insulting to the site? I remember in the “chat” section, someone named Black Mouse or something kept saying “ur site sucks” and stuff like that. Can’t you delete it?

      Hijuyo: Yes, but chose not to so we could show them how we didn’t appreciate such comments. The person later told us they were sorry they had said such things, so it also serves as a warning to others.

  25. When I try to log into my account, I receive a message that reads, “An error while connecting to the Database occurred. Try a bit later.” I have waited about an hour and I still find this message in the corner of my screen. Is there anything else I can do? Or can I only wait and try again later? D:

    Thank you for taking time to read this and possibly answer. I would e-mail the creators but I have often done this with other errors and they never reply.

    Hijuyo: Great Pumpkin Island was just released to the public, so there have been a huge rush of people trying to log in at once, causing Poptropica’s servers to crash. Don’t worry, it’ll probably work fine within a day or so. 😉

  26. when i go on to my account, i go to its the great pumpkin,charlie brown, then i go to the far left or far right it takes me to a different screen. so i click on left or right, and it TAKES ME BACK TO THE TITLE SCREEN EVERY TIME!!!! ITS JUST SO FUSTRATING!!! HOW DO I FIX IT???!!!

    Hijuyo: Try playing on another computer. It sounds like your computer may be having difficulty loading the game.

  27. My credits are disappearing even though I am not purchasing anything. Has anyone ever heard of that happening? Is there any way I can get my credits back? I just joined yesterday and am still trying to figure this all out! 🙂

    Hijuyo: Credits shouldn’t disappear unless you make a purchase with them. Check your Store items to make sure you haven’t bought anything. Otherwise, it could be a glitch on Poptropica’s part.

  28. I have a question!! My friend told me that on poptropica you can play the same island more than once on different levels. Is that true?? And can you play multiple levels on an island that you beat before the update? Thanks in advance!!

    Hijuyo: As of right now, it’s not possible to replay islands, though this feature has been rumored.

  29. When is the next island coming.

    Hijuyo: Most of the time we cannot answer this question, but keep checking back on our blog for news if the Poptropica Creators reveal any exact dates.

  30. I randomized my poptropican..but how do i put her back to the way she was before?

    Hijuyo: You will have to find the parts of her old costume all over again, unless you already have it saved with the Costume Mirrors item from the Poptropica Store.

  31. I have a poptropica Membership But forgot my password to log in on my game n i haven’t gotten on in 7 months how do i get my password back n did my account get deleted?

    Hijuyo: Yes, accounts that are inactive for six months are automatically deleted. Since your account doesn’t exist anymore, you probably don’t have the membership anymore.

  32. How do i get to the stuff i bought on the poptropica store

    Hijuyo: Go to your inventory and at the top, select the category “Store Items” from the dropdown list.

  33. Hey, um I really need a guide for cryptids island, so any assistance is good! Thanks!

    Hijuyo: Click here for our Cryptids Guide. We also have guides for other islands on our Island Help page, so check that out if you need to! 🙂

  34. There’s a glitch in my computer. In poptropica, the screen was cut off and I couldn’t see, like the whole place or screen. That;s why in Suerpower Island, I can’t, like, flush down the toilet to beat that sewer man villian person thing. How do you fix it?

    Hijuyo: You may have your browser view zoomed in. Make sure the zoom is at 100% (normal level).

  35. Hi,Hijuyo.I just wanted to know,how did you make your character say:wecome to scary tomato’s weblog on your header on the April fools post? (https://poptropica.wordpress.com/2011/04/02/april-fools/) ?

    Hijuyo: That was made before I knew of the Poptropica dialog font (Creative Block BB; search for the free download if you’d like – typing is a lot faster), so I did it the slow way – taking screenshots of Poptropica speech bubbles and cutting and pasting the letters. x)

  36. I saw this poptropican with a strange kind of gum that turns you into different colors!

    Can you tell me where i can find this color changer gum?

    Hijuyo: This is probably the Wunder Tonic which was released during the Wild West Island sneak preview stages and is no longer available.

  37. Hijuyo,I wanted to ask,is it ok if I use your walktroughs?If so,here is how they will look:
    Source: http://www.PoptropicaHelp.Net

    {*The …’s are the walktrough text.}
    Anyways………….what do you say?May I?PLEEEASSSEEEE???????

    Neat Cheetah

    Hijuyo: It’s cool that you find our guides helpful enough to want to share, but we’d prefer if you only posted a link on your website that led to the guides on our website. In other words, the content itself should be viewed on the PHB.

  38. Hey, i don’t know if this question was aked already, there is just too much stuff to look through. In spy island in poptropica, everytime i want to go to the hair barber place, it just takes forever to load, then logs me out, how do I stop this?

    Hijuyo: For better performance, you might want to try using a different/better computer and making sure the web browser you’re using is updated to its latest version.

  39. Hijuyo,can I please use your guides for my website?I PROMISE to give credit to yall!

    Hijuyo: This question is the second one addressed on the Network FAQs. You can link to our website but may not copy and paste our content on yours.

  40. I made my character small with the grow and shrink ad which isn’t displaying anymore, and now he’s stuck on small. How do I get my character regular-sized again?

    Hijuyo: Try using the ‘Minimizer’ item from the Poptropica Store to shrink and unshrink your character.

  41. dear poptropica owners
    a long time ago there was a cool feature that made you big and small. i turned on big and left it on big.so now the feature has gone away and im stuk with being big. so i cant complet river stiks on mytholygy island i am sad . help me get big again.

    Hijuyo: First of all let me correct some mistakes – we are not the Poptropica owners, the river is named Styx, and I think you want to get small again, not big. With that said, you can use the Minimizer item from the Poptropica Store to make your character’s size significantly smaller.

  42. Um… Hijuyo? I don’t have this problem anymore, but when I had the regular Internet Explorer, and went through the areas that have advertisements on signs, I would get logged out and taken to the main page that has the “New Player” and “Returning Player” buttons. When my mom switched to the Mozilla Firefox browser, I didn’t have this problem anymore. Why was this happening?

    Hijuyo: Maybe your Internet Explorer wasn’t updated to its latest version, which could cause problems when browsing the web. It is always recommended that you update your web browser whenever there is a new version.

  43. I recently updated my flashplayer and now poptropica will not let me log in.
    I cannot even create a new character. I get an oops page that I have to right-click on to resolve the problem, but that is not helping.

    Hijuyo: Updating usually makes things better, so the problem probably isn’t your flashplayer. Maybe try playing on a different computer or using a different web browser updated to its latest version.

  44. I bought a bobblehead from the poptropica store. It was fun for a while, but then I tried to take it off, and it wouldn’t get off! So, I deleted the card, thinking that it would get rid of the bobblehead, but it didn’t, so I tried to buy the card back, but it wouldn’t let me. It’s getting really old, and really annoying! Do you know a way to take it off?

    Hijuyo: Go to your Store Items in your inventory and select the “Turn all special effects off” button at the bottom of the screen.

  45. i hate it how sometimes parents won’t let you do stuff like give an email for a game. and i have a question… i have 500 credits but it still says i have to buy 500 credits. but to get a membership you only need 500 credits. so i’m confused.

    Hijuyo: Maybe you can ask them to let you have your own email address. Also, you never “have to” buy credits. Membership cannot be bought with credits, only real money. They are just extras in the game.

    1. On Windows, use the ‘Print Screen’ button (usually labeled PrtScn) and then ‘Paste’ (Ctrl+V) onto an image editing program (eg. MS Paint). Then Save (Ctrl+S) to your computer. On a Mac, press the Command+Shift+3 (or 4 instead of 3 if you want to crop first) keys together and look for it on your desktop.

  46. I am playing shrinkray island and think there is a program bug. I was under cjs bed and logged off. The next time I logged in my character ran to the left and tried to push the fan. I had no control over my character. I can’t get him to go the other direction, or to jump or anything. My mouse pointer was on loading/saving turning round and round symble. Please help me! I have enen tried logging out and back in and still no control over charater.
    Thank you!

    Hijuyo: Sounds like a stuck location. You should try using the PopTransport tool (click here) to try and teleport away to another location, where you will be able to control your character.

  47. I am running Vista with Firefox 5. When I visit this website: http://www.poptropica.com using Firefox, and select a character and try to enter the game, I get a message saying: sorry, but it appears that your game data has been lost for this session…. It then goes on to give instructions on how to reset the Local Storage Setting for Flash ( setting it to ask for permission to store data). Howerve, after following the instructions and reloading the page, I get the same error message. When I use Internet Explorer, Flash always asks for permission to store data on the computer, and after allowing it to do so, I can play the game.

    But with Firefox, it never displays the box to ask permission to store data, and I cannot play the game. What can be wrong??


    1. Maybe there is something wrong with Firefox or your computer. Ask family of friends if they can check out what.

  48. my first time on poptropica and i already don’t know what to do???????
    i am making my poptropican and every time i move her the eyes keep half closing and i don’t know wat 2 do (note this happenseven when i make the eyes open while standing that is)

    1. I think that’s supposed to happen (isn’t there an option to have your Poptropican’s eyes half-closed all the time?). And what do you mean by “when i make the eyes open while standing”?

  49. HELP! My poptrpican can’t get off her horse. She can’t travel onto the hot air bloloon/blimp thingy because the horse is too heavy. The tired passenger tells me my poptropican needs a horse to deliver the messenge, but I ALREADY HAVE ONE!? And my follower animal thingy is stuck flying near the greeting sign of Wild West Island. ANY IDEAS!? I already tried to refresh the page again, but it still won’t work!

  50. i was on shrink ray island and got up to where the fan was.Then i made it go down and turned it on then i saved my game because i had to leave. I went on later and i was on the other side of the fan and i could not get back over the other side to continue or exit the island.so what can i do to get back and the boloon wass on the other side please can you answer and tell me a way i can try.

    1. Look for where my question was answered on how to get back to the beginning of an island instead of restarting it. That should help!

  51. To maddy: Go next to the lamp, turn the heat up, and when you go back to the room, knock over the trash can and jump on the floating trash, over the bed, and over the fan. You are not required to do this untill later, but my character was in the same situation, and I found it neccasary.

    1. i wasnt upto that bit yet though it was erlyer in the game when you have to get the usb thing from under the bed

  52. To: Maddy
    I know, but if you follow my instructions, you should be able to get over the fan, start it, and retrieve the flush drive. Even though that is a later step, I had to do the same thing, when I couldn’t retrieve the flush drive. 🙂 Hope this helped!

  53. My friend’s Poptropican went crazy! We were together, working on his account. When we where in the kitchen in Shrink Ray island, a warning popped up, and then his guy started thrashing and kicking randomly and no matter where we clicked he wouldn’t stop! Then he pulled out the handcuffs from Super Power island and started hitting himself! And after that he took out a sword and knocked himself down! For a second ther were crosses over his eyes,and then he jumped up and started all over again. I know it sounds crazy, but I promise that it’s true! I’ve got videos on my phone to prove it. Now my friend is too scared to go on Poptropica anymore! PLEASE HELP!!!!!

  54. If during a game in poptropica u click the red x to close the windows internet without logging out will your account be deleted????because for some reason mine did i accidentally clicked an x and then tried to loggin again but it says my username doesn’t exist………………………………i know for sure that i type evrything correctly because when i made the account i wrote down my username and password……………………………………please help!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. hi. when i created my poptropica i didn’t look at the screen name i choose and wanted to know if i can some how change the screen name

    Hijuyo: You can’t, but if you want a different one you’re welcome to make another account.

  56. Can I move my saved game to another computer? When I log into another computer it says I don’t have anything saved.

    Hijuyo: If you have a game saved with a username and password, it should work on any computer you enter it on.

  57. there is something wrong with my wildwest island!!! the bank is always there!! i am up to where you come from the underground place (there is a cow so random) could u please tell me how to make the bank blow up? i know its not possible but el mustachio won’t blow it up!!!

  58. OOPS!
    Sorry but it appears that your game data has been lost for this session!Please try returning to the home page ad logging in again. To prevent this error from happening again, try the following the steps below:

    1)Right click in this window and select settings. (global settings or just settings????)
    2)go to local storage tab (folder icon) (not there…)
    3)make sure never ask again is NOT checked and move the storage size slider to 100KB or higher. (what???????????)
    4)click close and try logging in from the home page.(……….)
    BACK TO HOME PAGE(this is inside a blue box)
    **if you’d like to RESET your game session data and continue playing as a new character, please select your gender below and we’ll create a new look for you. (I’ve tried this and the box just pops up again)
    BOY(in box) GIRL (in box)
    (All My PCs are showing this including my New Windows 7 Brandnew Laptop.

  59. Will there ever be music on poptropica!?!

    Hijuyo: There are already some music/sound effects found in Poptropica, like in the piano mini game on Great Pumpkin Island.

  60. i cant seem to finish an island so i want to leave and go to a different island but will i have to start over the island i left then? cuz im at the last stage and it was very hard to get there and to get to the blimp ill have to leave. Is it possible to continue at the same place?

  61. i tried saving my game but it came up that an error had occurred and that i should try again later ……… i have tried several times later over the past couple of days but it still doesn’t work does anyone know how to fix it ?

  62. As of the past couple of days my daughter is having problems logging into Poptropica using Safari with Parental Controls turned on. When I turn off Parental Controls (not a good solution for us) then it works fine. When turned on I get the message “Adobe Flash was unable to establish a connection to Poptropica. Please try again or try a different browser.” I have tried various items in the “Allow access” section of the Parental Controls, but nothing it working other than turning off Parental Controls completely.

  63. How come some items in the Poptropica store don’t stay there forever? Like the Time Freeze and the Holiday Ball? Or other member items that are gold cards such as the Steamworks Mech Pilot?

    1. I say there could be any reason. Perhaps they wanted room for more items. Or maybe the items for there for something new but they decided to get rid of them. I also say that if your having troubles with that, you should just try to get it while it’s there. Okay?

  64. For some reason on ‘legendary swords’ whenever I press the space bar nothing happens and when I use a sword I bought is the shop the sword just gets lifted but that has no effect someone PLEASE HELP ME!

  65. Hi I love Poptropica and I hve recently been playing the Shrink Ray Island mini game. And I won like the pack of crayons where you can change the colour of your poptropican. So i used it had some fun but now i can’t go back to normal!!! Whats happening?

  66. Rachel, go to one of the first Poptropica Islands. (I think it’s Early Poptropica) and walk around until you find the balloon stand. Clicking on the balloons will change the color of your skin, and I think the default skin tone is on there. 🙂 Hope this helped!

  67. i cant see any other players, i was chatting with my friend on the phone, and she told me to meet her at some place in wimpy wonderland, and she said she was siting on the couch, as was i, BUT SHE COULDN’T SEE ME AND I COULDN’T SEE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have no idea if its my computer or the website is having problems…but i really want it fixed, i dont care what i need to do, to do it.

      1. Yeah.Only meet her in a common room.If she’s not there,go back outside,and come back in.Hopefully at one point you’ll see her!!!!:)

  68. I’m new to iMac, and my son desperately wants to play Poptropica.
    Please don’t laugh…..but….
    How in the Bloody Blue Blazes can I download Poptropica to my new Mac 21″.
    I am all thumbs at this…please help…for the kids!!

    Hijuyo: You don’t download Poptropica. You just need to have an internet connection (and since you’re here, that means you do), and go on the Poptropica.com website.

  69. Okay guys so I’ve been having a problem on Poptopica lately and really want your help! So i’m on shrink ray island and i am in the girl’s house, shrunken. but i’m stuck! im in her bed area and where the tipped over trash can is. But it won’t let me go to the left cuz the fan is all the way down and i can’t get over it to press the button. and it won’t let me go to the right just cuz im not supposed to yet. and i can’t get on the bed. It won’t let me to that either. Also one last thing: i am aware that there is an air vent but when I click on it it say i can’t do anything with it yet. So how do i get out!? i can’t reach my balloon to go to another island so im completely stuck! is anyone else having this problem? Can you help me? Thx sooooo much!

    1. Ok so press the home button and there should be a island like vampires curse click on it and then go back there and you will be in her bed room not stuck good luck!

  70. I was wondering if you could make a new island about werewolves and in the island you get bitten by on and at night you turn into a werewolf and you can controle the time with a metter that says night/day.

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