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Adventurous Poptropica Worlds House Tour: Invisible Ring 🏡

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Invisible Ring. Enjoy!

Hey everybody! Surprised to see me? After my complete collection of Poptropica clubhouse tours, I wasn’t sure I was going to post anything else here. But when I looked at the comments section of my last tour, I was suggested to try Poptropica Worlds next, so here I am! 

Like with Poptropica Original, I gave my Worlds clubhouse a recent makeover. I made a video of what my Worlds house looked like before I changed it, so it can be compared with my tours. What do you think?

It’s time for me to get down from this swingset and get into my clubhouse!

So this is what my clubhouse on Poptropica Worlds looks like, huh? Hmmm… I like the lighthouse painting and aquarium, but I wonder about that map. I can’t quite put my finger on it…but I think it looks just like the map of Skullduggery Island!

Speaking of skullduggery, I think I want to watch a pirate movie!

…oh no, not again! Do I not have a remote for this TV either?? I have a bone to pick with whoever is in charge of all the clubhouse TVs. If we don’t get remotes, there should at least be an on/off button on our TVs. Otherwise, how the heck are we supposed to watch ‘em?!

Oh, well. Moving up to the second floor… hey, it’s dark up here! …wait a minute, it’s dark out there, too! This place is REALLY giving me the creeps…

Oh, look, a door. Normally, I wouldn’t think twice about going in that door and seeing what’s inside, but not this time! I’m NOT looking for trouble around here. I’ll use the rope over there and move up to the third floor instead.

Holy smokes! Is this the top floor of my clubhouse? It’s incredible! It looks just like an ancient fortress or the inside of a warship or… something that’s mysterious and awesome. It feels like I just traveled back in time!

I like how that Athena statue is pointing right at that map! I can almost hear her tell me, “Go forth, young warrior!”

Ok, I’m ready to go forth and open this door — Aw, snap, it’s locked! Open Sesame! …Doggone it, it won’t open! Maybe these musical instruments will help… no? Too bad I don’t have my reed pipe with me, I bet that would’ve opened the door!

And on this side of the museum… it doesn’t feel like that adventure hallway over there.

I think this feels more like a warrior hallway. There sure is a lot of Viking stuff on the walls, and it looks like this knight won’t let me through that door. Not that it matters, though, it’s locked anyway. Perhaps I’ll just sit here for a minute and finish sightseeing. Then I’ll keep exploring!

I’ll just drop down like a ninja and… GERONIMO! Woohoo! Perfect landing right on the bouncy chair! WHEEEE!

That was fun. Hey, wow! Look at that! This is COMPLETELY different than that dark hallway over there. I bet whatever is behind that door is gonna be just as great as what’s out here! But I’ll have to come back to it later. I’m not quite done with my tour yet.

Another garden? Cool! If I buy more plants and trees, I can make another indoor jungle to explore! It seems sort of controversial to pair it with the skyline painting and rocket lantern up there, but then again, I can pretend I’m on a cross-country adventure! Yeah!

…This could make a great movie. I should’ve taken the movie director from my first clubhouse tour with me.

I’m back where I started already? Wow. That was quick. But why am I surprised? I know for a fact that Poptropica Worlds’ clubhouses are years older than the Poptropica Original clubhouses. I bet that’s why these Worlds clubhouses are that much smaller.

What am I going to do with my two bonus rooms on the second floor? I’d better root through my closet and think of something quick! …um…

Thanks for joining me, hope you enjoyed my tour, and I’ll be back soon to share the other two parts of my Worlds clubhouse tour! See ya!

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Invisible Ring. If you did, you might also enjoy her many other Poptropica clubhouse tours, such as this dreamy one!

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11 thoughts on “Adventurous Poptropica Worlds House Tour: Invisible Ring 🏡”

    1. Actually, it DOES still save progress. Or at least mine. It saved ALL of my changes to my clubhouse and I gained more coins and bought more stuff to decorate with in the remodeling. That all saved, too. And I am still working on my other worlds tours, so it’s all working perfectly fine for me! The only thing it doesn’t save is my new looks I give myself. It switches back to my signature look on my tour up above each time I log back in but that is hardly an issue. I just go into my closet and change looks again!

    1. I’m glad you liked my worlds house tour, and don’t worry, I’m working on the tours for my 2 clubhouse rooms as well!

    1. Thank you! I like how my top floor came out, too. WAY better than the way it was before in my video.

  1. I love your clubhouse tours! Filming a movie here would be pretty awesome actually. Too bad that Carson Willis, that famous movie director from Back Lot, is retired and the Movie Theater was taken off of Home Island.😜
    I wish worlds was multi-player, though, because it’s super fun to see all the different people who come to your clubhouse! But the decorating by itself, especially the Viking corner in my opinion, is really awesome!

    Can’t wait for Part Two!

    1. Thanks a lot, Friendly Shell! I’m glad you liked the top floor too. I am really happy with how it came out! And I feel a lot more confident about the 2nd part of my worlds tour than the 1st part, so I can hardly wait for part 2 to come out either!

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