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Popular Poptropican: Slanted Fish

Howdy doodly Poptropican friends! It’s LJ here with the final interviewee of the Popular Poptropican staff lineup. She’s the friendliest of fishes, the editor-in-chief, the very creator of this Poptropica Help Blog… it’s the one and only Slanted “Fishy” Fish! Does she really need an introduction, though? Let’s pop right into it!

1. What has it felt like to watch something you created grow so much and even get recognized by Poptropica themselves?

No doubt it’s been amazing! When I first started this blog, I couldn’t have imagined how big it would become. I didn’t really have any expectations — I just wanted to make a blog about something I cared about, because I had been inspired by fan blogs on the internet for other games I played, made by kids and young adults.

I remember the first time Poptropica made some kind of acknowledgement to the PHB, almost a year after it first began, it was just a feeling of surprise, awe, and excitement from me and others involved with the blog. Since then, it’s been nice to know the Pop Creators are keeping up with what fans are thinking, and to garner an occasional nod of appreciation!

2. What advice would you give to aspiring bloggers or writers in general that you wish you had starting out?

Looking back at some of my earliest posts, I’d say the biggest points I could have done better are writing more concisely and making the formatting more appealing. On the first point, remember that effective news writing is all about how well you’re able to get your message across, and you don’t always need a ton of words to do it. On the second point, it turns out there are ways to polish up a digital post, like making use of hyperlinks, bold text, and images.

Of course, these are things that take time and effort to figure out, and best practices will change over time. But the old adage remains: practice makes better!

3. What has been the biggest milestone for the PHB?

Just the fact that it’s been around for so long (12 years and counting), almost as old as Poptropica itself, is pretty phenomenal. The community definitely helps keep the spirit alive — without all of you, there’d be no blog here!

4. What sort of future do you hope the PHB will have?

I hope the PHB will continue to share Poptropica insights that are thoughtful, truthful, and tale-full for as long as we can dream of and grow from them. Nothing lasts forever, but why not enjoy the ride while we can?

5. Would you say the PHB is like a family? What do you think keeps everyone so involved and connected with the blog?

In a sense, yes! We may not know each other IRL, but we’re in touch with one another digitally and united through our common interest in Poptropica. I think new and solid quality content is what keeps people engaged and coming back — that’s true of any online space!

6. What is your favorite island and villain? 

My favorite island is Shark Tooth, which may seem like an underdog choice, but it’s a classic (Poptropica’s second island!). The blue palm trees in the background are nostalgic Poptropica aesthetics, and despite the simplicity, there’s good story to explore.

And my favorite villain is probably Scheherazade from Arabian Nights. I love her many forms, with impeccable outfits in all and a compelling backstory that tugs at the heartstrings.

7. What challenge in the game has been the hardest to complete in your opinion? 

Anything that’s dependent on game physics is quite the challenge — as in jumping platforms with the right timing or you’re toast. The volcanic platforms on the Fire Planet in Astro-Knights are a great example of this.

8. What is your favorite feature (still here or gone) from the many years of Poptropica? 

The Costumizer, which allowed you to “steal” (well, copy) clothes off characters, was such a unique and fun feature in Poptropica. It’s a shame it didn’t carry over to the new Haxe version of the game (except for on PoptropiCon, where it’s essential to the quest).

9. What is your favorite Poptropica item? 

It’s hard to pick! Maybe the boba tea, since I love drinking the stuff IRL. I also quite like the Rainbow Ride hoodie, which is a staple of my Poptropican’s wardrobe nowadays. And I have to also mention the Fireworks, which makes every PHB party pic so much brighter.

10. What is your favorite Poptropica Easter egg/secret/reference?

It’s got to be the one in Escape from Pelican Rock Island with the PHB license plate. 😄

(LJ: You can friend her on Poptropica with the username slantedfish)

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Thank you for reading, and I’ll see you in the next one. Pop on!

– LJ 🍀


23 thoughts on “Popular Poptropican: Slanted Fish”

  1. Wow! I read the license plates on Escape From Pelican Rock many times, but I didn’t get that one about the PHB. That is nice of the creators of Pelican Rock to add that!

      1. Me either… I have a Chrome PC and for some reason it won’t work on the computer I’m using. Kind of disappointing because when I learned about I was super excited about playing Red Dragon and Twisted Thicket again. I hope the creators bring them back 🙂

      1. Mine might actually be coming up sooner or later. Two months ago (before I was a PHB staff), I sent LJ my submission for Popular Poptropican. He sent back to me that he’s going to figure out something after the staff lineup.

  2. Wow SF, I didn’t know how much we had in common about the things we liked.😂 Also, how does boba tea taste I’m just curious

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