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The PHB 1 Million Monster Competition!

The Monster Competition

ONE MILLION hits! What a milestone! And with such a milestone needs to be something great, something amazing, something nobody has seen since the beginning of Poptropica’s creation. So together the PHB Team managed to find you guys, the readers, something that would truly daze you. Are you ready?

Credits to Codien for tracking down the guy with them.
Credits to the guy that gave me the 4 different outfits. I’m sorry – I can’t remember your name. Is it Bwobby Dobby?

So, what are these outfits? To keep it simple and straight:

The PHB is giving away 20 special Monster Outfits.

All you have to do is send your name to this address:

Hahahaha! Guess who stole the competition email!
Those monsters belong to me!


That’s right all you have to do is send your name to our super-special competition e-mail address to win a genuine, ultimately, extremely rare MONSTER OUTFIT!

This contest ends once all 20 monsters have been given away! Winners will be announced and pictures of the monsters will be displayed as soon as this is all over.

Follow the Agent?

Good Luck!

385 thoughts on “The PHB 1 Million Monster Competition!”

  1. scary tomato, how long does it take to you guys to reply? i really want to know because i sent the email three times! and i really want that monster costume! so how long does it take?

  2. Are the monster pictures going to be revealed before the winners are announced, after or same time?

  3. Looks like Astro Knights in coming pretty soon. I can’t get into the multiplayer rooms. It better be up real soon!

  4. Was the password on the sid- er, um the hea- oh crud, I’m bad at secret talk! But whoever has finished it, can you help me past the password? I don’t get where to put it.

    ST: Sorry, but that’s part of your mission. It wouldn’t be fair to ask for answers. 😉

      1. It was really cool.
        Like a treasure hunt, i LOVED it!!
        (I’d love it even more if i won) lol!

  5. You cant go into multiplayer rooms again they might be working on astro knights but its not on the map!

  6. Wow, if you look on the bottom of the poptropica screen, it changed a little. They added the poptropica store to it.

  7. Is it just me, or is the Poptropica Store symbol just a 3-D Star in stead of a 2-D star with a little person in it?

  8. AGAIN, you can’t go into multiplayer rooms! You could ’til about 5:45pm U.S. Pacific Time. *sigh* Now AK island must be coming VERY soon…

    1. Pacific time…we’re (New York, that is) 3 hours ahead of you, so that’s…at 8:45. Great.

      1. Yeah, once I left my poptropican in a multi-player room, and couldn’t go on poptropica for like 5 hours!
        And Cheerful Claw, I’m a new Yorker as well 😉

  9. ok scary tomato i am getting worried, i have emailed you guys three times already and i have still not gotten a reply yet. please reply becuase i really want the monster costume. :worried:

  10. NEW POST!!!!!!!!

    Monday, June 1, 2009
    A New Little Friend
    When I’m traveling from island to island on my adventures I’m always eager to make new friends. This little guy was the latest to become my new friend. Isn’t he cute?

  11. I soooo can’t wait till Astro Knights,
    when..oh when… will it come?!!
    by the way i know no-one will know the answer i am just soooo excited. 🙂 :greenman:

  12. umm.. Scary Tomato, Codien, Smockers and Grumpy Wolf… when will the name of the newsletter thing be announced??

    ST: June 7th, 2009 – that’s the first Sunday of June. That’ll be when we change the poll (first Sunday of each month) and release a new edition of our newsletter. 😀

  13. probably the day when the multiplayer rooms wasn’t working they were updating the new poptropica shop clothes and they’r special abilities

  14. go onto poptropica. then pull down the items tab to c all the island names. one of them is astro-knights… does this mean it is coming reallly soon? ❓ ❓

  15. go onto poptropica. then pull down the items tab to c all the island names. one of them is astro-knights… does this mean it is coming reallly soon? ❓ ❓ ❓

  16. Here’s a clue for people who hadn’t found it yet: look around the site.
    And yes, I was being sarcastic.

  17. i saved the blog. i sent the phb the phbh (poptropica help blog banner). doctah hare has failed once again!

  18. you know what they should do with the store they should let you return stuff because i bought the dragon suit but i don’t want it anymore…. it’s kind of useless to my character now

  19. Oh no! I put my real name, not poptropican name. P.S. If it would still count and I was one of the 20 that entered, my e-mail is [censored for privacy ~ PHB]

    ST: We’re getting a lot of e-mails, so it might be hard for us to keep track of your name. So please, only enter once. In the same e-mail you sent us (see your “Sent” folder), you can send us another message changing your name if it’s not too late.

    1. It won’t matter, as long as they have your email from emailing them, they’ll know you sent it.

  20. Maybe they’re just putting AK Island on the map but not actually releasing it.

    I’ll check my email just to make sure.

  21. Ah please no more hints! Sorry about that.
    PS if you emailed to PHB the email, if you can’t find the reply try looking in your spam or trash boxes.

  22. Everybody–ASTRO-KNIGHTS IS OUT!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!! Unfortunately, you have to buy an early access ticket with 500 credits–otherwise, we have to wait until June 10th. Darn! Oh well–I’ll be waiting.

  23. AK JUNE 10! ACCESS PASS IF U USE CREDITS! p.s i logged on and i lost EVERYTHING! and when i press save, it tells me to create a new player. y!?

  24. poptropica just anounced that AK island will be released on June 10th but they’re selling a ticket that lets you play it now for 500 credits…… i wasted most of my credits for other stuff so i couldn’t buy it

    1. That’s okay, I guess…I’m only 75 credits short! But, in the long run, for me it’s better to wait. My family’s really busy this weekend, so I wouldn’t be able to play much, anyway. And besides, it’s only a week. I think I’d rather have awesome stuff that’ll last forever than early access to an island for one week. But, that’s just my opinion! 😀

  25. this is a bit off topic but poptropica astro knights is coming JUNE 10th!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. i got a ticket for the new island so im on it early!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    well! save up credits and then finish the island cuz i need a lot of help!!

  27. GUYS! 😀 GUYS! 😀 GUYS! 😀
    Astro Knight Island comes out on 10th July
    OR… if you pay 500 credits you can go on it now
    i dont have that many credits tho so i guess ill just have to wait

  28. HEY GUYS AND PHB! i tried to go on my Popular Fang account but it just said An Error While Connecting To The Database Occured. Try A Bit Later. What was that all about and sorry i am off topic.

  29. Did you know what YOU CAN BUY A FREE PASS AND GET ACSESS TO ASTRO KNIGHTS NOW? YOU NEED 500 points though. It will be released on JUNE 10,2009.

  30. it says on the website that they have astro night early access tickects now! only 500 credits!! it also says its realease date to the public is next wednesday, i think.

  31. BREAKING UPDATE: Binary Bard has somehow made a way for you to get to Astro Knights island early (if you pay him 500 credits). there’s only one problem, as of 4:11 Pacific Daylight savings time, YOU CAN’T LOG ON TO YOU ACCOUNTS!!! IT’S DRIVING ME NUTS!!

    sorry about the last part, had to get it out of my system

    1. Yeah I Know. I got on, but it wouldn’t let me acess the Pop Shop. ( That’s what I call the Poptropica Store) I think that it is going slow because everyone is trying to get on, or because of the new programming, or both. I advise anyone who wants to go on Poptropica to STAY OFF FOR NOW!!!( Sorry if my pic is different.)

  32. Looks like AK is out, but get this: I spent all my money the first day the store came out! So i’m gonna try to get a few coins from my back-up player, just for a sneak peak, but unfortunatly, no players can log on right now. Looks like there’s too many players online already! Oh, well, at least it’s coming out on wednesday. That day’s gonna be soooo awesome. I’m having 2 end of the school year parties, plus AK is coming out, and it’s the 2nd to last day of school!

  33. I don’t have enough credits to buy an AK Access ticket, and will be without Internet connection for 3 months starting Friday. 😦

  34. The map is now bigger yeah oh baby!!!Oh it has been 4 days since my acount didnt work!!!

    ST: Actually, the map’s size is the same. It’s just that the islands shrank in size. 😉

  35. this is bad! pop. is down for maitenence, it loads extremely slow, and i dont have enough credits!

  36. okay guys i am stuck on the part were you have to get passed the blocked passage in mordreds layer, does anyone know how to beat that part?

  37. i beat astro knights island!!!! and the medal has a planet on it and i have the red knight suit! i look awesome! 🙂

  38. HEY! guys could you help me on astro knights when you get to the mill how do you use the rope? Help! 😦

    ST: The rope is used on the arrow at the Castle of Arturus. Attach the rope to the arrow, and fire it to the top-left so it hits the door to the princess’s room. Then walk on the rope and at the end of it, click on the door to enter.

  39. guess what! i got the red evil eye that Binary Bard wears! i costumized it from some poptropican!! look around, you can get one in multiplayer rooms too!!!! 🙂

  40. ok um when is this contest going to end?

    ST: As soon as Codien sends the costumes and medal awards, I guess, because I don’t have the monster accounts.

  41. ok. to all that have the e-mail, we have to stop dr. hare! 20,030 (20,020 on the blog, but i count the monsters) poptropicans(and monsters) are on dr.hare’s side! we need to stop him! when i stopped dr.hare from taking over poptropica, i knew that some day, he would team up with director d. and try once again to take over poptropica with not four, but over 20,000 poptropicans. but now, he also takes on another goal: the phb! the monsters and all his minions will take over both soon! so its up to us to stop him!

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