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Undercover Visitors

Don’t forget! Tomorrow (Sunday, May 31st, 2009) marks the date of our special surprise for all you readers in honor of our recent one million hits! Check the PHB tomorrow to more about this totally RARE oppurtunity. Be prepared!

Need more visitors for your Poptropica webpage? Now that we’ve got at least 20 sites successfully listed in our affiliate site’s Blogroll page, we’ve decided it would be a great idea to move it here. Check out this updated version of Poptropica Links: PHB’s Poptropica Directory!

🙂 🙂

Don’t worry, our Poptropica Links website ( is still there, and you can still use it. But what’s great is that we’ve decided to move the Poptropica directory to Poptropica Help Blog too, so that people who have never heard of Poptropica Links will now have a better chance of viewing the advertised sites – through PHB!

You can now leave kind criticism comments to help people improve their sites, leave ratings, and much more. Remember, you can still go to the original Poptropica Links site to advertise. In fact, if your site gets approved, not only will it be shown on the new directory, but also the Blogroll page and widget on the original P.L. site! It’s a three-in-one offer; absolutely beneficial to other Poptropica website owners!

Considering that it’s the only area in this whole blog where you’re allowed to advertise (Poptropica-related content only, of course), it wouldn’t hurt to try it. So, without further ado, come to the PHB’s Poptropica Directory or the Poptropica Links site for more information!

Poptropica Help Blog news: The Mechanical Fever, part 2

We all know how dangerous the multiplayer rooms in Poptropica are. And now we have news that it’s getting worse. The seriously infected Poptropican, who goes by the name of Binary Bard, has just visited the Coconut Cafe on Shark Tooth Island. The germs he carries are traveling faster and faster. But does he feel guilty about all this? Not at all! He’s been telling other Poptropicans the same story:

My visit to Shark Tooth Island today had to be under cover. It looks like Astro-Knights Island is so eager to be released that parts of it have started to sneak out into the main Poptropica population.

Blog Post Title: Mechanical Faces
Description: 01010011011101000110010101100001011011000111010001101000 [Translation: ‘Stealth’] My visit to Shark Tooth Island today had to be under cover. It looks like Astro-Knights Island is so eager to be released that parts of it have started to sneak out into the main Poptropica population.
Image URL:
Image Name: undercover.JPG

So beware. Who knows when it will hit again? Take precautions by staying away from other ill Poptropicans!

For more information, visit:

28 thoughts on “Undercover Visitors”

  1. I think that the Creators’ are doing the credit and colourizer thing! I think that the PHB may be doing a monster costume competition!

  2. Yeah um, poptropica 2 blog is mine and I got rid of it. Can you take it off of the links please.

    p.s. Awesome blog

      1. I hope you are right! WOOOOOO! POPTROPICA STORE IS WHAT WE WANT! Anyway, I’ve had a new character that doesn’t have many islands completed so I hope the store is on!

      2. OK, apparently you can’t get credits from wnning games, only from 1)winning islands and 2)purchasing them with real money.

      3. And, wow, this is hot. There’s the ninja, the alien, and so much more. 0.0

    1. umm I didn’t se that…and that probably wrong because if that happened we would’ve had an e-mail aler by now…

  3. i bought every outfit that i thought looked cool i bought rock star,lion.mouse,dragon,dog,ninja,Robot, and i think something else. you get exactly 100 credits for each island you beat

    1. Can you get Credits by beating someone in a game? I Need more Credits but I Already Won all the Island and I Can’t aford to buy stuff on the Computer! I ONLY have $5 Bucks!

  4. WooooHoooooo!
    The Poptropica store is on!
    There are 2 ways to get credits o buy things:
    1.- Finishing islands
    2.- Purchase them with real money
    I had 800 credits, I wasted them in less than 2 minutes!!
    I bougght the electrifier, the colorizer, the dragon costume, the midnight ninja costume, The rockstar costume, and the templar knight outfit

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