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Highschool Musical starring Maroon Moon

Disney has released Highschool Musical 3: Senior Year on Dvd and Bluray, and to celebrate you can get your own graduation caps on Poptropica. This is the 3rd or 4th Advertisement from Disney, which is scary because we all know what happened to Club Penguin.
But don’t fret. The Advertisement is the school from the movie and is pretty cool. Inside there is the movie preview, a HSM Quiz Game, and of course there is the graduation outfits for boys and girls. Also on the top floor there is the stage from the movie. 😛

You can find the Highschool Musical 3 advertisement on Shark Tooth and Super Power Island. On the other islands are the Yogo Club and another Disney adverts.


Poptropica Creators Blog have released another Snap Shot Saga. This time Vlad the Viking flys over to Super Power Island to make friends with Maroon Moon. This is his story:

Who was that flying Poptropican? Why did she attack me? I was minding my own business while floating around Super Power Island in the airship when she just zoomed by and blasted me! It destroyed the basket I was sitting in and I fell down onto the roof of a large building (falling from somewhere seems to be a common occurrence for me now).

I made my way inside the structure and found a frantic group of people dressed in colorful costumes competing in games like Star Link and Soup Words.

I hopped up out of the fray and another Poptropican followed me to the printing press and challenged me to a friendly game of Balloons where we were evenly matched!

After our game I was able to snap a portrait of her before she sped off… I think she was on her way to help capture that flying menace and bring her to justice before she blasted anyone else out of the sky! I believe in you Maroon Moon!

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled because you never know when I will drop in! (I hope, however, that my drops aren’t as painful as they have been lately.)

Remember to look at all the other posts and comeback tommorow for another PHB Sneak Peak.

101 thoughts on “Highschool Musical starring Maroon Moon”

  1. What happen to Club Penguin? Even though I don’t like it, I just want to know.

    Codien: Disney bought Club Penguin, so thats why we are like ….noooo

    1. Clubpenguin was different, and better before Disney got a hold of it, they never brought items back, and they didn’t advertise stuff in item and play form…

  2. Theres a reply button under each comment now. Does that mean anything?

    Scary Tomato: People can now reply each other, to keep track of who’s speaking to who. 😉

      1. I’m neutral on the whole “High School Musical” thing, but I got the red graduation dress and have it on with a black belt, black pants, and black vest. I didn’t like the hair though. 😉

  3. If. I. Ever. go. to. hollywood. i. will. kick. every. High. skool. musical. poster. and. scream. I HATE HMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Thats not very nice. Lots of people don’t like HSM, but it’s not nice to talk like that. How would you like it if you were in a movie and people said they would kick your movie poster around and scream that they hate your movie? Think about it.

      1. If it does Poptropica will never be the same!!!!before to much longer they will let club penguins penguins roam Poptropica!!

      1. They should have the costumes look like Bella’s prom dress for the girls and Charlie’s sherrif’s uniform for boys. It’s an idea.

      1. My friend Kate watched the movie and she read the book, she’s only 11, and im 11 to but i dont want to watch it, besides they’ve already advertised a lot: one after another!

  4. Sorry! That was an accident! I meant that for comment 14! Anyway, even though I LOVE Twilight SOOOOOO much, I agree with Isabella. And no Twilight wasn’t scary!

      1. uh oh bragger! dont say ur not afraid of anything because i approched a screammer and i screammed. no offence, okay?

      2. 😥 okay, im sry. i had gotten bullied that day and i felt afull. so, gimmie a break, ok? i have a hard life. 😥 😥
        ps: st’s rude? 😕

  5. OMG!!! i love HSM!! im 14 though and i still love it!

    Also, i really hope Disney doesnt buy out Poptropica! That would be terrible!

      1. Cheerful Claw – That was an automatic pingback. When we link a post to another (you probably see this in the “other recent posts” section), a pingback comment appears in the post that was linked to. 😉

  6. Wow!!!!!!! I’m 15 and I still love all 3 HSM’s!!!! Ps: They kinda did advertise Twilight(HATE) with the vampire costumes, and there’s the Graduation costume which looks like the HSM costume. SO TWILIGHT AND HSM FANS GOT WHAT THEY WANTED!!!!!!!!!! 8)

    Hijuyo: The graduation costume is a traditional costume for graduates that isn’t limited to movies like HSM. People in real life wear them too, and HSM didn’t ‘invent’ such a graduation costume.

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