Home Island

Adventurers outfitted on a new Home Island

Hey Poptropicans, a new Home Island is on its way! 🏡

Yup, never mind that this base stop has been redesigned multiple times in the past several years. The latest Home Island remodel features a short side-quest, fewer buildings, and two blimps.

The Pop Creators posted sneak peeks on the official blog and said it was currently in beta testing and would be released to all soon, but you can access it right now by playing on a new account.

As for the side-quest, it begins immediately and is fairly quick. Catch what happens on our new Home Island Guide or in this video from idk:

You might remember those statues from an earlier sneak peek. When you first land on the island, Amelia Earhart (yes, she’s still here, and she has her own statue now!) gives you a Novice Adventurer Outfit.

The side-quest has you chase after a guy clomping about on giant robot legs for stealing the statue of the greatest Poptropica adventurer, Xavier, who has majestic squid hair. Turns out the guy is Xavier! He plans on retiring and gives you his cottage, which is your clubhouse. That’s it for “The Greatest” side-quest!

Back on the main street of the island, you can find the blimp is available on either side of the island, rather than in the middle. There are now just two buildings: Adventure Outfitters (i.e. the store rebranded) and your remodeled clubhouse. In the background, we can see blimps flying in the distance, as well as more homes on floating islands.

By the gate to your clubhouse’s backyard is a Poptropican crying for help — it’s the mayor from 24 Carrot Island, who calls you to help his island. Maybe there’ll be a different character there in the future!

The menu has also been touched up. Instead of the crate, we get three lines in the top-right corner, which pulls up the menu items, now with text labels: Items, Map, Store, House, Friends, Arcade (which no longer has its own building!), Messages, Pets (now barn-less), and Settings.

Only a day into this beta release of the new Home Island, and there’s already fan art for the iconic Xavier! The Pop Creators even posted a doodle from @invisible_b0nes on their Instagram story:

That’s it for this post, but you can catch more about the new Home Island side-quest (including glamor shots of Xavier) over on our Home Island Guide! What do you think of this Home Island makeover? Was it time for a change, or are the Creators overplaying this first stop once again? Sound off in the comments and on the PHC, our Discord server!

Pop on, Poptropicans! ✌️


Counterfeit Island, Sneak Peeks

Turned to Stone

Another sneak peek from the Creators, thanks to Mitchell Brett for the update! We’re not sure which island it’s showing this time, Codien believes its another sneak peak of the French themed island – but whatever it is, it looks pretty cool. There’s a stone building with some statues of Poptropicans lined along the sides of the windows. Before we get into too much detail, here’s the picture:

Blog Post Title: A Stony Stare
Description: Here are some of the great Poptropicans immortalized in stone.
Image URL: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_q9BePaDQLzI/SW9frH2kC7I/AAAAAAAAACM/u_r6eckTn7Y/s1600-h/statues.jpg
Image Name: statues.jpg

Possibly the French-themed island, as Codien thinks, but we’re not sure for now. Comment about what you think! 🙂

By the way, we’re still having the same problem at PHB about commenting, so for the 3rd time, here’s the important notice you must keep in mind:

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Also, remember to read up on the post below if you haven’t done so already. Be prepared, a Poptropica Creator could play against you next! 😀