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PHB Sneak Peeks: Skydock and Christmas Stock

Hey folks, Cobalt here!

So, remember the sneak peeks we saw of Skydock Island? Some say it is just an extension of the Home Island, some say its just a brand new version of Home Island. Point is, there is a lot of discussion and mystery surrounding it. Hopefully today I can give you a more solid answer, despite me sometimes being liquid. 😀 Anyway, on with the post…

Thanks for these insights go to Entrippy and another anonymous ‘glitcher’ from the PHC!

We’ve seen these sneak peeks before, some on the Daily Pop, and some on the PHB’s original Skydock post. But it doesn’t hurt to look at them again with new perspective! Let’s take a look:

In its full glory, this three-places-in-one is shaped as a pirate ship. It appears to be a small hub for all of the current buildings on Home Island. The weirdest thing about all of these are the Christmas decorations. Are they planning really, really ahead, or has development on this slowed down?

This is definitely Christmas themed, which I find really odd. Hate to be a Popspiracy theorist, but I definitely think they stopped working on this. These pictures are live as of 3/28/16. Though, there is more to it than Christmas stuff, which gives me hope this’ll happen with different seasons, too.

These are just a few of the descriptions up close – you can see the full pictures on the PHB’s original Skydock post. Hopefully you can get the main idea, though. Also, the picture at the top left has an elevator, and it’s a second platform. Pretty nifty stuff! 🙂

We’ve seen snow on Home Island before, but there’s another feature that’s only shown up behind-the-scenes: the ability to throw snowballs! Kind of like Club Penguin. Now that’s cool!

Anyway folks, that about wraps this post up. Hopefully we’ll see this update soon? Reporting off,

your favorite author
-Cobalt Spinner

Edit 3/30/16: The Creators have announced March Madness voting ends 3/31/16! (That was kinda self explanatory, though.) That is tomorrow, make sure to vote and if you have vote some more!

// whispers Team Nabooti



19 thoughts on “PHB Sneak Peeks: Skydock and Christmas Stock”

  1. I think that the Creators were going to release it in December, but didn’t finish in time. Then they decided to make Monkey Wrench Island first and ditch the other tutorial (from the first Skydock post). However, the Creators themselves are saying how busy they have been lately, so maybe they are working on Skydock and it’s just taking a while. I don’t think they abandoned the project. Especially since the latest sneak peak is a Poptropican with a huge backpack who is holding a map. Plus, Skydock is probably the only island they are working on, since there are no sneak peaks at all for what seems to be another island. Hopefully Skydock comes out soon!

  2. I’m thinking that Home Island will be redesigned with the pirate theme, and around Christmas at that. Maybe it’s because they’ve been so busy, perhaps, and it’s been postponed several times? That does seem likely.

    1. I think that Home Island is going to be ‘redecorated’ as Skydock Island, and that the Creators are planning way ahead/a bit behind. OR that these were plans for Home Island and the Creators replaced it. OR it’s just something else. I dunno…

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