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Stay popping, Poptropicans.

Hey Poptropicans, it’s Slanted Fish here – and guess what, something BIG is popping!

But first, the bad news… how shall I put it? It’s not you, it’s me. I just need some space. I think we should see other people, and I think it’s for the best. In case you couldn’t tell by my cliché breakup lines – I, Slanted Fish, will be leaving the Poptropica Help Blog indefinitely.

I’m sorry this comes so soon and sudden after the departure of our beloved Blake and Samwow5, but with all the busyness of the oh-so-~POPular~ life I lead, I feel like I need to take a break from this wonderful place for a while. I may return, though, so don’t cry just yet.

Here’s where the great popping news comes in! I’m leaving PHB in good hands – the hands of my fellow coworkers. Taking on the leadership are the dynamic trio of UiPE, HPuterpop, and Giant Hawk. With the help of the rest of the PHB team, they’ve already got some exciting ideas up their sleeves and are eager to share them with you. Now, I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but I can offer this teaser image:


Check back on the PHB tomorrow to find out what this is all about – it’s super grand and you won’t want to miss it! In fact… you may not even recognize the PHB after this. That’s how big this is.

Until we meet again, stay popping, Poptropicans.

–SlantedFish 🐠🐠


93 thoughts on “Stay popping, Poptropicans.”

    1. It probably is for April Fools. LOL. Hey, Slanted Fish, nice photo. Did you make it or did UiPE make it? LOL the header is covered in “Under Construction” signs. LOL LOL LOL

  1. I think I know what’s gonna happen tomorrow. Someone’s gonna take over the PHB! *grabs weapon*

      1. FISHY!!! DON’T GO!!! YOU WERE ONE OF MY FAV- wait, April Fool’s Day is tomorrow. Heh heh!

      2. Ok, all of you, seriously, the PHB might not be taken over, or it would. We all need to stay excited for that. -_- (I am not going to show this Temmie happy face for this comment.)

  2. If this is actually an April fools joke, I can tell, but if it isn’t, just hope for the best for ya, Fishy.

  3. OMG!!! I hope this is an April fools joke!!! I hope it is because if it is not I am going to start BAWLING my eyes out!!! I WILL MISS YOU FISHY!!!! WHY WOULD YOU LEAVE THE DAY I GET MY NEW TORTOISE NAMED PANCAKE! *Bangs head against was repeatedly* WHY!? WHY!? WHY!?!?!?!(If this is an April fools joke just ignore this completely).

  4. Oh kaʻu I au wale freaking aku no ka nui loa ! No ke aha la e iʻa haʻalele ? I nei au freaking aku nei, ua nui ka poe I accidentally pahee iloko o ka ʻokoʻa ‘ōlelo ! A , ano , ke loaa iaʻu he honu o pancake i manao e lilo i pelekikena aka, aole mea makemake e koho no ia ! A me ka pancake manao mai iaʻu , e lilo kona hiʻona luna ! Oh , a ina oe e maoli unuhi i keia , Aperila naaupo ! (BTW this is in Hawaiian :P)

    1. Ka mea, ua kūoʻo! Aka,ʻo ia, Iʻae nei Fish e haalele ia. ʻO Ia koʻu punahele! Aole au i ike, ina o keia mea he April naʻaupō’ōlelo hoʻomakeʻaka paha, aole …

    2. i translated for marshmallowlilypad Oh my I am just freaking out so much ! Why fish should leave ? I am freaking out so much that I accidentally slipped into the different languages ​​! And now , I find a breath of Le thought to be elected but not willing to vote for him ! And the Le supposed me to be his chief feature ! Oh , and if you really pull this April fool !

  5. Is this a joke? If no, I will start flooding my room with tears! *hoping that this is an April Fool joke* I will miss you, Fishy

  6. Oh my fishy! U were my fav!!!! My first comment was about U only!!!
    Hope ur not serious!!!!! (Wails)

  7. Estoy muy triste porque Fishy se va. (I’m sad because Fishy is leaving) Really, today is April Fool’s day! I really hope this is all a joke. 😦

    1. LOL same. And, you know, a world without pants is like a doughnut. And a flute without holes is just a hollow stick. DOES ANYONE CARE ABOUT THIS BESIDES ME!?

  8. PHB authors, do you already have people to take over? I mean, that’s what I got from this post. I would love to fill in for someone if not! Would that ever be possible? Love this blog.

  9. I’m 91% sure that this’s an April Fool’s Day prank.But if it’s not,then I’m gonna miss you alot!(But I hope this is just a prank)

  10. I’m not fully sure if this is a prank or not,but screw it. I’m writing my thoughts on this anyways.

    This hits hard,but I can actually sympathise with your situation. I myself am taking a break from the game so as to focus on other things. You know, if you really need to quit,then do so! It’s your choice,after all. Who knows? Maybe you’ll go on to even greater things!

    Even if this turns out to be a joke,I fully support you in your endeavours, Fishy. We’ll miss you!


    1. Nice Coyote: Great… now i have to go get Cactus her blog back. I’ll be back in a minute guys…
      Me: Coyo, it was a prank.
      NC: You sure?
      Me: Yes… can i have my computer back now.

  11. Hi, April Fools Slanted Fish? The post is a biiit early to 1º april! (Srry english, UiPE knows why =D)

  12. This is the joke? Under Construction for the whole day? Idk but this is kinda disappointing. Last year was interactive and exciting , and it had an actual plotline and I was eagerly awaiting this year’s, and it’s kinda been a let down… But the day isn’t over yet…

  13. Oh, man…. this really sucks…. 😥
    I don’t care if it’s April Fools, but whatever. I stopped caring about that holiday… *cries* we’ll miss you, Fishy. You have changed so many lives for the better and we’ll never forget you!

  14. HAHAHAHAHA this was all a PRANK!!! *Points to people in audience* The PHB tricked you and you and you and you and HAHAHAHA and you and… and me. Oh, uh, we’ll be back after this brief commercial break…

    1. we all pretty much knew, and for your commercial, La, la, la, visit the PHB* today! La, la, la! * notice how I didn’t say PHV :>

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