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Turned to Stone

Another sneak peek from the Creators, thanks to Mitchell Brett for the update! We’re not sure which island it’s showing this time, Codien believes its another sneak peak of the French themed island – but whatever it is, it looks pretty cool. There’s a stone building with some statues of Poptropicans lined along the sides of the windows. Before we get into too much detail, here’s the picture:

Blog Post Title: A Stony Stare
Description: Here are some of the great Poptropicans immortalized in stone.
Image URL:
Image Name: statues.jpg

Possibly the French-themed island, as Codien thinks, but we’re not sure for now. Comment about what you think! 🙂

By the way, we’re still having the same problem at PHB about commenting, so for the 3rd time, here’s the important notice you must keep in mind:

Special Note: It is not a race to be the first to tell everyone about a new post on the Creators’ Blog. We’ve had many comments saying the same thing (”New post on Creators’ Blog!!!!”) and it is very annoying. If someone has already mentioned it, don’t bother to say it again – it’s not necessary. If people continue to spam and repeat the same thing over an over again, it will show us that you cannot handle this and we will stop giving out credits. Please comment appropriately. Thanks!

Also, remember to read up on the post below if you haven’t done so already. Be prepared, a Poptropica Creator could play against you next! 😀

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