Go Tough Skull!

Congratulations, Tough Skull!

“We can’t all be winners,” says Shark Boy, one of Poptropica’s Creators. Today he logged onto Poptropica to play Star Link against Tough Skull, but Tough Skull, living up to his/her name, was tough and wouldn’t let Shark Boy win. Thanks Kaliki for the information about this new post. Shark Boy says:

Every once in a while we like to hop on Poptropica and play against some of you! Sadly, today wasn’t my day…Tough Skull totally trashed me on Star Link. Nice one Tough Skull.

That picture above was included in Shark Boy’s post.  If you want to read more about it, here’s the link:

Sadly, Star Link doesn’t show the player’s names so we don’t know what Shark Boy’s name on Poptropica was. However, if you see Tough Skull wandering around Poptropica, be sure to congratulate him/her somehow (maybe by challenging him/her to another game of Star Link?)! 😛

Oh, and you better practice your Star Link skills, as well as all the other multiplayer games! You never know when a Creator might challenge you next! 😆

11 thoughts on “Go Tough Skull!”

  1. new post from creators blog called a stony stare

    Scary Tomato: Like Grumpy Wolf says below, please read the Special Note included on this page. Someone else has already mentioned the new post, so it’s not necessary to repeat. 😉

  2. Beffy Sword, didn’t you get ST’s message? Someone already posted the same subject. Be sure to read up on the posts. 😉

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