Island of the Apes (Monkey Wrench is live!)

Hi Gs,

Big news today (surprising at that) – Monkey Wrench Island, whose name was literally just verified yesterday, is now live and accessible via Home Island!

Update: Our Monkey Wrench Island Guide is now up, with pictures โ€“ check it out!


It doesn’t have an icon on the map yet, so you’ll need to prompt the quest by talking to the pilot, Amelia Earheart (after the historical figure!). She’s standing where the blimp would be on Home Island’s Main Street โ€“ now with a rusty aircraft.


The island is short andย sweet. As it is an island quest for beginners, it consists of a simplistic plot: you and Amelia Earheart are in a race with a bunch of other explorers – but a cheating villain known asย Red Baroness knocks you off course, and you land on Monkey Wrench Island. You’ll find a myriad of monkeys, and a lazy inventor named Crusoe.


What I thinkย most of us will like about this island is the explanation forย how the player gets the blimp. This has been a mystery and topic of discussion for years, and I’m glad the mystery has finally been solved.

Strangely enough, the Creators have not said a word since its release! However, the characters you meet in this adventure can currently be found running across the login screen.

welcome monkeyw

Also update worthy: the SUI GUI (soo-ee goo-ee) has been updated with new icons, including the new Map one we saw earlier (the Friends and Costumizer buttons have also been updated). I like them!




21 thoughts on “Island of the Apes (Monkey Wrench is live!)”

  1. Just completed the island. Absolutely loved it and it’s music. ๐Ÿ˜€ Better than before’s tutorial. I also love the scenery.

  2. I love this island! This is the best island soundtrack I have ever heard, and probably ever will here. Also, Crusoe is hilarious! I just wish our poptropicans all had homes in the island, like on the sneak peaks.

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