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W’s….They Will Find You.

Wild West Island is now open to all, and
Wimpy Wonderland is available to members starting Monday, March 14!

Captain Crawfish 29-W’s will find me? That’s worrying.
EL5-Well, they did steal your china.
CC29-It’s another nomming trick, isn’t it?
CC29-Oh, what the-
EL5-Well then, ANOTHER disappointment comes for members as a new island has been released for all yesterday.

Wild West Island is now open to all!

Saddle up, pardners! Wild West Island is now available for everyone to play. Head on over to Poptropica and visit the travel map to start playing Wild West Island right now!

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EL5-NOMONOMONMONMONMNOM. But there’s good news for members, too! In exactly 48 hours and 10 minutes from now, Wimpy Wonderland will be released for all!

Give me the letter W for the win

Poptropica Members have something else to look forward to on Monday, March 14, when they’ll have Early Access to the newest Poptropica Island, Wimpy Wonderland!

That’s a lot of Ws. Wild West, Wimpy Wonderland — I’ll take the letter W for the win!

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EL5-Some people will never learn their grammar. Such a shame. Oh, and did I mention that there’s a new ad on main street! Hop! There are two places too win four awesome prizes!


  • Collect all the right candy, balance the egg, and get past the dogs for a coloring page and a jelly bean.


  • Press a,s,d, and f to stay on beat and win a follower and a trophy!

EL5-I’ll see you next time! And now for my favorite song…HIT IT GRAMMAR POLICE!
Grammar Police-โ™ชA predicate is one the two main parts of a sentence….โ™ช

~EL5 ๐Ÿ™‚

Sneak Peeks

You saw it here first on Poptropica!

It’s Thursday, July 29, 2010. Yes, the time has come for Greg Heffley to present us the cover for the FIFTH installment in the popular kids’ pentalogy. Of course, you can find Greg on any of the Poptropican islands.ย  A wise man once said, “I should really shut up,” and I’m going to do just that. ๐Ÿ™‚

*fangirl squeal*

Whaaaaat. Best book cover art evar? It’s not the beautiful truth, it’s not the MYSTERIOUS truth, it’s the… UGLY truth. And Greg has an egg in his hand. That’s pretty awesome. Although the book cover art has been revealed, we may have to wait some time before the actual book is released. The ugly truth is that the book comes out on November 9th, 2010 (see what I did there? :D), but fear not, fellow Poptropicans, I’m sure it will be most definitely worth the wait!

In more Poptropica-related news, the creators have presented us two more installments of Poptropica Tips and Tricks on the Creators’ Blog. Of course, these two tips/tricks (Randomizer and Dial-A-Costume) have always been available for viewing on our Cool Stuff tab under Cheat Codes. There you can also find many more Poptropica Tips and Tricks. Enjoy!


"NO! I don't want a freaking police hat, you stupid phone; JUST GET ME TO A 911 OPERATOR!"
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Greg heffley in the flesh!

Yes it is! When you log on to poptropica you’ll see something strange…

Greg's got a book series, a movie, a poptropica ad, what more does he need?

Go on to main street, and you’ll find greg. He’ll tell you this:

Come back on Thursday to see the front cover of my new book!

It’s kinda ironic they’d choose greg, since he’s the creation of Jeff Kinney (Comic Kid on poptropica)

Also, it seems that target is pairing up with poptropica membership to form something insanely awesome! More on the home page!

This is Lightning saying:Adios!

UPDATE:The cover has been revealed! Here it is!

He seems to be holding an egg...