Free Poptropica Membership

Want to become a Poptropica member for FREE? You’ve come to the right place! It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Free Poptropica membership

Here on the Poptropica Help Blog (PHB), we’re giving away a free month of membership to one lucky Poptropican every month. It could be you! Just follow these simple steps below, and you’ll be entered into our giveaway raffle.

👉 How to enter to win a free membership 🎁

  1. 💬 Comment at the bottom of this page with your screen name*, email address**, and why you want to win a membership. This lets us know you’re interested in the first place! No account registration required.
  2. 💬💬 Leave at least two comments on any post or page here on the PHB (this website) within the month to be entered in that month’s raffle. You can leave a comment saying anything as long as it’s relevant to the topic at hand and follows our comment policy. This lets us know you’re active in the Poptropica fandom and will make good use of a membership if you win one! Plus, it’s a great way to get involved in the Poptropica community.
  3. 📰 Stay tuned to the PHB’s front page news to hear who won the latest membership giveaway! We’ll announce a winner sometime in the final week of each month. If you win, you’ll be notified via email or Discord, and will need to provide your login details for us to purchase the membership on your behalf. If you don’t win, you can always try again for the next month!

*A screen name can be your Poptropican’s name, login username, or something else. Please do not share personally identifiable information. Posting your Pop username is optional, and you definitely should not share your password in public.

**Your email address will not be made public. We only ask for it so we may contact you if you win. You may also provide your Discord contact in lieu of email, but you must be in our Discord server, the PHC, for us to reach you.

📝 Policies and Disclaimers ⚠️

  • A winner may not be eligible to win again until 6 months have passed since the win occurred.
  • Winners are chosen at random and do not reflect a person’s merits. You are a valuable human being regardless of whether or not you win a membership. Please don’t be discouraged if you don’t win—you can always enter again!
  • If you win, you will need to provide your Poptropica username and password for us to purchase the membership on your behalf. This is required by Poptropica. We will only use your login details for this purpose and recommend you change your password immediately after the membership is activated. We promise not to share your account details.
  • Your comment on this page (titled Free Poptropica Membership) shall not expire, but please post a reply comment if you would like to update any details (such as contact info).
  • Please comment with a consistent screen name and/or email so that we may identify that you have left at least two comments throughout the PHB.
  • You may enter the giveaway on behalf of another person, such as a friend or family member. However, should you be selected as a winner, you must be able to provide their Poptropica account login details so that we may purchase the membership on their behalf.
  • You may enter the giveaway even if you already have a membership. If your membership is still active and you are chosen as a winner, we can reactivate your membership after it expires, but it is your responsibility to keep in touch with us for this arrangement.
  • Remember that you are not owed a membership simply for participating. That’s just not how raffles work. The free memberships are funded by the PHB, which means they come out of our pocket and are not officially sponsored by Poptropica. We hope that our gifts are not taken for granted, and that you have fun participating, regardless of any outcomes.

🤔 Why are we giving away free memberships? ✨

We understand the struggle of how not everyone is able to afford a Poptropica membership no matter how badly they may want it. We’ve been kids with no income, with adults in our lives who didn’t see the value in paying for more pixels on a game screen. Now that we’re in a position to be able to give this kind of Poptropica joy, we want to do so for a few reasons:

  • 🎉 To share joy within the Poptropica community by giving more people a taste of that sweet membership life. It’s one way for us to say thanks for being part of this community! If you’re not already active in the fandom, maybe these giveaways are just the push you need to dive in.
  • 👐 To exemplify a spirit of generosity. The world would be a better place if we all gave more, if we always look out for one another. This doesn’t just mean giving gifts or money, but also our time and attention — whatever we have, however much we have. Our Poptropica membership giveaways are just one small way of spreading some joy to our community. We hope it encourages you to find ways to give in your life, too.
  • 💙 To support the work of the Poptropica Creators. Poptropica’s operations, from infrastructure to staff salaries, are partially funded by memberships, including memberships we purchase to give away to you all. This helps keep the work of Poptropica going!

To learn more about what extra benefits Poptropica members get in the game, check out our Membership Tour page. And for some ideas of where you can leave your comments around the PHB (as per step 2), check out the latest posts on our front page and share your thoughts, browse our Island Guides and see if you can offer help to questions being asked, and look around in all the many other pages we have in our site menu.

What are you waiting for? Get started with entering the Free Poptropica Membership Giveaways by commenting right here on this page (as per step 1). We look forward to meeting you in the comments!

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63 thoughts on “Free Poptropica Membership”

  1. I would like to win a free membership because I love poptropica so much and I have done all the islands that are avialable to me right now at least twice! I loved poptropica since a kid. I would love it if I win because some of the islands I have done repeatedly are getting a little old even though they are fun. I also realized that they converted some of my favorite islands to memberships which makes me sad.

    1. No need to share your name and email in the comment body since they’re already entered in the corresponding name and email fields when you post a comment. If you have a WordPress account, you won’t even need to enter it again. Also, that way your email isn’t posted publicly, but the PHB has the record for contacting you if needed.

      1. But how can I send my email privately without a WordPress or discord tag? Because I don’t want to send my email public here and have everyone spamming my email.

      2. When you post a comment, you need to enter an email address in the email field. The PHB will be able to view this record and it will not be made public.

      1. If you win, you will still need to specify your username and password in a private message, so we can be clear about which account is receiving the membership.

  2. Hi! I wanted to sign up for the membership contest.

    I want to sign up because I want to see all of the perks of being a membership while playing all of my favorite islands (in which some are now currently unavailable in both Flash and Haxe). I am a big fan of the PHB. I am really active on the blog. Another reason why I’m signing up is because I really want a few membership gifts given out. This is sent out by my screen name already and my email is on my gravatar site.

  3. Screen Name: BugsBunny96 (pop username) or Silver Horse (pop character’s name)
    Discord: Bugs Bunny and some ponies #0055 (nickname on the phc is silver horse)
    Why I want membership: Great Pumpkin island, Pet Pony, and Monthly member gifts!

  4. i would like a membership because i have loved this game for years and it would be awesome to have something i always wanted

  5. I would like a free membership because I always wanted a chance to have membership because I wanted to see what free membership items are like, or what maps can you play in membership like if there are hidden maps.

  6. It’s been a while since I got my hands on Pop membership, and plus there are some cool stuff I would like to get, therefore I’m entering.

  7. I want to have poptropica membership because I wanted to have it for me and my sister because wee love doing poptropica. And we would like to do the old islands. So that is my reason. My screen name is Perfect Panda and my discord tag is Purrrrrr #6958

  8. I want to win a free membership so that i can replay some of the older islands and be able to get a sneak peak on the new islands before release to the public, I always love getting a membership so that i can get some new items and relive a childhood of owning buying so many memberships again.

    Screen Name: Smart Sinker

    My discord contact is: BrittScarlet #5690

  9. I’ve been playing Poptropica for 10 years and I’ve never gotten a membership, so this contest is a dream come true 😍 Watching all those members getting cool outfits and pets, has been hard. Some with using every bit of patience in my body waiting for a new game! Getting a membership is definitely on my bucket list and I hope I soon can cross it off! 💝

  10. I have been playing this game for 7 years and this is one of the only games that my brother and me bonded on. I would play this game with him and it was really special. I would love to have a membership so me and my brother could bond again like we used to. I have never commented on anything like this so winning would be insane and even if I don’t win I just wanna say that Poptropica has meant so much to my family and I would love to be able to have a membership with one of the best games invented. I really hope that this comment is not taken as cheesy (even though it is), I just really would be amazed if I won so, fingers crossed!

    Poptropica username: saphira46
    Poptropica avatar name: Thirsty Ice

  11. Hi!!!
    So we have to post at least 2 comments, right????

    Poptropica username: saphira46
    Poptropica avatar name: Thirsty Ice

    1. Oops just realized that’s not how you do it- lol. My name in poptropica Magic Lizard 🪄🦎 and I’d like to get a membership just to say very had one in my 8 years of this game. I’ve never really seen a need for one but it does seem exciting, so I thought I’d try it! I guess that’s it :p!

  12. i want a free membership so i could finish the bonus quest and visit and maybe restart the old islands for nostalgia and i guess that’s all i have to say for now

  13. I am a ten year old and my parents does not want to buy me a membership. I want to help poptropica by writing a lot of islands. I never played any of the old islands. My sister got one month membership on her birthday and played a lot of old islands. I am so jealous . If I ever got a poptropica membership, I will write more islands. I also wrote a lot of flyers introducing poptropica and posting them all over school. Two of my friends start playing pop tropics even if they can not understand English. I helped them translate it into Japanese.
    I think poptropica can make me life happier. I want to help poptropica. If I can get membership and introduce more islands to my friends, then I will be very happy.
    Thanks, poptropica help blog for giving out a chance for me to have poptropica membership.
    Thank you, poptropica!
    User name is SNA333.

  14. Hi my Avatar name is Unknown Hero. I would like to win because I want to explore more islands and cannot because non-members cannot explore that much sadly. I hope this changes in the future but would like to win and explore.

  15. I’ve been playing Poptropica since 2008! From when I was a second grader until now, I have consistently loved the problem-solving and fast-paced adventure that Poptropica has to offer, and I’ve found often found returning to the islands I loved playing as a kid over the years. I had so much fun dressing up, running around islands making up my own scenarios, and solving puzzles. I would love to have membership because I’m super eager to revisit those islands and relive the excitement I felt playing them for the first time! Good luck everyone!

  16. I would like to win a free membership because I love poptropica so much and I have done all the islands that are avialable to me right now at least twice! I loved poptropica since a kid. I would love it if I win because some of the islands I have done repeatedly are getting a little old even though they are fun. I also realized that they converted some of my favorite islands to memberships which makes me sad.

  17. I would like to win the free membership BUT I’m not entering since I’m just too lazy even if the steps are literally so easy. Also, why’d they make the islands members only? Kinda bad for them but I understand why they did it.

    1. I see you’ve already done most of the steps to enter — now you just need to comment here with why you’d like to win a membership to be officially entered!

      Also, the Pop Creators said they made the classic islands members only because they couldn’t support everyone trying to access them at once. More about that in this linked post.

      1. Ok thank you for explaining, or rather, giving a link to the explanation. Also, I just gotta say the reason why i need the memebership to enter? Guess i didnt read the instruction clearly 😅… guess ill enter… my reason is basically just accessing the old maps since it brings back nostalgia, i’ll probably just download flashpoint or something if i wont win.

      2. just read the full blogpost, guess i wouldnt be able to play the islands with membership because flash is gone, guess i dont need it lol

  18. Hi! I’m not sure if you can still enter this but I still wanna try 🙂 lol, Anyways I would love to win this free membership because I have played when I was younger when this came out and wanted to go back but when I did all the free islands I have already completed. 😦 I re-started to play this because I was bored but I would love the membership so I could play the other ones! 🙂
    User: Sliver Flipper

    1. Also when you have to comment on two other posts do u have to comment on any post or does the post have to be made in January?
      tysm for the chance to get one! 🙂

      1. i believe any post since SlantedFish replied I only had to say the reason, and I commented on non-January posts, so yea

      2. Your two comments on other posts/pages besides this one would need to be within the current month to be entered into that month’s lucky draw. So if you comment on two different posts in January (and have a comment on this page), you’d have a chance at January’s prize. (The posts do not need to have been published in January or at any particular point in time.) You can always try again each month!

  19. in-game name is Lucky Socks ♡ username is frogtshirtz
    old returning player who can’t remember their username from the account they made at 8 years old 😦 i was obsessed with this game. had all of the old costumes (i wore the goth cheerleader one. 100% was in my emo phase at the time)
    i’m relieved to find out that the game didn’t phase out of existence with the death of Flash, and want to help keep it alive by playing it still!

    my favourite island was super power island!! i hope the classic islands are revamped for the new engine

  20. Hi I’m dangerous dragon and i have done a post. Pls can you give me membership.

    Name: Dangerous Dragon

    Pls 🥺🙏

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