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Seven Islands become members only!

Okay… so I got some bad news, guys. Remember the whole Nabooti demo thing and how Nabooti Island is only for members now? Well, more islands have joined the members only club.


There may be over 40 islands, but now 7 of those islands are exclusive for members. The seven islands are all sponsored islands (islands that are based on a franchise/not completely original), with the exception of the more recent Galactic Hot Dogs Island, which isn’t on the list:

Non-members can still play a demo of each island, but nothing beyond that. With Timmy Failure Island coming up, we have to wonder if that will eventually be locked to members only as well, since it’s also a sponsored island.

Yes, what we have feared is true. I just hope Poptropica won’t become completely membership oriented. 😦 Let us know in the comments what you think!


Wimpy Wonderland Island

Twisted Wizard: click to start

Prepare to get Twisted!

For those of you who have already finished Wimpy Wonderland Island by now, congratulations! But for those of you who haven’t, a new challenge has now been added as part of the island quest, which means extra fun (or work, depending on how you look at it, but hopefully fun, right?)!

To get Greg off his video game console, you’ll have to beat the game Twisted Wizard for him! Captain Crawfish of the PCB described it as “three levels of ogre-zapping fun” and generously offers this helpful tip: You can rotate the blocks by pressing the space bar.

Happy wizarding!

Already completed Wimpy Wonderland? You can still experience the fun by going to the ‘Games‘ tab in your inventory and selecting the Twisted Wizard CD!

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Paper Boy Delivers Island Trailer

You come to check for the latest Poptropica news and you find…

A trailer video for Wimpy Wonderland!

A little late, considering the island was released to everyone over a week ago (and even sooner for the members), but it’s still a pretty nice preview for those who have yet to start their adventure in finding Manny. Remember, if you need some help, we have a written walkthrough here, a map here, and a video walkthrough here.

//This message was brought to you by the local paper boy of Poptropica.//

Remember, members who log in any time during the early access period for Wimpy Wonderland will get a special Paper Boy/Girl costume for FREE to keep forever, even after their membership ends!

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Walkthroughs for wimps

Okay, so you’re stuck on Poptropica’s Wimpy Wonderland, which just came out for non-members this Thursday (thank you 20th Century Fox!). Call yourself a wimp for trying to look up the cheats to this island quest, but that’s completely okay with us. In fact, we’ve got just what you need.

  • Wimpy Wonderland resources are listed under our Island Help page
  • A written walkthrough by Fearless Cheetah is available if you click here
  • A video walkthrough by YouTuber Graser10 is available via this playlist on Poptropica Help Videos
  • A map of the island can help you find where you are and need to be!
  • We have a discussion page for Wimpy Wonderland if you have more specific questions or would like to help answer others!
I thought snowmen were supposed to have charcoal for eyes.

So just remember, it’s okay to look up a few things if you need to. You’ll find much more joy in being able to handle the game yourself, but if you’re not sure at some parts, you’re always welcome to use our resources. Have fun walking in the snow of Wimpy Wonderland, and best of luck with finding the missing Manny!


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Looks more like a mummy to me…


Wimpy Kid Island is now OPEN to EVERYONE! That’s right, you heard me! Early Access is now for EVERYONEEEE! Even you, over there!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Your daily paper

Poptropica Members don’t just get Early Access to Wimpy Wonderland. They also a get a free bonus item!

Any Members who play Wimpy Wonderland during the Early Access period will get the special Paper Girl or Paper Boy costume and ability.

With the costume, you can turn yourself into a lined paper wonder, right out of the Wimpy Kid universe!

Even better, you can paperize anybody else you see anywhere in Poptropica — even Director D.!

So, Members, log on now to play Wimpy Wonderland and get your free Paper Girl or Paper Boy Gold Card. If you’re not a Member, you can become a Member and get the Card along with Early Access to Wimpy Wonderland. (And keep in mind that this Card will live in your store items inventory section.)

You’ll be able to keep this Card forever, even if you cancel Membership later, but once the Early Access period is over, the Card will be gone. Don’t miss your chance!

avatar image

If you’re a member, you’re in luck– you get to get a suspiciously mummy looking paper costume, not to mention you get to change various characters around Poptropica into paper. Fun, right?

Now, since WW is supposed to be released around the middle of March, if you think turning cartoon people into paper is just uber fun, you better hurry and get a membership, before your chance has been crumpled up! (see what I did there? HUR HUR HUR HURRR…hur…ha…yeah…)

Also, congratulations to the first 10 people to finish Wimpy Wonderland!

1. Lone Dragon
2. Greedy Runner
3. Quick Skull
4. Strange Octopus
5. Popular Crush
6. Wild Ghost
7. Bashful Moon
8. Mad Leaf
9. Big Spinner

10. Messy Eel

Here’s the PHB info page for WW! There is a written walkthrough by Fearless Cheetah in the comments!

Oh, and Happy St. Patricks Day!