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Looks more like a mummy to me…


Wimpy Kid Island is now OPEN to EVERYONE! That’s right, you heard me! Early Access is now for EVERYONEEEE! Even you, over there!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Your daily paper

Poptropica Members don’t just get Early Access to Wimpy Wonderland. They also a get a free bonus item!

Any Members who play Wimpy Wonderland during the Early Access period will get the special Paper Girl or Paper Boy costume and ability.

With the costume, you can turn yourself into a lined paper wonder, right out of the Wimpy Kid universe!

Even better, you can paperize anybody else you see anywhere in Poptropica — even Director D.!

So, Members, log on now to play Wimpy Wonderland and get your free Paper Girl or Paper Boy Gold Card. If you’re not a Member, you can become a Member and get the Card along with Early Access to Wimpy Wonderland. (And keep in mind that this Card will live in your store items inventory section.)

You’ll be able to keep this Card forever, even if you cancel Membership later, but once the Early Access period is over, the Card will be gone. Don’t miss your chance!

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If you’re a member, you’re in luck– you get to get a suspiciously mummy looking paper costume, not to mention you get to change various characters around Poptropica into paper. Fun, right?

Now, since WW is supposed to be released around the middle of March, if you think turning cartoon people into paper is just uber fun, you better hurry and get a membership, before your chance has been crumpled up! (see what I did there? HUR HUR HUR HURRR…hur…ha…yeah…)

Also, congratulations to the first 10 people to finish Wimpy Wonderland!

1. Lone Dragon
2. Greedy Runner
3. Quick Skull
4. Strange Octopus
5. Popular Crush
6. Wild Ghost
7. Bashful Moon
8. Mad Leaf
9. Big Spinner

10. Messy Eel

Here’s the PHB info page for WW! There is a written walkthrough by Fearless Cheetah in the comments!

Oh, and Happy St. Patricks Day!

14 thoughts on “Looks more like a mummy to me…”

  1. You should do this for the top 10 non-member winners so it will be fair to non-memebers. Please do that for the next island.

    Hijuyo: Unless the Poptropica Creators announce the first ten non-member winners, we can’t because we get the stats from their blog.

    1. I have to agree on the fact that the creators are so mean for not announcing the first non-members to finish the island….. I SAY LET THE LITTLE PEOPLES VOICES BE HEARD!!!!!!!

      1. I agree… If this was facebook I’d ‘like’ that!And @ Hijuyo- Wish we could! Some of us non-members find it unfair! Who’s with me? And does anyone else think that membership is kind of unfair? No offense to all you members :).

    1. GOOD FOR YOU!!!!! (I’d give you one of the lemon cheesecake cupcakes that don’t even taste like lemons that I cooked the other day but……….. I kinda ate most of them…….And my family polished the rest off…..) Never mind, have a crawfish cookie.

  2. Gee, it seems like everyone’s customising Hades!!!! Well, I can’t blames them…. hades is AWESOME!!!!!

    Heh, heh…… I’ll even admit to both my characters wearing the Hades wand.
    If you spot Magic Storm or Magic Bones (heh-heh! magic BONES- get it?) take a look!!! (You’ll know Magic Storm when you see her- She has a red dragon follower. And magic bones looks a bit like Hades’ demigod daughter)

  3. I don’t like DOAWK, but I’m gonna play the island anyway, just for the credits. I’m gonna buy myself somethin’ good……

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